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July 10, 2019

With The Left Now Terrorizing Patriots With Democrats Approval, We're Nearly Out Of Time To Defend America: More Proof The 'Demoncrats' Hate Our Country And Want Civil War 

- Despite President Trump, America Is In Colossal Trouble As The Globalist Agenda Marches On 

By William B. Stoecker - All News Pipeline

One of the first things that drew many of us to vote for, and even campaign for Donald Trump is that he said things we knew were true, things that no other politician had dared to say, giving us hope that he might actually keep his promises. He hinted that he did not consider Putin an enemy, and he questioned the sanity of our eternal, undeclared (hence, unconstitutional) foreign wars, our failed and immoral policy of “regime change” and “nation building.”

He stated that something had to be done to curtail at least illegal immigration, and hinted that he would investigate “crooked Hillary.” Indeed, Trump has not been the immediate disaster the Witch would have been. He has not arrested millions of “deplorables” and “bitter clingers.” His trade, tax, and regulatory policies have been good for our economy. His judicial appointments, including Justice Brett Kavanaugh, have been far, far better than the sort of leftist tyrants the Witch would surely have appointed.

But he has not even addressed the issue of our national debt and the deficit spending that enlarges it every year, and this problem alone will eventually wreck our economy. And no one, not Trump or any other leader, has even attempted to solve the problem of increasing automation, the advances in robotics that, very soon, will result in a loss of jobs. It is all very well for people who should know better to pretend that AI (Artificial Intelligence) will create more and better jobs for workers than it will eliminate…this is simply not true. Soon there will be less need for human truck and bus drivers, and many agricultural jobs will be replaced by robots with better vision and touch. And that is just the beginning.

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He has staffed his administration with CFR members, Bonesmen, Goldman Sachs alumni, and neocons, like the mighty warrior Mustache Man, a.k.a. Mad John Bolton. Even his SCOTUS appointee, Brett Kavanaugh, is a graduate of Yale and Yale Law School and quite likely is a Bonesman. His Secretary of Labor, Alex Acosta, is the one who, as a US attorney, gave Jeffrey Epstein his easy plea bargain, a free get out of jail card. Trump complained about his former AG, Jeff Sessions, but he appointed him and kept him in office for an extended period. He was endlessly “investigated” for nonexistent crimes by Whitey Bulger’s old buddy Robert Mueller, who has yet to answer for his own past misdeeds, including his involvement in 9/11. But Mueller was appointed by the sleazy Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, nominated for his position by Trump 4/25/17 and kept in place for over two years.

Trump’s attempts to control immigration, legal and constitutional, have been blocked by leftist judges…but there is nothing in our Constitution that even hints that various appeals courts, let alone individual judges, appointed, not elected, have that kind of power. Trump, by not showing the backbone to stand up to them, has a convenient excuse for doing nothing, which, perhaps, was his plan all along, a plan for plausible deniability followed by many RINOs before him. And when it’s not the mean old judges preventing Trump from doing the right thing, he can blame his failures on bad advice…but he appointed his advisors.

We continue to expand NATO into Eastern Europe, right up to Russia’s borders, and Trump signed the bill which continues the sanctions against Russia, while the leftists of the slimestream media continue to denounce Russia as our adversary and Putin as our enemy (these same media types liked Russia just fine when it was really communist). But is Putin at fault? Or is the hostility between us and the world’s greatest nuclear power (they can incinerate all of us if the conflict gets out of control) really entirely of our own making, a gift of our fearless neocons? How would we feel if some economic powerhouse of a country imposed economic sanctions on us?

When the USSR imploded there was no longer a need for NATO, but, even as Russian troops left Hungary, Germany, Poland, and the rest of Eastern Europe, NATO continued and even expanded, and we continued to be the backbone of this unnecessary alliance. How would we feel if Russia or China had treaties with Mexico and Canada and troops, planes, and naval forces stationed in both nations? We can pretend that Putin is “aggressive,” but vast Soviet armies no longer menace Europe. When Russia defeated Georgia in a short war, without bombing civilians, they then withdrew from most of the country. Meanwhile, we have been at war continually for decades, with our troops in harm’s way in countries most Americans have never heard of and certainly cannot find on a map. Our leaders condemn Russia for occupying Crimea, but that region had historically been a part of Russia.


Despite his protestations, Trump has continued our hostile policies toward Russia, and continued our wars, even lobbing cruise missiles into Syria, using alleged gas attacks as an excuse, attacks that were almost certainly false flag operations carried out by people supposedly on our side. Assad, leader of Syria, has always been relatively moderate and tolerant by Middle Eastern standards, and even protected Christians within his nation. But rather than attempt to improve relations with Assad and reduce his dependence on Iran, we have supported his opponents, including Islamic terrorists, and, arguably, driven him into a closer relationship with the Ayatollahs.

