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October 30, 2017

Robert Mueller In The Crosshairs As MSM Hides Uranium One & Dossier Funding Investigations By Blaring Manafort Headlines

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

There is a reason the liberal media are blaring hundreds of headlines screaming about the charges filed against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, despite the acknowledged fact that all charges against Manafort stem from actions that occurred before the Trump campaign even started, and it is only partially in order to connect anything "Russia related" to President Trump.... the real reason is to avoid, distract and ignore the very real investigations now occurring into the Uranium One scandal and Trump dossier scandal,  and the part that Robert Mueller played.


Before getting into what the MSM is not reporting, a brief rundown on the Manafort information. 12 counts have been leveled against Paul Manafort, and despite headlines from liberal media outlets, they all stem from Manafort's business dealings, and not his work on the Trump campaign, most from before the Trump campaign ever kicked off, which can be seen in the indictment itself, here.

Via the BBC:

The charges against Mr Manafort and Mr Gates do not relate to Mr Trump's campaign but to the alleged concealment of payments from the pair's Ukrainian business dealings up to 2016.

The same information, in one form or another is provided in most the reporting, but hidden behind the headlines that imply the Manafort charges somehow implicate President Trump in some type of Russia collusion, despite the indictment itself negating those claims.

Two more quick points on the Manafort charges before getting into what is happening behind the scenes that the media is absolutely freaking out about in private, while avoiding, ignoring and attempting to distract with the Manafort headlines, because both implicate Special Counsel Mueller is some very shadowy practices and scandals.

First Point: As Jerome Corsi points out, the FBI under the Obama administration obtained a FISA warrant based on information within the now discredited "Trump dossier,"  which was funded by the DNC, the Hillary Clinton campaign and Obama campaign fund, which was filtered through the same law firm that paid Fusion GPS for the dossier.

Remember when President Trump said he discovered his "wires were tapped" in Trump Tower? Manafort had offices in Trump Tower, and months after Trump's initial tweet, it was revealed Manafort was tapped, which is important, because every step of the way, President Trump has given us clues as to what was coming down the pike, which we will show more of later in this article.

The fact that the Obama administration used the information in that dossier, means the FISA warrant itself was obtained illegally, according to Corsi, meaning all evidence gained through those warrants is considered "fruit of the poison tree."

Via Corsi:

On Sept. 19, 2017, CNN reported that U.S. investigators conducted electronic surveillance on Manafort both before and after the election under a FISA court warrant. The CNN article cites only unnamed sources, strongly suggesting the leak was based on an illegal leak to the press that could end up being traced back to the FBI, to Mueller’s Special Counselor office, or to both.

Under the “fruit of the poison tree doctrine” established by the Supreme Court in Fourth Amendment illegal search and seizure cases, the FBI and/or Mueller may have compromised their entire investigation of Paul Manafort by either using the fraudulent “Russia dossier” paid for in part by the FBI, or by illegally leaking information derived from the FISA-authorized electronic surveillance to CNN and other mainstream media publications known to be partisan “Never Trump” mouthpieces.

Read the rest at Infowars.

Second Point: Many may wave away Corsi and Infowars as "conservative" outlets, so the second point from LawNewz, who often appear to be virulently anti-Trump, highlights that in the raid upon Manafort's home, "Mueller’s team may have obtained evidence in the raid of Paul Manafort’s home that was not covered by the search warrant." Specifically, "documents considered to be covered by attorney-client privilege."

A similar issue came up recently in a case against Wall Street financier Benjamin Wey. A federal judge threw out all of the evidence gathered against him through warrants because the “sweeping” searches of his property violated his Fourth Amendment right. Judge Alison Nathan found that the searches were “grossly negligent” in that they collected evidence that went beyond the scope of the warrant like medical records, and divorce records. In the case of Manafort, it appears that his lawyers warned investigators about the existence of attorney-client privileged documents and memos. If investigators didn’t take the proper precautions to avoid collecting these documents, they could be in trouble for violating Manafort’s constitutional rights.

It also appears that Tony Podesta is being targeted, as he just stepped down from his lobbying firm amidst the Mueller probe.



Now we get to the meat and potatoes of this article, which is what the media is hiding behind their over-the-top enthusiasm about charges that have nothing to do with the Trump campaign itself.

Congressional investigations into the Uranium One deal which made major headlines last week have already begun, which directly implicates a number of former Obama officials, including Special Counsel Robert Mueller himself who was the Director of the FBI at that time, as well as then-U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein, an Obama appointee who now serves as President Trump’s deputy attorney general, who appointed Mueller as Special Counsel in the Russia/Trump probe, then-Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe, now the deputy FBI director under Trump, former FBI Director James Comey and Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

RelatedThe Obama Administration’s Uranium One Scandal

Note -Once again, the President gave the public a clue that the Uranium One deal would be further investigated with a March tweet stating "Why isn't the House Intelligence Committee looking into the Bill & Hillary deal that allowed big Uranium to go to Russia, Russian speech...."

The next blockbuster report revealed that after the Washington Beacon pulled out of their opposition research against Trump when it became apparent he would be the GOP president nominee, the DNC, the Clinton campaign and the Obama campaign fund, all started funding the firm behind the oppo research, Fusion GPS, who then hired former British spy Christopher Steele, who created the infamous "Trump dossier," with information fed to him from Kremlin insiders.

