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January 28, 2015

'Gray State' Project Going DARK! For Now...


By Live Free Or Die - All News Pipeline

Bad news going out in this newly released video report from Ben Swann for anyone who was hoping to soon watch the 'Gray State' movie project that was being created by the now deceased David Crowley: The Gray State Project is going dark....for now...

This 26+ minute video is hard-hitting and begins with scenes from the movie as actor and co-creator of 'Gray State' Danny Mason joins Ben to talk about the many layers to this sad story, a story that Mason tells us will take a long time to untangle as the mainstream media attempts to put their own spin on these 'murders'.

The Crowley family murder's were one of several mysterious deaths recently of preppers, survivalists and those supporting the United States Constitution as it appears that 'the lists' have been activated across the country and Barack Obama's NDAA and the New World Order continue to 'take out' those who disagree with their evil agenda. Mason joins Swann shortly after the 3 minute mark after intro and 'Gray State' scenes.

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