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November 11, 2019

In The Showdown Ahead Between Patriots And Globalists, Don't Expect The Military, Completely Infiltrated By The 'Deep State', To Defend President Trump And The US Constitution

- Leftist Traitors Shredding The Constitution Don't Care About 'The Rule Of Law' In America


By William B. Stoecker - All News Pipeline

Some of the same people who have been breathlessly informing us that sealed indictments on leftist traitors in the Deep State would soon be opened and that the Witch Hillary and her comrades would soon be arrested also believe that the US military will defend Trump and our former Constitution (after all, they took an oath to defend it when they entered the service). Let’s not be so sure of that.

Throughout our history we have gone back and forth regarding our defense establishment, sometimes holding soldiers in contempt, and other times practically worshipping them. It is now customary to say to soldiers, airman, sailors, and Marines “Thank you for your service” and to believe that they are somehow fighting for our freedom. I’ve even had people thank me for my “service,” even though I was never sent to Vietnam.

Enough, already. They are fighting in pointless wars that do nothing to enhance our security or our freedom, and the same mighty warrior neocons who have sent our troops to die or be maimed for life in countries most Americans cannot find on a map are the ones helping the Demoncraps to erase our few remaining freedoms.

And let’s not fall for the “if we don’t fight them over there we’ll have to fight them over here” line regarding Muslim terrorists. They are over here, imported by the hundreds of thousands by those very same neocons and Demoncraps. And, as Tucker Carlson has pointed out, we are “defending” countless other countries while our southern border is left wide open.

Of course we all feel sympathy for the warriors who have undergone great hardships (well, some of them have) and we admire the discipline, dedication, and physical fitness of many military personnel. Who does not respect Marines, aircrews, and special operators? But the military, remember, is a reflection of our larger society, mirroring to some degree its moral and intellectual decline.

And the leadership at the top is part of the Deep State. It has been said that the best military officers are the colonels (and captains in the Navy and Coast Guard) who never made general (or admiral). The military hierarchy becomes increasingly political toward the top.

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Robert Mueller, who led the prolonged effort to impeach Trump for Hillary’s Russian collusion, is an ex USMC officer, supposedly a Vietnam veteran and even an airborne ranger. Maybe. But he is a former Director of the murderous and corrupt FBI, and 9/11 happened on his watch, and he helped to orchestrate the cover-up. He was also at least indirectly involved in Hussein Obama’s and Hillary’s sleazy Uranium One deal with Russia, and he was a federal attorney in Boston when the FBI literally let Whitey Bulger get away with murder again and again.

Army Lt. General H.R. McMaster was also reportedly an airborne ranger and a combat veteran, and he was Trump’s National Security Advisor. A fanatical neocon warmonger, he supported the Demoncraps’ Russia collusion hoax, betraying his President. Retired USMC General Mattis, Trump’s Secretary of Defense 1/17-12/18, was a Lt. Col before he ever saw combat. He was a neocon who considered Russia an enemy and wanted to keep US troops in Syria.

I would suggest that in a nuclear world, we might not want to have a Secretary of Defense called “Mad Dog.” Retired Navy SEAL Admiral William McRaven supported Hussein Obama and George (Bush) II, and admires the communist John Brennan. But he claims Trump is waging an “attack on the media.” An ever larger number of the American people believe that the media deserve to be attacked. US Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is collaborating with the Demoncraps in their latest clown circus attempt to impeach Trump.

To be sure, many military and ex-military people are good patriots. But what are we to make of 2nd Lt. Rapone, who graduated from West Point and wore a Che Guevara t-shirt under his uniform? Openly communist and pro-Antifa, he had been “mentored” by Islam History Professor Rasheed Hosein. Note that the higher ups at West Point hired this Hosein and kept him on for a long time. We know that John Brennan voted for a communist (and may have been a Muslim) but was made Director of the CIA. James Comey voted communist and became Director of the FBI. Why should we assume that the military is any better?

As I have pointed out before, leftists throw other people’s money at imaginary “social justice” problems, but many conservatives (and certainly all neocons) throw other people’s money at perceived defense weaknesses, with scant regard as to how it is spent or what our real defense needs are. US military spending in 2018 was a staggering $649 billion; China spent an estimated $250 billion; Saudi Arabia spent $67.6 billion; India spent $66.5 billion; France spent $63.8 billion; Russia spent $61.4 billion; and the UK spent $50 billion. In other words, we spent $89.7 billion more than the next six nations combined, only two of which are considered potential enemies.

It is fair to ask what we get for this, and we need a real debate regarding our defense needs. I have pointed out previously that if we ended our senseless undeclared (hence illegal) foreign wars, we could reduce the size of our ground forces (and redeploy them on our southern border) and still have plenty of money to spend on air and naval and ICBM forces. Back in 1996 the Pentagon’s own study admitted $125 billion was wasted by the Defense Department’s bloated military and civilian bureaucracies.

A number of seemingly reliable sources, including Forbes magazine, claim that a mind-boggling $21 trillion Pentagon dollars (equal to our national debt)are unaccounted for. Much of this may have been spent on more or less legitimate projects and is due to pathetically sloppy accounting practices, but, depend on it, such sloppiness serves (and not by accident) to cover up spending on dubious black projects and on outright theft.
Eisenhower, remember, warned us about the military industrial complex, which continues to flourish under our current system of monopolistic crony capitalism. Politicians get huge campaign contributions from the aerospace and defense industries who live on our dime, and retired politicians, military personnel, and civilian defense bureaucrats get comfortable jobs with the very companies they gave our money to. It is no wonder that many programs are of dubious value…witness the problems with the F-35 and with the Navy’s new super carrier, the USS Gerald Ford.

The F-35 was to be all things to all people, serving the US Navy, Air Force, and Marines, rather like the Vietnam era F-111. The F-111’s teething problems eventually were solved, but it remained too heavy for Navy carriers. The F-35 suffers from poor speed and range, among other things. The new carrier continues to have problems with its elevators and propulsion system bearings and its electromagnetic catapult. Again, these problems will probably be solved, but it will take a great deal of money. And I have pointed out previously that it may not be wise to invest in a larger carrier force to begin with.

So let us not be so sure that the military will support Trump if the Deep State operatives try to murder him or remove him from office. Let us not be so sure that soldiers or Marines will all refuse to go door to door to confiscate our firearms. Some will; some won’t. The military is likely to become as divided as the rest of our former Republic.

On the eve of our last civil war there was a party at the officer’s club at the Army post in Los Angeles, following which old comrades either remained, to serve the Union, or departed, to fight for the Confederacy. One who went south was Lewis Armistead, whose uncle, Major General George Armistead, had commanded Fort McHenry when the British were unable to bring down its “star-spangled banner.”

But Lewis Armistead, who had been good friends with Union General Hancock and his wife, would lead Confederate troops in Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg. He was the only Confederate general to cross the Union lines, where he was mortally wounded and lay dying only a few dozen yards from Hancock, who was also wounded (but survived).

History may be about to repeat itself.

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