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December 23, 2018

Since Now We Know The CIA Could 'Remote Control' Dogs 50 Years Ago, What Can They Accomplish Today? The Technologies Being Unveiled Today Are Far Behind 'Reality'

- And Is An 'MKUltra Brain Implant' The Origin Of Barack Obama's Head Scars?

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Author and former radio show host Steve Quayle has often warned that many of the technologies that we're witnessing being unveiled in the present are often years, if not decades, behind when the same technologies had long ago been developed and recently declassified documents proving what the CIA's project 'MKUltra' was able to accomplish all the way back in 1967 should be looked at in 2018 as huge red flags of what they're able to do today. 

As the website 'All That's Interesting' reported in this December 11th story, all the way back in 1967, 50+ years ago, the CIA was able to accomplish 'dog mind control', actually engineering 6 different 'remote controlled dogs', dogs which their CIA handlers were able to control the motions of, including running, turning and stopping. With absolute proof that the CIA was able to 'remote control' dogs more than 50 years ago, and that information long hidden from the American people, what more have they been able to accomplish in the 50+ years since, still hidden from the American people?


While the mainstream media will never, ever report upon the warnings given by former US Navy Intelligence Office William Cooper in his 1991 book "Behold! A Pale Horse", that the 'deep state' would use mind-controlled human beings to carry out horrific mass shootings at locations such as schools or concerts in an attempt to get the middle class to beg for government to take away guns and the 2nd Amendment from the American people, in light of these recent declassifications, it's time to take a deeper look at what they might be able to accomplish 50 years later, especially with this same 'deep state' now in an all-out and very treasonous war upon President Donald Trump and American sovereignty.

With 'dog mind control' accomplished partially by the CIA embedding electrodes within the skulls of the dogs to allow them to take control of them, what you read directly below from their report may sound like science fiction. Yet the fact that nano-technologies now existent on the sub-microscopic level and can potentially be delivered into human bodies via food, water and the air we breath leads to many questions we'll never get answers to from the MSM. First, the report states:  

“The specific aim of the research program was to examine the possibility of controlling the behavior of a dog, in an open field, by means of remotely triggering electrical stimulation of the brain.

“Such a system depends for its effectiveness on two properties of electrical stimulation delivered to certain deep lying structures of the dog brain: the well-known reward effect, and a tendency for such stimulation to initiate and maintain locomotion in a direction which is accompanied by the continued delivery of stimulation.”

Furthermore, the report states that the CIA employed some pretty horrific methods in attempting to control the minds of dogs, one of which was described as follows: “embedding the electrode entirely within a mound of dental cement on the skull and running the leads subcutaneously to a point between the shoulder blades, where the leads are brought to the surface and affixed to a standard dog harness.”

This meant that dogs were forced to undergo surgery to have a device implanted into their brain that would then control their basic motor functions through the use of remote control and electric shock wave signaling.

“The stimulator had to be reliable and capable of sufficient voltage output to be usable in the face of expected impedance variation across individual dogs,” the report stated.


Their story also went on to report upon the CIA's attempt to 'program' and 'control' human behavior

The infamous “behavior modification” (a.k.a. mind control) experiments carried out under the banner of Project MKUltra employed the likes of psychotropic drugs, electrical shocks, and radio waves to control human minds. However, the documents from 1967 now available thanks to the Freedom of Information Act paints a much broader picture of what the CIA was trying to accomplish with the notorious MKUltra.

According to Newsweek, the documents were handed over at the request of John Greenewald, founder of The Black Vault, a site specializing in declassified government records. And one letter reveals that animal mind control was not off the table at the CIA.

While they claim that the dogs which were programmed were never sent out in the field to accomplish actual CIA work, the fact alone that they were able to take remote control of them more than 50 years ago shows not only the direction that they were taking but with the huge technological advances made all across the spectrum since 1967, what they've been able to accomplish since then might be mind boggling.

And this recent admission actually reminds us of some wild 'conspiracy theories' about Barack Obama from many years ago in which people were asking how Barack Obama got the scars on his head with one 2013 story from Boing Boing going very far out on a very long limb in this story titled "Phrenology of Barack Obama's head reveals mind control connection to Nazi Occult, MKULTRA, Satan".  

In his newest book, The Phrenology of Barack Obama, author Bensa Magos returns to reveal the secrets behind the occulted past of President Barack Obama using the pseudo-science of phrenology. Magos uncovers natural, unnatural, and preternatural features of "Manchurian Candidate" Obama's cranium and brainpan, including the mysterious "head scar" which the mass media refuses to discuss.

Causes for the head scar range from CIA brain-implants to a partial lobotomy by his puppet master handlers, as well as the most shocking revelation: that Obama once had a horn. Magos follows a trail of evidence that leads from Obama's brain surgery and dehorning, to government Mind Control programs like MKULTRA and MONARCH with roots in the Nazi Occult, and ultimately to the satanic endgame revealed by the Demon Horn of Moloch.

