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September 4, 2015

Multiple DOD Linked Drills In Boston Begin September 10th For 14 Days - Heads Up America As Entire East Coast Goes Hot


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

We find it quite interesting that with everything else going on in September 2015, the 1st video below from Spiro gives us more to think about and question. Beginning on the 10th of September and going on through September 23rd, Linxx Global Solutions, Inc., a government services provider based out of Virginia Beach, Virginia, will be holding 'realistic scenario training' for the Department of Defense and is looking for private contractors....otherwise known as 'role-players'.

These 'role players', we learn through the Linxx Global facebook page seen in screenshot below, will be acting as terrorists, bad guys and hostages. Requirements include 'wearing assigned wardrobe and safety equipment while responding according based on the scenario' and 'operate various small arms with blank- and paint-marking cartridges' among other responsibilities. Much more below including several videos and a SQAlert from a Law Enforcement officer who shares what we consider to be a very important warning as well as another look at the East coast of the US suddenly receiving HUGE amounts of attention.


As Shepard Ambellas at Intellihub tells us in this linked story, with these drills for the DOD overlapping with the 'end' of Jade Helm 15, which is supposed to end on September 15th, the solicitation for these 'role-players' (republished below 2nd video) from an Intellihub source leaves many more questions than answers as September suddenly gets very real.

While as Americans we love our country and always believe it best for everyone to be prepared for whatever might happen, we're also well aware of 'drills' that turned 'live' with an astounding 63 of them since 1993 according to this story from Coach Semanko. With recent word that much of the East coast will have our ADS-B and TCAS surveillance and operations systems down for the month of September while a Russian ship sits off of the East coast and China has 5 ships skirting Alaska, of course these drills bring concern.

Why is the Department of Defense going to be heavily involved in these drills on US soil? Are these drills more proof that Posse Comitatus has been totally thrown out the door? Whatever these are about should be a clear sign to Americans that we, too, need to be prepared for whatever it might be. With the US military preparing across the nation for something, that should be a clear sign that we all should be, too.


We are not the only ones expressing concern as EVERY one of the comments left on the Linxx facebook page calls them out. Do you think that Linxx Global Solutions reads these comments? Below we take a look at several video updates on Jade Helm 15 military movements as well as taking a look at the new SQAlert that everybody should be paying attention from a law enforcement officer.


Considering everything that is going on across America right now, this SQAlert is one we all should take a look at closely from a Law Enforcement officer. Is this why so many drills are going on across America; are they preparing to deal with domestic terrorists from BLM egged on by hatemongers like Louis Farrakhan?

Louis Farrakhan: 'Stalk Them and Kill Them'– Muslim Leader Call for 10,000 Volunteers to Kill White People

FROM LEO OFFICER: This is almost mirroring what I've been talking about and what I've written to you previously but, Farrakahn is protected by Obama, just like Sharpton is. What these men don't understand, or they're not seeming to grasp, is that they will be the fall men, they will be the scapegoats for the government. These men will incite violence and they will not take responsibility for their actions. If their plans for a race war happens, Obama will be able to come after them and say that he has solved the problem. Meanwhile, Obama's race war will still have happened. What Farrakahn is asking for is an American jihad that will involve this prislam (ISLAMIC PRISONERS) extremists and his followers, starting one of the many wars that are coming. I'm expecting to hear a call for jihad from the black community and then it will give the BLM movement the vindication and approval to start proxy wars on the streets of America. Farrakahn is a Muslim preist, an Imam and was preaching this in a supposed Christian church. This shows us that the black Christian and Muslim communities may band together to accomplish a single goal. This is the American ISIS movement.

In this first video from Spiro he takes a look at these DOD drills going on in Boston that will be using crisis actors and involve them playing terrorists and victims. Is this normal or is something more at play? In the 2nd video below we get an update on the military/aviation alert that is causing so much alarm on the East coast. In the 3rd video below, Alex Jones calls out Black Lives Matter and Farrakhan for spreading hatred and violent rhetoric that could  easily lead to more innocent Americans and law enforcement officers being hurt or killed.

Below we see a copy of a solicitation sent to an Intellihub source requesting they be a 'role player'.

Good afternoon,

I am looking for some potential role players from 10-23 September.

My Name is Don Adams and I work for a government contracting company called Linxx Global Solutions, Inc.

I am trying to recruit for a contract we have coming up in the Boston area from 10-23 September 2015.

I am asking if you could post this to see if any of your patrons might have be interested in some fun, light part-time work as an independent contractor.

Here is what I am looking for:

Linxx Global Solutions, a government services provider based in Virginia Beach, VA, will be providing realistic scenario training to the U.S. Department of Defense in the Boston, MA area. Linxx is looking to hire male and female Independent Contractors (ICs). These ICs will act as Role Players, with scenario enhancements, which include:

  • Civilians on the battlefield
  • Opposing forces
  • Specialized linguists
  • Weapons
  • Wardrobes
  • Special and static effects
  • Intelligence/evidence

There will be two different sessions. The sessions are –

Session 1 – September 10th-12th, 14th-16th (tentatively 8am-3pm each day)

Session 2 – September 16th-18th and 21st-23rd   Meet times are as follows –

16th – 4pm

17th – 5pm

18th – 5pm

21st – 5pm

22nd – 730am

23rd – 730am

The meet location each day will be at Target, Gateway Center, 1 Mystic View Rd., Everett, MA.

Your rate will be $20/hr. We provide all necessary gear. Everyone will meet up at Target and we will transport everyone to the site.  The minimum amount you will be paid is four hours even if a daily session is less than four hours

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact.

Read more of this from Intellihub here.




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