Hussein Obama sent US forces into Syria in 2015, and Trump has continued his policy. In 12/18 he promised again that we would withdraw our troops, and this time he really meant it, only to backpedal and agree with the neocons to keep them there after all. Recently he told Tucker Carlson that he really did want to get us out of Afghanistan, but his generals had reminded him that “if we don’t fight them over there we will have to fight them over here,” which is impressive-sounding nonsense, especially considering that they are over here, brought over by the US government, and including tens of thousands of illiterate (average IQ 76), unskilled Somalis, most of whom are criminals and Islamic fanatics. What we really need to do is get the US out of the Middle East…and get the Middle East out of the US.

Along with deficit spending and the danger of an unnecessary nuclear war, uncontrolled immigration is a threat capable of utterly destroying America. As of 2015 the US population included an incredible 47 million immigrants, most of them from poorer countries. In 2016 we admitted 1.18 million more legal immigrants, plus hundreds of thousands of illegals…we no longer have any idea how many illegals are here, taking jobs from Americans, sucking up welfare benefits, filling our “schools” and medical facilities, committing crimes, and bringing in diseases we thought had been eradicated.

Many do not come to be assimilated and truly join us; they come denouncing America as “racist” (if so, why do they come here?) and waving the flags of the s…hole countries they left (if they love their homelands so much, why did they not stay there?). If anyone asks such questions they are immediately denounced as “racist,” the one-word designated conversation stopper used by leftists to prevent debates they would surely lose. Incredibly, Trump has called for yet more legal immigration. He threatened to close the border with Mexico, and this time he really meant it, but then he backpedaled yet again and left it open. Then he threatened increased tariffs on Mexican exports to our country if the Mexican government did not cooperate with us in reducing the invasion, and the Mexicans agreed to do so, but their promise is nothing but words on paper.

There have been conflicting reports as to whether the flow of invaders (running at about a million a year, in addition to the legal ones) has been slowed. But investigative reporter Dave Hodges says his US Border Patrol contacts claim there has been no reduction at all. Illegals continue to be shipped all over the country at our expense, spreading their crime, disease, and terrorism, and “our” government even conducts special classes to help the Glibetts (GLBT, etc.) among them. The legals alone comprise (as of 2015) 14.4% of our population, and, along with the illegals, are reliable Demoncrap voters, and excellent gardeners and maids for the elites.


Trump has not drained the swamp; as mentioned above, he has stocked his regime with swamp creatures. For two years Sean Hannity and others who should know better have breathlessly informed us of thousands of sealed indictments that are always just about to be unleashed on Slick and the Witch, Hussein Obama, Eric Holder and all the rest. Yet it never happens, even though we deplorables know that they are guilty of many crimes. If the Witch’s unsecured emails were investigated, and Uranium One, and the Clinton Foundation, it would serve to uncover more about Benghazi, and the bodies in the wake of the Clintons, and child trafficking and abuse, and even more horrible acts that so far have been covered up…but it never happens.

Meanwhile, Trump’s close and loyal allies have been financially and emotionally wrecked and railroaded into prison by the real criminals, like Mueller, and Trump has done nothing to help them financially and has not pardoned them. In fact, Roger Stone was arrested in a pre-dawn raid by 29 heroic FBI thugs on 1/25/19 in an obvious attempt to humiliate, intimidate, and marginalize him when they could simply have asked him to turn himself in.

This was Trump’s FBI…he owns it. And he did nothing to punish the agency for the unnecessary use of such a force, or for obviously pre-alerting the media. The FBI Director is Christopher Wray, appointed by Trump and approved by the Senate and sworn in 9/28/17. A multi-millionaire born into wealth and privilege in NYC, he is a crony of Jim Comey and Robert Mueller and a graduate of Yale (a Bonesman?) and Yale Law School. He is Trump’s man and Trump owns the FBI. If Trump has such “loyalty” to his friends (Roger Stone) why should the rest of us trust him?

I have not given up hope that the crimes of the elites may yet be uncovered and justice may yet be done. Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested again, and he has links to the Clintons. He may be offered a plea bargain in return for testifying. But, in the meantime, the leftist agenda marches on, and the big tech companies are destroying the last vestiges of a free press on the internet, while Trump, as is his custom, makes vague promises and does nothing to break their monopoly.

At best, Trump is a flawed, imperfect man who has been intimidated, perhaps threatened and/or blackmailed by the Deep State operatives. At worst, he is one of them, a traitor to the US, to Man, and to God and, all along, his opposition to the NWO was staged like everything else. If he is merely weak and foolish, God may yet use him to do the right thing, for He uses us all. But it is looking like Trump will prove to be, at best, too little and too late, and we are in for a bloody time. Let it be their blood this time…not ours. We should all have locked and loaded by now. It’s time to defend America.

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