And while that book was ridiculed and laughed off by many, with this latest admission that the CIA was able to control dogs via brain implant 50+ years ago, is it really out of the realm of possibility that Obama's brain may have been quite literally 'hacked' by the CIA, able to control his every move, a secret 'black project' of the 'deep state'? With Obama nothing less than a weapon being used in this ongoing deep state war upon President Trump and American sovereignty, and admissions also that MKUltra can be used to accomplish 'mass mind control', we wouldn't put anything past these satanists. 


In this must-read story by Mike Adams over at Natural News, Mike warns that almost everything that we're witnessing all across the world right now is connected with a pattern clearly existing to those who are paying attention showing how these global events being pushed by the global elite have been designed to achieve a desired end which we've learned via research and watching events unfold over the last several decades are all pushing the US and the world towards 'global government'. 

Comparing what is happening now to the movie 'The Matrix' and the very uncomfortable truths that will emerge should one do their 'due dilligence' and take a deeper look into these events, Mike explains this move towards global tyranny: "is an anti-human agenda to exterminate humankind. Every major trend taking place today is preparing humankind for a mass extermination event, making sure humans cannot fight back, think for themselves or even reproduce. With the food supply poisoned, male biology attacked and nullified, and even the power to think systematically compromised, the human race has been turned into a slave farm of obedient sheeple, ready to be harvested or eliminated." 

And while the mainstream media, Democrats and globalists would surely call that statement of Mike's 'fake news', Mike details for us the 12 different ways that we can see this happening now, many of which we've warned of and documented thoroughly in previous stories on ANP. From Mike's ever-so important story

1) The desperate effort by globalists to end all national sovereignty erase all borders and flood the world’s wealthy nations with Third World migrants and violent criminals who will can’t help but vote for authoritarian tyranny.

2) The aggressive ramping up of efforts to disarm all law-abiding citizens while granting legal immunity to violent illegals.

3) The “blowout” economics of endless money creation, now combined with the sudden squashing of debt leverage by raising interest rates among central banks.

4) The terraforming of planet Earth with “stratospheric aerosol injections” that mainstream scientists now admit is a form of geoengineering designed to alter the chemistry of the atmosphere and reduce the intensity of solar radiation reaching the surface of the Earth.

5) The increasing talk by cultural leaders and thought leaders about escaping Earth and colonizing Mars, presumably because they believe Earth will not survive as a habitable planet for much longer.

6) The rapid acceleration of cultural attacks on fertility, masculinity and male biology, almost as if everyone has been ordered to declare sperm to be evil and children to be toxic to the world.

7) The global installation of 5G cell towers that have the capability to track and irradiate specific human targets while subjecting entire cities of human populations to high-energy radiation that causes brain tumors.

8) The complete transformation of the food supply from something that once nourished humankind to a vector for the mass poisoning of humankind.

9) The utter collapse of logic, reason and rationality, to the point where nearly half the population of America’s youth now believe that men can get pregnant and that chromosomes have nothing at all to do with gender.

10) The increasing celebration of Satan and death, including Planned Parenthood abortion centers and Satan-worshiping religious movements.

11) The increasing concentration of all power and influence into the hands of the few, from search engines and online censorship to media publishers and government bureaucrats.

12) The sense of panic and urgency among globalists to defeat nationalism, free thinking and individual liberty, almost as if they are in a race to enslave the population of the planet before some ominous, looming deadline.


With criminal elements of the deep state here in America having done nothing less than committed treasonous sedition against the legally and lawfully elected Presidency of Donald J. Trump, we'll take a look within the final section of this story at how they're still using their mind control programs upon the American people in an attempt to get the masses so riled up against him that they'll take to the streets in revolution if he's not held accountable to the 'crimes' the globalists are attempting to cast upon him. 

With the mainstream, legacy media still pushing 100% in a globalist direction and keeping their own viewers dumbed down to a despicable level by not talking about Hillary Clinton/Clinton Foundation crimes, globalism and the march towards tyranny that America had been on under Barack Obama with the complete erosion of the US Constitution, their omission of facts that could help the American people understand the truth of what happened to start this Russian-collusion investigation is alarming. 

For example, my own mother, a life long Democrat and former US government employee, is a perfect example in that she, fully following and believing everything that CNN says, recently told me she believes that the American people must rise up and take 'traitor' President Trump down. If CNN can get an always peaceful 78-year old grandmother advocating for revolution based upon lies, the mainstream media's mind control programs are working well, at least upon that segment of the population. 

And while President Donald Trump himself allegedly told a 'prominent person' in a phone call last week that he believes that the American people will engage in armed revolt if the globalists attempt to remove him from office, we pray to God that it never gets to that point because if it does, there may be nothing that can stop all-out civil war in America. With millions of Americans armed to the teeth and most 'awakened' Americans trusting nothing that the deep state says in 2018 with Washington DC only investigating 'fake crimes created and being pushed by fake news' as Paul Craig Roberts recently reported, potential disaster lies ahead. 

The 1st video below goes over these declassified MKUltra docs with warnings that what we're seeing here is far worse than originally believed while in the 2nd video, our videographer ties in how these declassified documents from MKUltra also tie into and prove claims made by 'TI's', 'targeted individuals'. In the last video below, our videographer goes over how the CIA was using mind controlled dogs as was reported in this December 10th Zero Hedge story, also asking what else they might be capable of 50+ years later. 

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