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May 3, 2019

The War Upon Christians And Jews Gives Us A Peek At The Globalists 'Final Solution' - Quacking Robot Ducks Of The Slimestream Media Join Radical Islamic Terrorists On The 'Hate Jew' Bandwagon

By William B. Stoecker - All News Pipeline

On 4/27/19, a punk who was not a Trump supporter or a patriot entered the almost gun-free zone of a synagogue in Poway, CA, a San Diego suburb and managed to murder a woman he had never met and injure several others. The quacking robot ducks of the slimestream media can now tell us how this means we must surrender our firearms and will tell us that it is all the fault of Donald Trump because…well, just because.

These crimes are almost always committed by Muslims, but this time at least the leftists have a White man culprit, and we all know that White men are devils, because the ducks have quacked all about it. But the fact is, most anti-Semitism is from the left, from the little girlies and girlymen who adore Muslim Congress critters and like to pose with the “Reverend” Al Sharpton, that misshapen little troll who hates virtually everyone and has a single-digit IQ. The Nazis, remember, were National Socialists allied with the Jew-hating Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, and the Soviets made common cause with Islamic terrorists.

And yet a few patriots who should know better, people like Chuck Baldwin, Jeff Rense, and Texe Marrs, have joined with the Muslims and the left in a generalized hatred of all Jews. But before I rush to defend the Jews, I have a confession and an admission to make. Since I will be suspected of being one myself, let me say right up front that I am ethnically half Jewish, confirmed by my DNA printout, although I was raised by Gentiles.

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And when it comes to Jews, we must be honest enough to admit that there are some bad apples in the old barrel, some very bad apples indeed. Adam Weishaupt of the Illuminati was 100% Jewish by ancestry, though not by religion, as was Karl Marx, a Jew of the self-hating variety, although he hated Blacks and virtually everyone else as well. In fact, to this day, many leading leftists have always been of Jewish extraction, often raised Jewish, culturally if not religiously. Certainly many Demoncraps, like Diane Slimestein and Chuckie Schumer, are Jewish, and some of the NWO elites, like George Sauron, for example.

Jews continue to fall for leftist lies; in the 2018 midterm elections here in the US, 80% voted Demoncrap and only 17% Republican. But the Clintons are not Jewish, nor the Bushes, the Kennedys, the Roosevelts, the Rockefellers, nor the Royals of the UK. And all of these are NWO elites and/or leftist politicians. And for every sinister Jewish radical there are several Jews making major contributions in math and science and medicine and in the arts. And how do the anti-Semites explain outspoken Jewish patriots like Mark Levin, Michael Savage, Dennis Prager, Ben Shapiro, and many, many others?

Although Texe Marrs is right up front with his hatred of Jews (he and I once had a tense in-your-face argument on the subject), referring to the “synagogue of Satan,” most anti-Semites simply blame the “Zionists” for, quite literally, every evil in the world. To hear their explanations of modern history you might think that there is no such thing as Muslim bigotry or Islamic terrorism. Rather than make reasoned criticisms of the Jewish state and its leaders, they have a knee-jerk hatred for all things Israeli.

In fact, they have constructed a detailed fictional narrative they expect us all to believe. It seems that once upon a time there was a happy, happy land known as Palestine where there dwelt a race of brown people (yes, people of color) who led peaceful and productive lives and worshipped Allah. Then one day hordes of tall, blonde Aryan Nazi types, calling themselves Jews, invaded and murdered or drove out the people of color to establish, really, a European colony in the Middle East.


Reality is a bit different. Israel was the ancient homeland of a Middle Eastern people known as Jews, ethnically and linguistically related to the Arabs, some of whom also lived in Israel, and having their own unique religion, which appears to have gradually become monotheistic. There was a First Temple, destroyed by the Babylonians, and a Second Temple, destroyed by the Romans. At times there was a single Jewish kingdom, and, at other times, two of them.

After repeated revolts by their Jewish subjects, the Romans drove many of them out, and they resettled elsewhere in the Roman Empire, including Egypt and Southern Europe. But some always remained, living alongside Arabs, who also lived in what is now Israel. These Arabs in no way differed from those living in Syria and Lebanon and other areas, and there has never been an Arab or Muslim kingdom or state in what is now Israel. After the spread of Islam they became Sunni Muslims…again, like the other Arabs in the region.

Meanwhile, Jewish minorities had spread over much of Europe, where they were persecuted and mostly impoverished. So Zionism was born…the idea that the Jews needed their own country, preferably located on the site of their ancient kingdom(s). Early Zionists included people like Theodor Herzl and Chaim Weizmann, and it must be admitted that they were hopelessly naďve socialists and that the rather sinister Rothschild banking dynasty always supported the Zionist cause.

They managed to secure the Balfour Declaration of 11/2/1917, signed by British Foreign Minister Arthur Balfour and promising Britain’s support for the recreation of a Jewish state in Palestine. Jewish settlers, as naďve as their leaders, expected to be greeted as brothers by the Arabs, but were soon being robbed, raped, and murdered by them…Muslims will be Muslims. The Jews drained swamps, irrigated desert land, and made Palestine prosper, whereupon hordes of Muslim Arabs moved in from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and what is now Jordan to share in this prosperity which they had done nothing to create.

Incredibly, these invaders then announced themselves to be “Palestinians” and began pretending that the Jews were the invaders and were trying to drive them from their ancient homeland. In fact, neither the Arab Muslims already living in the region nor the newcomers differed in religion, language, diet, or customs from those in, say, Syria and Saudi Arabia. In other words, “Palestinians” literally do not exist as a separate and distinct people. Like they say…I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.


Yet there is another body of myth created by modern anti-Semites. Often they will refer to “Khazars” or to the “Khazar Mafia.” Anti-Semites who are, or have been at least nominally Christian believe that Jesus was an Israeli, but that he could not possibly be related to the people they hate. They have seized upon evidence that some of the ruling elite of a Western Asian people known as “Khazars" (related to Huns and Turks) converted to Judaism (apparently for political reasons) centuries ago and it is they who settled in Europe and became the wicked, wicked Jews of modern times.

The original (and real) Jews simply vanished, interbred with and submerged by surrounding populations of Egyptians, Europeans, etc. But there is no historical evidence of Khazars settling in Europe, multiplying, and evolving into modern Jews. Nor is there clear genetic evidence, most of which points to a Middle Eastern origin for modern Jews. My own DNA printout clearly states “European Jewish” but nowhere does it say Khazar, Turk, Magyar, or Western Asian.

Unlike the hordes of Jew haters on the left, allied with the Muslims, the few who have infiltrated our patriot movement pose no real physical threat to Jews. Texe Marrs did not punch me in the face, and Chuck Baldwin would never orchestrate or even advocate a “final solution.” What they do is to bring discredit to our movement and give our enemies ammunition to use against us. And that we cannot afford.

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