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September 4, 2014

MSM Bombshell! US Trained ISIS! Now We Know, They Want Us All Dead!

By Live Free or Die

With EVEN the MSM now admitting that the US trained and armed ISIS, The Resident and RT America tell us exactly how OUR OWN GOVT has just completed training and arming our enemies to destroy us. Even this Washington Post story called “The terrorists fighting us now? We just finished training them” out the US government for funding and arming the people who want to kill us all. In the 2nd video, retired Lt. General Thomas McInerney also admits that the U.S. helped build ISIS!!!

What will it take for this government to finally admit to the American people that they are striving towards ‘depopulating’ Americans? Why would the US government fund and arm a group that wants Americans heads rolling in the streets? How can the American people finally put an end to this madness, a government that clearly wants us all dead?


Originally published at BIN 

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