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October 22, 2017

Treacherous McCain Betrays America Again As He Becomes The Darling Of The Left While Exposing His True Treasonous Colors


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

As far left liberal progressives in Hollywood hail AZ Senator John McCain as a "hero" for voting against Obamacare repeal, despite campaigning on a promise to repeal it, and the liberal mainstream media like the New York Times praising him as the "unfettered voice against Trumpism," after his speech at the 2017 Liberty Medal Award Ceremony where he called nationalism "unpatriotic," we note that McCain is not just the "RINO" (Republican In Name Only) that many have called him, but he is an outright traitor.

A traitor to his constituents, a traitor to conservatives that supported Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton, and a traitor to America.


Back in March 2017 I called McCain "Jihadi John" as we showed his extensive ties to George Soros as well as his past support for Islamic terrorists, via the supposed Syrian rebels, and his ties to terrorism, but since his last election, which after being diagnosed with brain cancer, was his final election, he is showing his true colors.

In his most recent speech, he stated the following:

To refuse the obligations of international leadership and our duty to remain 'the last best hope of earth' for the sake of some half-baked, spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems is as unpatriotic as an attachment to any other tired dogma of the past that Americans consigned to the ash heap of history.

Half-baked, spurious nationalism...... an astounding statement since nationalism by its very definition means "loyalty and devotion to a nation; especially," via Merriam Webster. It is also described as "patriotic feelings, principles and efforts," by Google, so one has to wonder how the new darling of the left, McCain, justifies calling people that feel "loyalty and devotion" to the U.S., "unpatriotic."

In that one statement alone, John McCain declared himself a globalist and called those that expect their leader to put "America First," unpatriotic.


Let that sink in for a second, because he admitted the biggest open secret in politics, that establishment Republicans along with establishment Democratic believe that American taxpayers and voters should be sacrificed on the alter of "international obligations" aka globalism, exactly what Americans rejected when they handed President Trump enough electoral college votes to make him President of the United States of America.

Of course the fish wrap of newspapers, the NYT, ran to another globalist mouthpiece, former Vice president Joe Biden for a quote on McCain's speech:

Mr. Biden said he took the speech as a pointed message, if not to Mr. Trump, then to the nation. “I think he was delivering a message to the country, to his colleagues and to any of the opinion makers that would listen, and that is, ‘Look, this is serious stuff, our role in the world is not guaranteed, democracy is not guaranteed, we know how to do this and, damn it, we’d better focus and know what’s at stake.’”

President Trump also responded to McCain, in a radio interview with WMAL in Washington, stating "People have to be careful, because at some point, I fight back. I’m being nice. I’m being very, very nice. But at some point, I fight back, and it won’t be pretty."

To which Mr. McCain, a former Navy captain who was tortured during more than five years as a prisoner in Vietnam, shot back: “I have faced tougher adversaries.”

Well, since McCain and the Times once again wants to go there, lets do so.



Over the years there have been conflicting reports from other POW's, some claiming McCain was tortured horrendously and others claiming he was not because he was the son of a US naval commander, therefore was considered a valuable propaganda weapon for the Vietnamese, with one of his prison guards claiming he was not tortured, stating "We never tortured McCain. On the contrary, we saved his life, curing him with extremely valuable medicines that at times were not available to our own wounded." Others claimed McCain actually collaborated with the Vietnamese, some dating back to 1996 with documentary evidence they believe prove their claims, via Facebook, titled "John McCain ‘Sang Like a Canary’ to the North Vietnamese."

This information comes from U.S. intercepts of North Vietnamese broadcasts to American servicemen in South Vietnam around 31 October 1967, as well as from dispatches by North Vietnamese and Cuban correspondents — using material from a Nhan Dan (the central organ, the voice of the Communist Party of Vietnam, then and now) correspondent who interviewed John McCain. This material was published on 9 November 1967. The latter were backed up by the intercepts of these messages by the Message Center of the U.S. Department of Defense National Military Command Center, dated 11 November 1967..

A separate interview of McCain by a Soviet Union correspondent was published by Pravda in Moscow on 8 December 1967. A copy of this interview is presented below. And finally, McCain was interviewed by a French correspondent who published a series of interviews announced on 25 December 1967 and began 27 December 1967. This interview was intercepted by the Message Center of the U.S. National Command Center and disseminated via message on 1 January 1968.

Each of these official records of John McCain’s interviews with foreign correspondents, while held captive in Hanoi is reproduced below. Observe that every one of these interviews contains military information — far, far beyond the limits required by the Code of Conduct. Indeed this information is far beyond what nearly all of the POWs were severely tortured to obtain — the insignificant ‘gray area’ information such as nebulous ‘air pirate’ signed statements. Only those few who were turncoats and anti-war sympathizers among our POWs gave up more information to the enemy than did John McCain.

Indeed, John McCain made good on his promise to his interrogator, ‘the Bug,’ to provide U.S. military information in return for medical attention to his shootdown wounds. See the essay, ‘John McCain as a POW’ for the context of this promise. These interviews are documented below.

The post does include screen shots of 11 documents.



While all of the contradicting assertions are "he said, she said," type debates, the one thing that is confirmed is that John McCain was used in a "Tokyo Rose," style communist propaganda recording, where McCain's voice and message was played to help the Vietnamese, by demoralizing American troops with boots on the ground.
McCain had previously admitted to making a taped confession, but it wasn't until 2016, that the taped recording was finally uncovered and published by TruNews, and was confirmed to be authentic by multiple sources.

Via TruNews, August 2016:

The 1969 North Vietnamese radio broadcast has never been heard in the United States of America. In fact, there has never been any knowledge that such a recording existed. The audio recording was found in a misplaced file in the National Archives in Washington, D.C. The broadcast was recorded by the Foreign Broadcast Information Service, a branch of the CIA that monitored international shortwave and foreign radio broadcasts.

More on how the recordings were finally uncovered and published can be found at

For those unfamiliar with the "Tokyo Rose" reference, was a name given by Allied troops in the South Pacific during World War II to all female English-speaking radio broadcasters of Japanese propaganda in order to demoralize them and their families at home. (Source)


The question of whether John McCain was a war hero or a Veitnam collaborator aside, any American politician willing to sacrifice what is best for Americans, in favor of what is best for the "international community," and that pushes globalism over nationalism, is a traitor to their constituents and to this country.

That includes John McCain, who dares claim that being a nationalist, one who feels "loyalty and devotion" to their country, is "unpatriotic," as McCain did in his most recent speech,  because he just publicly outed himself as someone that is not "loyal" and holds no "devotion" for America, exposing his true treasonous colors .

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