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November 5, 2018

With Nothing Less Than The Future Of Our Country Hanging In The Balance, Mid-Term Elections Could Bring More Crazy To Congress Or Martial Law And Civil War To America

- Democratic Pollster Of Potential Nightmare: 'Democrats Now In Bed Wetting Phase' 

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With America now facing a mid-term election unlike any other in a generation according to this new story over at LMT Online which the Drudge Report linked to Monday morning, with the control of both the House and the Senate at stake, as we had reported on ANP on Sunday, so much more hangs in the balance with the direction our country takes in the future literally to also be decided on Tuesday.  

As MSN reported on Sunday, with our nation in turmoil, more divided than at any time since the Civil War according to some historians, many political pundits believe this election is actually a verdict on the presidency of Donald Trump. Yet should the Republicans hold on to both the House of Representatives and the US Senate, some have warned that possibility alone could be enough to push America way past the breaking point, leading the left towards even more violence in the streets directed at Trump supporters, necessitating President Trump declare martial law to keep the order or even America devolving into civil war.


And while we won't hold our breaths waiting for the election results to come pouring in, we thought we'd take a look within this ANP story at what might happen with each possible election outcome in the day ahead, with a Democratic party win in the House of Representatives actually catapulting Nancy Pelosi into the Speaker of the House position once again, despite the fact that some warn she may be suffering from alzheimer's disease and should probably be nowhere near any position of governmental authority, much less the Speaker of the House.

As the Washington Times reported back in January, the unraveling of Nancy Pelosi has been a very sad sight and while Democrats may choose not to see it, as the Times story puts it, the top Democrat in the House of Representatives is, in one word, a 'mess'.

And while the Times story went down Pelosi's list of 'accomplishments' and the fact that she's been in the House since 1987, all the way back when Ronald Reagan was President, they also eviscerate her as a 'has been' who is well past her 'useful' date and now, a stain upon America. From the Washington Times story.:

Now, the bad news. She’s done — she’s past done. Her ever-growing list of verbal blunders is far too long to catalog here, and the 77-year-old seems more and more out of touch with regular Americans (dubbing the recent tax cuts by President Trump — which amounts to thousands of dollars for many people — “crumbs” is just the latest example).

Worse, Mrs. Pelosi seems to keep coming up with new ways to embarrass herself.


And if Nancy Pelosi and her verbal blunders and babblings back in the spotlight again isn't enough of a hidden blessing to Republicans should the Democrats somehow take back the House, the fact that 'Mad Max' Maxine Waters could also be back in the spotlight as the head of the Congressional Finance Committee shows us another potential blessing in disguise should the demonrats take the House with both Nancy and Maxine the 'gifts that keep on giving', to the Republican party that is. Every time they open their mouths, Republicans get another soundbite for another advertisement for the 2020 election! 

While historically, the incumbent President's party during a mid term election has traditionally lost a ton of seats in the House, with George Bush in 2002 being a rare exception, should the Democrats suffer a redo of 2016 and blunder their way into somehow losing the House in 2018 despite all of the prognostications that they'll win it, we could also witness a redo of the photo collage seen above. 

As this new story over at Politico reports, for Democrats who were completely traumatized in 2016 by President Trump's stunning victory over Hillary Clinton, the pre-midterms were causing nightmares for those on the left already suffering from 2016 PTSD, bracing themselves for another election disaster. And should that 'disaster' materialize in the form of Republicans keeping the House as well as the Senate, who knows what America might look like Wednesday morning. From Politico. 

On the eve of the midterms, President Donald Trump’s approval is falling, young voters are energized, and Republicans look poised to lose their House majority.

It’s enough to make Democrats nervous, miserable wrecks.

Haunted by memories of 2016, liberals around the country are riven with anxiety in the campaign’s homestretch. They’re suspicious of favorable polls and making election night contingency plans in case their worst fears come true. Some report literal nightmares about a Democratic wipeout.

“We're kind of just in the bed-wetting phase now," said Democratic pollster John Anzalone, a Hillary Clinton campaign alumnus who spent election night 2016 in Clinton’s Manhattan war room.

Two years later, even thinking about the prospect of a repeat of that night’s letdown is still too much for many Democrats to bear.

“Stop it!” shouted Nadeam Elshami, a former chief of staff to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, when asked about that possibility. To be fair, the possibility has literally haunted his dreams.


With many on the left already resorting to violence against President Trump supporters and 'Deplorables' already being demonized by the mainstream media and Democratic party as 2nd class citizens, should somehow the Republicans hold on to both the House and Senate, the potential for Democratic violence to skyrocket is very real in the days ahead.

As Mike Adams from Natural News recently warned, one possible outcome scenario of the mid-term elections could quickly escalate to nationwide civil unrest and martial law.

And as this new story over at the Daily Beast that the Drudge Report linked to Monday morning reported, Democrats are now pondering the unthinkable: "What if they lose?

Nearly two years of organizing, marching, candidate recruitment and unprecedented fundraising has led the Democratic party to a critical moment. On Tuesday, it can either reassert itself politically or fall short, prompting an utter and complete psychological meltdown.

Most in the party believe that the path they will go down will be the former; that they will gain a majority in the House of Representatives for the first time since former President Barack Obama’s first term. But paranoia is part of the Democratic DNA, especially after the shock of the 2016 election. And in the final stretch of the midterm campaign, a scenario in which the party is unable to flip the requisite 23 House seats looms in the dark recesses of the mind.

“It will be paralyzing for a while, it will,” said Neera Tanden, president and CEO of the Center for American Progress. “Candidly, I think there will be a fair amount of soul searching and people will feel back on their heels... We will have to rebuild. But the resistance is built on opposition to [Donald] Trump's extremism. And the more extreme he is, the more we will have.”

Or, as veteran Democratic strategist Paul Begala put it: “After all this work, all these volunteers, it would be absolutely shattering.”

With more evidence emerging that it is indeed the Democratic party and big tech who have been colluding to influence the results of these mid-term elections as Susan Duclos reported Sunday in this ANP story after it emerged that ALIPAC has filed a lawsuit against google/youtube, facebook and twitter for what they're calling illegal contributions to pro-Amnesty groups by censoring those who are opposed to amnesty, should the Democrats not only fail to take the Senate but fail to take the House, too, despite all of their cheating and what could very well be 'false flag events' and 'October surprises', it'll be a great day for America on Tuesday. 

The first video below is Infowars full mid term election coverage while in the 2nd video below, Mike Adams warns us about what could happen should the Democrats lose the mid terms, providing a possible redo of the left melting down in the streets of America and giving us another reason to be prepared for anything in the days, weeks and months ahead. 

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