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September 8, 2018

Spike In Sex Crimes In 'Gender Neutral' Zones Like Bathrooms, Changing Rooms, etc... - A 'Magnet For Sexual Offenders'

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

While this article has nothing to do with the Senate Judiciary Committee's confirmation hearing for Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination for the Supreme Court, the one image below of yet another protester at the hearing on Day 4, does in fact, offer a visual that is relevant to the topic matter I am going to address.

('Gender fliud' man being removed from Kavanaugh hearing)

The image above is a man dressed as a woman with make-up and earrings that somehow thought it appropriate to protest the hearing with a red liquid substance on the front of his clothing, to pretend it was blood coming from his non-existent vagina, which now the LGBT community thinks should be called a "front hole" to make transgender men more comfortable when talking about genitals.

For the purposes of this guide, we’ve chosen to include alternative words for readers to use for their genitals. For example, some trans men choose to use the words “front hole” or “internal genital” instead of “vagina.” Alternatively, some trans women may say “strapless” or “girl dick” for penis. This usage is meant for one-on-one communication with trusted persons, such as your doctor or partner, not for broad discussion.

If you read that sentence and paragraph above and thought, "something is very wrong here," join the club. The image does bring me to the point of this article though..... would you want the person shown above in the same changing room, locker room, or bathroom, as your daughter, or granddaughter or any female in your family?



With the recent news that the North Kansas City School District has decided bathrooms in their schools should be "gender neutral," including elementary schools, with individual stalls with doors from floor to ceiling to prevent any "peeping," in conjunction with the new shocking data coming out of the UK where 90 percent of assault, voyeurism and harassment cases occurred in "gender neutral zones," which has been branded a "magnet for sexual offenders," we feel this is a topic that should be revisited.

Most sexual assaults at public swimming pools happen in unisex changing rooms, figures reveal.

Ninety per cent of assault, voyeurism and harassment cases relate to the gender neutral zones which have been branded a 'magnet' for sexual predators.

Of 134 complaints in the UK last year, 120 are about incidents in unisex changing rooms, data obtained by the Sunday Times revealed.

The stats compound fears that unisex changing rooms - which are becoming increasingly popular to accommodate transgender people - pose a danger to women.

In fact when this issue exploded into the public here in the U.S. a few years ago, that was the exact argument those opposed to allowing men born with a penis, and women born with a vagina, to use facilities specified for the opposite gender, made against making this a normal practice.

Now the U.S. has 160,000 businesses that offer some type of Unisex bathroom, many of which simply one room that can be locked from the inside, with only one stall, which means only one person at a time would be using them. Other businesses, such as Target, suffered seriously backlash by turning all their bathrooms into gender neutral, where sexual predators could take advantage of the new policy in order to sexually harass and/or assault members of the opposite sex. Other businesses made their locker rooms and changing rooms gender neutral.

In the case of Target, who announced their gender neutral bathroom policy in 2016 , according to a study published In February 2018, there was a significant increase in sexually related crime. (PDF for the study here)

Results: Sexual incidents increased over the course of the entire timeframe of the media reports. In particular, voyeurism-related offenses (Upskirt and Peeping Tom) increased significantly after the publication of Target’s gender-inclusion policy in April, 2016. The three-season forced-category measurement found a 2.3x increase in the amount of upskirt incidents after the policy, and a 2.9x increase in peeping tom incidents after the policy. In a Poisson regression, using trimesters to control for seasonal variations in offenses, the fold change in rate from the four year pre-policy period to the post-policy period was 3.03 for Upskirt and 3.14 for Peeping Tom. Using a two year pre-policy period, the rate change was 2.16 times for Upskirt and 2.34 times for Peeping Tom.

Conclusion: While media-loss remains a limitation in the analysis, the present study supports the theory that sex predators may take opportunities afforded by gender-inclusion policies to perpetrate sexual violence against women in public spaces. No other theory seems to account for the significant and precisely-timed increase seen in the Target reports. Further study would be helpful to compare police reports to media-reported crime and to geographically match Target with similar stores to investigate whether sexual offenses have increased elsewhere.


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The establishment media downplays the news related stories such as women being sexually violated at Target stores due to their "gender inclusive" dressing room policy, or sexual predators taking advantage of Target's policy to expose themselves to young girls, or men caught recording women undressing, or men caught peeping over changing room walls, or recording children undressing, or a transgender arrested for taking pictures of others in a Target changing room, and other such reports.

Those are just a few examples from one business entity, at stores across the country, just to show why these "gender inclusive" or Unisex, bathrooms, changing rooms, locker rooms, are a bad idea, yet these businesses refuse to revisit their dangerous policies.

When this issue blew up in 2016, the LGBT community attempted to inaccurately cast those opposed to allowing members of the opposite sex to use the same facilities geared for a specific gender, as being LGBT unfriendly, or homophobes, or trasngender-phobes, or whatever, but the argument was, and still is, that sexual predators would take advantage of the gender neutral policies in order to commit illegal acts, sexual harassment or assault against women and children.

The limited data available makes it impossible to accurately document the ramifications of policies at establishments like Target, but the data that has been put together, shows those opposed to these policies, were entirely correct to be concerned and disturbed by them.

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It is not only the crime associated with "gender neutral" bathrooms, locker rooms and changing rooms, but we also see other news showing that teachers in schools in Scotland will be encouraging children, as young as five, to "choose" their gender, as shown below.

Over the past few years we have seen that same type of push in schools in the U.S., with Washington schools deciding to teach "gender expression" to kindergartners, Seattle schools pushing gender studies on elementary school children, laws passed in California to spread LGBT ideology in public schools, and on and on it goes, as certain states are catering to a small minority, while sacrificing the safety and privacy of women and children.


After the controversy a few years ago, there is limited mention in the national news of the crimes associated with bathroom, changing room policies at stores like Target. Finally some limited data is being reported and it does show an increase in sexually related crimes in establishments that allow members of the opposite sex into what should be private gender specific areas.


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