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July 26, 2019

DOJ Zeros In On 'Smoking Gun' Of Russian Collusion Hoax Previously Called A 'Game Changer' -  Former FBI Director James Comey And Former CIA Director John Brennan In The Crosshairs


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Now that Robert Mueller's disastrous congressional testimony failed to give Democrats the "bombshell" that would eat up the news cycle for a few months, it is time to look at the actual bombshell news that is breaking about the Department Of Justice's investigation into the origins of the Russian collusion hoax that dominated the news for the past three years.

For many, it is hard to keep up with the multitude of investigations that are ongoing, so a very brief recap.

One is the DOJ inspector General's investigation into possible FISA abuses, where the FBI used opposition research, partly paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC, called the Steele Dossier, which was generated by a foreign agent, Christopher Steele, using disinformation from Russia sources, to obtain four FISA warrants to spy on a Trump campaign member, Carter Page.

That investigation was reportedly concluded in early July, before "reluctant" witnesses agreed to speak with the Inspector General, which delayed the reports release, first to Attorney General Barr, so that he could determine what to declassify, so the report could then be released to the public.

The second investigation, the topic of this article, is a review opened by Attorney General Barr, after President Trump ordered all intelligence agencies to cooperate and provide Barr with everything, included classified documents, while authorizing Barr to declassify whatever he feels is needed to provide as much transparency to the American public as possible.

Barr is working in conjunction with the Inspector General, and appointed U.S. Attorney John Durham for any potential prosecutions that may arise from investigating the origins of how the investigation that targeted President Trump, and led to the three year debacle that ultimately showed that neither the President, nor any of his campaigns members, "conspired" or "coordinated" with the Russian government to interfere with the 2016 presidential election.

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In order to understand the importance of today's news, we have to first revisit an interview from two months ago, when AG Barr was given the authority to declassify, and the intelligence agencies were ordered to cooperate with his investigation, in many cases that investigation was targeting many of those agencies former leaders.

Former Congressman Trey Gowdy, former House Oversight Committee chairman and House Judiciary Committee member, was interviewed by Fox Business' Maria Bartiromo, and revealed that unreleased transcripts from secretly recorded conversations between FBI informants and ex-Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos, would be a "game changer," if they were to be made public. To date those transcripts have remained classified.

According to New York Times and other outlets, back in December 2017, the entire Russia investigation began with George Papadopoulos.

Via Gowdy, May 2019:

“Some of us have been fortunate enough to know whether or not those transcripts exist. But they haven’t been made public, and I think one, in particular ... has the potential to actually persuade people," he said. “Very little in this Russia probe I’m afraid is going to persuade people who hate Trump or love Trump. But there is some information in these transcripts that has the potential to be a game-changer if it’s ever made public.”

Listen to his interview below:

Remember that was over two months ago, so today's bombshell from Fox News, that the DOJ is zeroing in on those exact transcripts as the AG & Durham's investigation moves forward, with one source calling it the "smoking gun," of evidence showing clearly that intelligence agencies under Obama hid "exculpatory evidence," which is what Gowdy was referring to in the interview shown above, from the FISA court, in order to obtain the warrants on Carter Page, which began the entire "Witch Hunt," to attempt to overthrow a duly elected and sitting President.

The Justice Department’s internal review of the Russia investigation is zeroing in on transcripts of recordings made by at least one government source who met with former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos overseas in 2016, specifically looking at why certain "exculpatory" material from them was not presented in subsequent applications for surveillance warrants, according to two sources familiar with the review.

The sources also said the review is taking a closer look at the actual start date of the original FBI investigation into potential collusion between members of the Trump campaign and the Russians, as some allege the probe began earlier than thought. Both components are considered key in the review currently being led by Attorney General Bill Barr and U.S. Attorney from Connecticut John Durham -- an effort sure to draw more attention in the coming weeks and months now that Robert Mueller's testimony is in the rearview.

The recordings in question pertain to conversations between government sources and Papadopoulos, which were memorialized in transcripts. One source told Fox News that Barr and Durham are reviewing why the material was left out of applications to surveil another former Trump campaign aide, Carter Page.

“I think it’s the smoking gun,” the source said.

Read the entire article over at Fox News.


The fact that Barr and Durham are already delving into the high level decisions to basically trick the FISA court in order to generate an investigation into Trump and his campaign, when most these types of investigations of late have taken years to complete, stems from the fact that they are working in direct coordination with DOJ Inspector General, who has uncovered almost all the wrongdoings to date and is still finishing up his own report.

Barr knew months ago, and he telegraphed it clearly when he told Congress that "spying" had occurred against the Trump administration, and he announced he would be looking into the "genesis" of the Russia investigation, that he would be investigating the "upper echelon" (former Obama intelligence agency heads).

I think there was probably a failure among a group of leaders there, at the upper echelon. So I don't like to hear attacks about the FBI because I think the FBI is an outstanding organization and I think Chris Wray is a great partner for me. I'm very pleased he's there as the director. If it becomes necessary to look over some former officials' activities, I expect I'll be relying heavily on Chris and work closely with him in looking at that information. But that's what I'm doing. I feel I have an obligation to make sure that government power is not abused. I think that's one of the principal roles of the attorney general.

Barr gave away more about "who" he planned to be investigating in his May interview for CBS News, where he made the following statements: (Via the transcript)

JAN CRAWFORD: So there was probably a failure among a group of leaders there at the upper echelon?

WILLIAM BARR: Correct. In other words, I don't believe this is a problem you know, rife through the bureau.

JAN CRAWFORD: What suggests to you there was a failure in the upper echelon at the FBI?

WILLIAM BARR: Because I think the activities were undertaken by a small group at the top which is one of the- probably one of the mistakes that has been made instead of running this as a normal bureau investigation or counterintelligence investigation. It was done by the executives at the senior level. Out of head quarters--

JAN CRAWFORD: And you're talking about James Comey, McCabe?

WILLIAM BARR: I'm just not going to get into the individual names at this point. But I just view that- I don't view it as a bureau wide issue. And I will say the same thing for other intelligence agencies. And they're being very cooperative in helping us.

Emphasis mine.

Done by executives at the senior level, but also specifying that it wasn't just Comey and McCabe from the FBI, but that he was also referring to "other intelligence agencies." 

Barr isn't just investigating the top level actions of the FBI and it's former director James Comey, but his words indicate that he is also investigating the part that former CIA director John Brennan played. 

We know this from previous reports around mid-June which highlighted that the Justice Department was planning to grill the CIA as part of the investigation into the origins of the Russia investigation, which the NYT said was provoking "anxiety" within the agency.

The only other bigger fish he could go after would be former AG Loretta Lynch or possibly Barack Obama, because one specific text message between former FBI agent Peter Strzok and former FBI counsel Lisa Page, which generated a lot of interest by congressional Republicans, but was heavily downplayed in the liberal establishment media, was that Obama's "White House is running this."


AG Barr and Durham are much further along in their investigation than we believed, and they are zeroing in on aspects of the genesis of the Russia investigation which could finally expose publicly what many that have been observing this saga, believe.

The Obama administration broke laws in an attempt to 1) Prevent Donald Trump from being elected, and; 2) Framed President Trump in an attempt to overthrow a duly elected President and nullify a presidential election.

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