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April 16, 2016

How To Survive Worldwide Deterioration And Collapse - Michael Snyder And Minute To Midnite Exclusive Interview


By Minute To Midnight - All News PipeLine

A Minute To Midnite Episode 038 begins with Michael Snyder and Tony discussing the global economy and how there is a convergence of so many signs that are pointing to an imminent financial collapse.

Michael begins by saying how a lot of people are right now saying that the crisis has past. There was a lot of financial shaking in August 2015 and January/February 2016, but the stock market has rebounded somewhat and so people are thinking that everything is pretty good. But meanwhile in reality, all over the planet economic conditions are rapidly deteriorating.

We are already seeing full blown collapses in Brazil ( The 7th largest economy in the world) and Venezuela. There was recently the first real world enacting of the new European bank bail-in laws, with a large bank in Austria ( Heta Asset Resolution AG), followed by an emergency meeting in Rome over the the problems in the Italian banking system. All of Italy's banks are in trouble, with over 360 billion Euros of non-performing loans. This is equivalent to a fifth of Italy's GDP. Italy is on the same road as Greece was last year towards a collapse of the system. The difference being that Greece is only the 44th largest economy in the world, whereas Italy is the 8th largest economy in the world. In reality the problems in Greece are also far from over. Other banks in Europe are in real trouble too.

Meetings between Obama and his administration & Janet Yellen of the Fed Reserve have left plenty of unanswered questions and this is also discussed. The situation in the US economy is talked about, and the attention is then turned to the Japanese and Chinese economies.

The warnings to prepare for economic collapse in America and the rest of the world are obvious. The economic fundamentals are getting worse, but people don't seem to understand that we have entered a period of very serious economic troubles for the entire world.

With many investors becoming concerned with what is going on in the world, particularly with the likes of the problems with Deutsche Bank in Germany,there is a move by some into gold & silver to weather the storm. This is beginning to impact the price of gold & silver. Michael explains why he believes that both silver & gold values will increase, but that silver will see the biggest percentage gains. Tony agrees with Michael's analysis on this.

Later in the show Michael talks about how so many Western Christians are not preparing for the difficult times ahead, because they think they will be raptured before the troubles escalate. He then discusses his new book titled 'The Rapture Verdict' with Tony. He lays out a case for a Post Tribulation rapture based on scripture, and believes that his new book not only lays a strong case, but also delivers a verdict in the case based on the bible. Michael is a former attorney so he lays a case out in much the way a lawyer would.

Towards the end of the show the topic returns to give practical advice on how to prepare for what is coming. This part of the show deals with spiritual and physical preparations for the coming economic collapse.

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