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February 7, 2018

Is It Time To Head To 'Higher Ground'? With Ring Of Fire Thundering And The 'Big One' Long Overdue, How Long Till These Prophetic 'Visions Of Destruction' Come To Pass? 

Submitted to All News Pipeline by Mary Taylor

Open your ears and hear—the earth is speaking! Is anyone listening?

If you put your ear to the ground, you can hear the Ring of Fire waking up and start making preparations for a move to the hills and mountains.

In January, the news was rife with reports: earthquake here, earthquake there. The action was all around the Pacific Rim, rattling the brains of people living along the coasts and areas of greatest risk for tsunamis.

It’s got them asking, when should we get out of the populated cities and head for higher ground? And now, much of the East coast of the US gets hit with a false tsunami alert as heard in the 1st video below. 

Last month’s string of quakes was kick-started mid-January when Lomas, Peru was devastated by a massive 7.3 magnitude upheaval, followed by another 6.3 hitting near Putre, Chile just days later.

Before the month was over, a 6.1 earthquake had rattled Pakistan and Afghanistan, and the same week saw people running for high ground in Alaska after a massive 7.9 quake struck off the coast.

Tsunami sirens blasted, prompting residents to seek protection and find shelter in evacuation centers above the 100-foot mark.

All this seismic activity is bound to alert even the most clueless that the ground we stand on is getting restless, and the earth’s is trying to tell us something. As the quakes increase in number and intensity, a mysterious something seems to be being birthed, and it’s ours to figure out if the news is good, bad or otherwise.

But after all, these prenatal distress signals aren’t really a secret, since Jesus told his followers more than two thousand years ago to expect wars, famines and earthquakes before the earth reaches a final resolution.

“You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen but the end is still to come…...There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are beginning of birth pains.” Matthew 24: 6-8.


As the birthing progresses, we have to wonder what is next. Will it be the Biggie--the major earthquake along the San Andreas Fault that is long overdue in California?

In fact, the Big One is so long overdue some geophysicists maintain that since many areas of the Fault system could produce large seismic moves, California earthquakes are a “geologic inevitability”.

Professor Richard Aster, a seismologist and Professor of Geophysics at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, cautioned that California is in an “earthquake drought,” and that major quakes may occur with no warning whatsoever. “It’s important that residents of the state anticipate the worst and prepare ahead of time,” he said.

End-time prophets and preppers have been sounding the warning for some time about planning for the worst and being disaster-ready. Part of prepper readiness, according to an article in The Oregonian, is having an escape route, one that hopefully leads to high ground beyond the reach of a tidal wave.

The article noted that tsunami warning signs are a common sight in communities along the Oregon coast. But writer Benjamin Brink pointed out that signs alone are not an assurance of safety, citing maps created by Oregon geology experts in 2013.

“These maps show there’s less high ground than previously thought for refuge from the most serious earthquake and tsunamis along Oregon’s northwest coast,” Brink reported.

He quoted the mayor of Gearhart, a city near the coast, who said she couldn't sleep after learning what the maps showed: In the biggest of tsunamis, Gearhart residents wouldn't have anywhere they could be assured of safety.

The mayor concurred with an opinion expressed at a city council meeting; "Gearhart doesn't really have any good options for high ground.”


What it means is that when it comes to safe shelter, Californians driving north to escape a future tsunami would also face a dearth of escape routes.

It goes without saying that serious end-time preppers know by the time the sirens sound and the earth begins to shake, moving to higher ground usually won’t be an option. That’s why some vigilant voices are sounding the warning now, announcing the day of trouble before it comes.

In a prophetic post on the Jouko Piho website, Sister Katy, a minister who lives in the Texas hill country, shared a message she was given about the importance of finding shelter in the event of tsunamis and weather-related disasters. As she awoke one morning, she heard a clear voice urging God’s people to find refuge in the hills.

“Call my people out of the cities, to remote, unpopulated places where they could live in villages and raise their own food,” she was told. “Call them to the wilderness, places with no roads and highways, where the paths are small and the trees are many.

“Their sins are forgiven, but this is the last time I will call them.”

In his online prophetic newsletter, writer Chris Thomas has urged readers to head for remote mountainous areas in inland states when judgment begins to fall on the crowded cities. “When this happens, watch for dangers like falling rock and landslides,” he cautioned.

“Research ahead and consider the age of the mountain range before deciding where to go. For instance, the Rockies and Sierras are young and sharp, equaling danger, while the Appalachians and the Ozarks of eastern USA are rolling, smoothed-over and much older, which equals safety.”

He named several locations as safe places for after-time crisis survival, mostly in inland states such as Minnesota, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania. Iowa, Missouri and Illinois.


But what about California and nearby states? When the Big One strikes on the coastal areas and tsunamis begin to move in, what are the options?

No one in this generation has experienced an upheaval the magnitude of the one forecasted for California, but if you had been attending a World Series baseball game at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park on October 17, 1989, you might have come close.

Just prior to the game, a magnitude 6.9 quake rocked the region, shaking the stadium, bringing down buildings and collapsing the Interstate Highway south of the Bay Bridge. Gas mains and pipes burst, sparking fires around the city.

Although the earthquake’s death toll of 67 was relatively low by today’s standards, it caused more than $5 billion in damages, making it one of the most powerful and destructive quakes to hit a populated area of the United States.

But even devastation of this caliber won’t match the carnage that is in store if the Big One makes itself felt in the Eureka State. It’s hard to imagine the devastation of that day, but a teenager named Joe Brandt got a sneak preview in a vision he had back in 1937 while lying hospitalized by a fall from his horse.

Over the years, Brandt’s vision has been a viral attraction on prophetic websites, where he describes a massive 12.2 quake that struck Los Angeles and caused a huge tsunami to cover the land.

As buildings collapsed and the Pacific Ocean moved in, the teen heard the cries of broadcasters and ham radio operators warning the people to seek high ground:

“This is California--we are going into the sea! We are going into the sea!

“Get to the mountains. Get to the hilltops. Calfornia, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, Utah—this is Californa.

“Get to the high places. We are going into the sea.”


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