Yes, the very same dossier that was used to illegally obtain the FISA warrant which garnered the evidence Mueller used to get indictments against Paul Manafort.

Note- President Trump once again informed the public the news about who funded the dossier was about to hit the news, on October 19, 2017.

Media Research Center has done an outstanding job documenting the liberal media has been avoiding, downplaying or trying to distract from the Uranium One news and the dossier news.  ABC News attempted to "shout down the truth of the dossier collusion," while CNN attempted to convince their viewers that the bombshell reports about Uranium One were a right-wing "campaign of confusion," even going as far as to "argue against transparency."

The Wall Street Journal on the other hand is taking some massive flack from the left and liberal media because they looked at the news about who funded the Steele dossier, and their Editorial Board argued that Robert Mueller had to resign.

Their first paragraph infuriated liberals and other media outlets:

It turns out that Russia has sown distrust in the U.S. political system—aided and abetted by the Democratic Party, and perhaps the FBI. This is an about-face from the dominant media narrative of the last year, and it requires a full investigation.

Then they concluded:
Mr. Mueller is a former FBI director, and for years he worked closely with Mr. Comey. It is no slur against Mr. Mueller’s integrity to say that he lacks the critical distance to conduct a credible probe of the bureau he ran for a dozen years. He could best serve the country by resigning to prevent further political turmoil over that conflict of interest.

The American public deserves a full accounting of the scope and nature of Russian meddling in American democracy, and that means following the trail of the Steele dossier as much as it does the meetings of Trump campaign officials.

The fact that the WSJ refused to walk in lock-step with other liberal media outlets by attempting to ignore, justify or downplay how tainted any investigation involving Mueller is at this point, brought about a brutal reaction from others, such as MSNBC's Morning Joe calling it "disgraceful and dangerous," saying it was a "coordinated attack against Mueller."

You can see other attacks against WSJ from prominent liberal writers and outlets at MediaIte.


What we haven't seen blared in hundreds of headlines is what is happening behind the scenes in Congress and the DOJ.

On On October 23, 2017, David Bossie, president of Citizens United, and former chief investigator for the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee during the Clinton administration, called for a another Special Counsel, one to focus on the Uranium One/Clinton/Russia scandal, which would included investigating Mueller's role as FBI Director at the time, but more importantly, that was echoed the very next day by Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley.


Via The Hill:

The Senate Judiciary Committee announced last week that it was opening an inquiry into the Uranium One sale.

The House Oversight and Intelligence panels on Tuesday also announced a joint investigation that will look into how the Justice Department handled the deal, which sold more than 20 percent of the U.S. uranium supply to the Russian nuclear giant Rosatom.

Congressional investigations aside, we have seen recent news reports about how Attorney General Jeff Sessions supposedly told former Congressman Jason Chaffetz he would not be looking at pursuing major cases like IRS, Fast and Furious, the email scandal, and it is getting a lot of play on conservative websites, but there was recent testimony by Sessions on the day the Uranium One scandal broke wide open, and while many focused on how Sessions said that it was Rod Rosenstein's responsibility to go to the "senior ethics people" in regards as to whether he should be taking part in any investigations regarding the issue, since he and Mueller played a large part in the Uranium One case, what many did not pay attention to and which the media certainly did not report is the portion of the testimony where Session said there is an ongoing investigation going on.

Senator Gressley was asking about the recent revelations regarding Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, were being investigated and at first, Sessions said "without confirming or denying the existence of any particular investigation," he heard Grassley's concerns and they would be reviewed, but at the end of the clip below, Grassley asked "Has the Justice Department fully investigated whether the Russians compromised  the Obama admin's decisions to smooth the way for transactions, and if not, why not"?

Sessions' answer was "It would not be appropriate for me to comment on any ongoing investigation."


Perhaps the fact that there is an ongoing investigation into Uranium One and whether the Obama administration was "compromised" with the bribes funneled through the Clinton Foundation, while Clinton was Secretary of State and while Robert Mueller was in charge of the FBI during the initial investigation, which appears to have protected the Obama administration and Bill and Hillary Clinton from scrutiny, explains why House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats are pushing right this second to "demand Congress move to protect Mueller."

Finally, President Trump appears to be giving us the same types of hints he has given us throughout his Presidency, with the wire-tapping of Trump Tower (which it took months to finally be revealed he was correct), or the upcoming Uranium One exposure (again, took months for the blockbuster report to be revealed) and now, the following from October 29, 2017:


In Trump speak, that means the Reublicans are unified in their determination to investigate the illegality of 1) The dossier funding; 2) Uranium One; 3) Those missing 33,000 emails; and 4) The fact that James Comey started his response for not recommending charges against Hillary Clinton, months before he even questioned her.

What people need to understand is what we see in the liberal media is about half of what is happening behind the scenes, and we have seen the "Russia/Trump" collusion story continue to crumble as the first charges from the Trump/Russia probe had zero to do with Trump or Russian collusion in the 2016 election, as the Russia/Clinton/Obama/Mueller collusion bombshells are finally being revealed.

The real Russian collusion investigations have just begun.

That folks, is what the MSM is trying to hide from their audience.

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