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October 6, 2016

Is Matthew A Geo-engineered Martial Law Drill? The 'Skull' Says It All - More Proof Millions Unprepared For The Coming Chaos

Have You Considered What Happens If The Evacuees Are Never Allowed To Go Back?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The story over at SHTFPlan tells us that the state of South Carolina is preparing to remove 1 million residents from the potentially apocalyptic path of Hurricane Matthew. We're also told the evacuation isn't voluntary. Proving to us beyond a doubt that the will of the individual means nothing here in America anymore, we're also asked if such a 'mandatory evacuation' is doubling as a martial law drill. We learn from this new Weather Channel story that Florida has also issued mandatory evacuations for some counties. The full list can be found here.


With several ANP readers in the line of fire of this deadly storm, we pray for the safety of Battlesheep and Proud and everybody else living anywhere near where this man-made beast will soon be coming ashore causing destruction in its wake. We also ask ANP readers to please pray for former Kansas State Trooper Greg Evensen who is back in the hospital fighting an infection that will require further amputation. May you all wear God's armor in this time of danger. 

The new Daily Mail story gives us one of the best reasons yet to avoid living in the dense population centers along the East coast and across much of America as gridlock gripped the area, leaving massive traffic jams, store shelves empty and utter chaos across the region. It's long been warned that population density is one of the absolute keys to surviving disaster. Should disaster strike, whether it be economic collapse, empty stores shelves or electromagnetic pulse, would you rather have 100 or 1 million or more other people living within miles of you?

This 2nd Daily Mail story shows us the massive destruction that has already taken place due to Matthew's arrival across the Carribean, leaving homes destroyed, many dead, bridges and roads washed out and mudslides across the region.

Steve Quayle left a huge SQNote on his link to that story, telling us THIS IS WHAT GEO-ENGINEERING PRODUCES - MASS DESTRUCTION -'THE SKULL' SAYS IT ALL!


While the skull Quayle speaks of went viral across America and the world with many first believing they were witnessing something photoshopped and 'fake', we need not wonder what kinds of minds sit behind the 'weather warfare' machines that have created this destruction and  can easily imagine them creating 'the skull' in glee, probably giving each other 'high fives' as their dastardly creation emerged, prepared to mow down large parts of the East Coast and clearly creating havoc throughout the Southeast while sending a sinister message to the world.

For those who still don't believe that man can modify the weather, have we got a surprise for you. It's time that you take off your 'tinfoil hat' and join the 'real world'. As we've reported previously on ANP, Dane Wigington over at his Geoengineering Watch Blog has long documented all of the 'weather modification patents' that go back more than 100 years now

Why would anybody think that the 'new world order', in their drive to acquire unlimited power, wouldn't attempt to play God? Many years ago Steve Quayle told us in his book "Weather Wars And Other Un-Natural Disasters" of these men who want to play 'God' playing with the 'devil's HAARP'. 

As this new story from Wigington tells us, NASA's own satellite imagery seen below reveals to us shocking proof of weather modification as he shares with us this long-held wisdom: 'a picture is worth a thousand words.' Wigington also tells us that Hurricane Matthew may be 'weather warfare on an unimaginable scale'. The first 2 videos below take a look at the many reasons why those who are paying attention believe Matthew has likely been created to be a killer storm and one that would allow those who created it to carry out their devious plans. In the 3rd video Alex Jones takes a look at this beast and how it could take a huge political turn in the coming days.

Why might some believe we may be witnessing a 'martial law' drill? Besides the fact that many of these evacuations are mandatory and authorities will be physically enforcing this order, we're told that many of the evacuees will be herded into their local FEMA camps, setting up who knows what kind of life for many if their homes are destroyed by this man-made beast. The fact that South Carolina governor Nikki Haley brought up '100 miles within the coast' as an 'evacuation zone' wasn't lost on those aware of the 100-mile 'Constitution-free' zone that has been implemented in America.

“I was watching Governor Haley’s news conference this morning on evacuation procedures for Hurricane Matthew. She personally stated her desire to evacuate every citizen within 100 miles of the coast, with the intent to move them to Greenville, SC. As you may be aware, there is a known FEMA detention camp in Greenville. Also, President Obama has set up a “constitution free” zone reaching 100 miles inland from all US coastlines. I believe this to be a practice run for an eventual nation-wide declaration of martial law.”


What else has people concerned that we might be witnessing a martial law drill in South Carolina and Florida?

The state of emergency was already declared and the National Guard was already been activated days in advance, and again, they have removed the words “voluntary” and “mandatory” from the equation all together. People aren’t being given a choice. They are being forced. Haley did not specifically discuss where all the Charleston residents bused into Greenville on 315 buses would be going once they got there.

The governor also discusses how police and national guard will be lining the highway to give an armed escort to evacuees, including 700 “traffic control points” set up and “comfort stations” where people can go to the bathroom or get water as they are evacuated… under armed guard.


Their story then takes a look at the timing of all of this, especially considering that 40 million Russians are now taking part in a civil defense drill across their nation while talk of World War 3 and forthcoming nuclear annihilation for America runs rampant. We also see in what's happening now in South Carolina and Florida how completely unprepared SOME people are.

In the final video below, you can listen to South Carolina Governor Haley's press conference. Does anything stand out to you that would make you think this might be being used as a 'martial law' drill? Do you think that this hurricane was weaponized to do maximum damage? If still think that 'weather warfare' and 'weather modification' are 'tinfoil hat conspiracy theory', please let us know why YOU still believe in 'conspiracy theories' in the comment section below. 

Kind of interesting on the timing too, considering Russia is currently overtly holding a civil defense drill that involves 40 million of its residents… Makes you wonder if the government would even tell us of their concerns about potential war here in America, or if they would just use natural events like this to run a drill without causing a widespread panic. Likely we’d be kept in the dark on a “need-to-know” basis like we have been as citizens of this country ever since World War II. Meanwhile grocery store shelves are being stripped of storable foods and water throughout the potential hurricane landfall areas, and home supply stores like Home Depot are running out of plywood, generators, and propane because people are not prepared.


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