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March 18, 2017

Fukushima Prepares To Host 2020 Olympics Baseball And Softball As Nuclear Expert Calls Global Cataclysm: 'As Close To Hell As I Can Imagine'

- Anonymous Warns One Of 'Biggest Threats Earth And Humanity Now Faces'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The new story from BBC news reports Fukushima, Japan is preparing to host the 2020 Olympics baseball and softball games with the world fighting for the gold medal just over 60 miles away from where the nuclear plant melted down. With the government there and the mainstream media here in a full-scale coverup over the total scope of what has happened at Fukushima over the past 6 years, Fukushima is back in the news again as thousands of Fukushima evacuees now face a 'forced return' home as housing subsidies allowed them after the 2011 earthquake-tsunami disaster are withdrawn.

We take a look within this story at several recent news stories that prove things are getting worse, not better, including recent statements by former nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen that the global cataclysm is "as close to hell as I can imagine". We also take a look below at a brand new video from Anonymous Official which argues Fukushima is the greatest public health threat that Americans and people of the Northern hemisphere now face. 

Despite the fact that they still believe their homes to be unsafe, the estimated 27,000 Fukushima residents who'll be losing subsidies now face an extremely difficult choice of either returning to their homes or 'facing financial hardship as they struggle on living in nuclear limbo'And even though the Japanese government and TEPCO were recently held liable for the first time for negligence at Fukushima, it is the people of Fukushima and the Northern hemisphere who are bearing the brunt of the worst industrial cataclysm in world history according to retired nuclear engineer Gundersen. 

Since Gundersen recently called the global cataclysm 'as close to hell as he could imagine' knowing all of the damage that has been caused by it, we have to call out the Associated Press here and now for their recent story on Fukushima called "AP FACT CHECK: Fukushima radiation NOT cause for alarm in US"

If the AP continues to claim that we here in America have nothing to be concerned about when it comes to the tons of radioactive waste pouring into the Pacific Ocean daily, killing sea life and fish up and down the West coast of America for the past 6 years and leaving the Pacific Ocean a dead and barren nuclear wasteland, then the Associated Press has officially declared themselves to be peddlers of 'fake news'.


Can the Associated Press prove incorrect warnings recently given by Gundersen and other nuclear experts that the meltdown we're now watching could last 250,000 years as also reported in the 2nd video below? Can the Associated Press prove to us that radioactive waste IS NOT leaking into the Pacific Ocean at a rate of at least 300 tons per day or does the AP simply think that 300 tons of nuclear waste per day flowing into the Pacific Ocean is 'a good thing'?

Might the AP say to us that our planet being poisoned by nuclear waste for thousands and thousands of years into the future is a 'good thing' since they won't be around then, anyways?

Actually going so far as to claim that 'scary' stories of dead sea life all across the Pacific Ocean and up and down the West coast is simply 'fake news', Fukushima will be the 'line in the sand' in the globalists war upon the truth. 

In the first video below from the Anonymous Official YouTube channel, they claim that all of the news recently out of Fukushima proves that what is happening there is one of the biggest threats that humanity and our planet Earth now face. From their video:  

Fukushima nuclear plant has been pouring 300 tons of radioactive water every day, since the accident happened 6 years ago. Life is already disappearing on the seas, our bodies will also be polluted with radiation, that will cause us countless cancers and diseases. Life on Earth is being threatened, and surely, many of us, will have early deaths as a consequence of this radiation. Wake up!


In the 1st of the 3 most recent stories from ENENews we hear directly from Arnie Gunderson who warns that there is an ongoing government coverup of Fukushima being the worst industrial cataclysm in the history of the world with this truth the AP could never deny: "No one knows when it'll end". If the AP knows when this will end, we challenge them to give us the year...or decade..or century...or millenium.

The 2nd story from ENENews is almost laughable if it wasn't so sad as they use an Associated Press story dated February 10th as their source! Does the AP not READ their own news? Maybe if they did, they wouldn't be putting out this fake news story claiming we have nothing to worry about Fukushima here in America! From the Feb. 10th AP story:

Tens of thousands of common murres… starved and washed ashore on beaches from California to Alaska… “it’s because there’s no fish out there, anywhere, over a very large area,” John Piatt, biologist for the U.S. Geological Survey said.

To see such effect over two sizeable marine ecosystems is extraordinary, he said… Common murres eat small forage fish which were largely absent when the National Marine Fisheries Service conducted surveys in summer 2015…

A conservative extrapolation indicates 500,000 or more common murres died, Piatt said. Nearly all were emaciated…

“In 2016, we had widespread breeding failure at all of the colonies in the Gulf of Alaska, as well as the Bering Sea,” Renner said.

“It was a highly unusual event. Murres don’t fail regularly.”… “They died of starvation because there was no food,” Piatt said. “There was no food because there was no fish.”

In the 3rd recent story from ENENews they take on fake news Snopes which claims a damaged nuclear reactor IS NOT about to fall into the ocean as if they'd have any control over the matter. As if Snopes had any control whatsoever over a 7.0 or better earthquake striking the plant again as Gunderson and other experts have warned could unleash havoc once again there, we learn why experts are alarmed from Gunderson:

“Yeah, it can happen — and that’s my biggest concern. Tepco is building a wall along the ocean… it’s trapping all this groundwater onsite, and essentially making the ground mushy… There’s already significant damage [to the reactor buildings] — the entire coast of Japan dropped three feet during that earthquake and never rebounded…

But the Fukushima site didn’t fall straight, it fell at an angle, it’s about a two inch incline across the site now. So the buildings are in mushy ground and they’re not quite straight. The other part is that there’s a toxic brew of radioactive chemicals inside there, but there’s also just chemicals – they’re eating away at the concrete and they’re eating away at the steel. It’s a nasty chemical broth inside these plants.

My fear is that if there’s a Richter 7 quake, not the Richter 9 that happened 6 years ago, if there’s a Richter 7 quake on that site it could breach those containments… The horse is out of the barn at that point… (discussion continues at 32:00 in) On toppling over… probably half the concrete inside the containment that was originally there has been eaten away by the hot radioactive fuel — and there’s ongoing chemical attacks — so I really think the concrete under the containment is pretty darn punky [“resembling punk in being soft or rotted”] right now, and is getting punkier as time goes on.”


We invite the Associated Press, Tepco, the government of Japan and anybody else who still doesn't see the Fukushima, Japan nuclear plant disaster for what it has been, a purveyor of mass death, to take a look at all of the stories posted on ENENews over the last several years.

End Times Prophecy has documented thousands and thousands of 'mass animal death events' for 6 straight years now since the Fukushima disaster struck and here at ANP, we have published hundreds of stories pertaining to Fukushima and the invisible poison pouring into the atmosphere along with mass fish and wildlife deaths since we launched our website. 

While we understand there are many reasons why the government of Japan does not want Fukushima to see the light of day, we can't possibly understand why the MSM wouldn't want this covered as they're all living here in the Northern hemisphere as well - do they think they're immune to the invisible poisons of radiation? The final video below is called "Fukushima: Coming Home To A Nuclear Wasteland". 

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