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August 28, 2016

Paid $114 Million To Play With A Ball, NFL 'Star' Drops Bombshell On His Own Head! Colin Kaepernick Needs To Visit An Islamic Country Before He Talks About 'Oppression'

- Muslim Woman Gives Americans An Alarming Message!†


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The story over at America's Freedom Fighters tells us the 'real reason' NFL player Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem. While claiming that he refused to stand, and setting off a firestorm across this nation, because 'America oppresses black people', Dean James tells us the real reason is because he's a 'white-hating, cop-hating, America-hating, Muslim.'

ANP is going to take their story a few steps further.†

How many people reading this story right now recently signed a $114+ million dollar contract to play a game? Black, white, purple, Muslim, Christian or 'Pastafarianist', $114 million is nothing to sneeze at and the fact that black NFL players and professional-athletes across the country are rolling in the dough to 'play a child's game' proves beyond a doubt that blacks aren't being 'oppressed' here. That's not to say that America doesn't have problems that need to be solved but a nation that †voted a black president into office 8 years ago proves it has gone way beyond the 'national racism' that Hillary Clinton is fruitlessly attempting to sell the American people. As this black, Army Ranger Veteran told the Independent Journal, "as a member of a national organization, reaping the benefits of a country that apparently oppresses people who look like him, his argument is thin on a personal level."


While Kaepernick likely won't 'get it' no matter how hard former fans of his drill it into his head by burning his jersey's and protesting his foolishness, we invite Kaepernick to visit one of the majority-Muslim nations across this planet to see what REAL oppression is, to see how those in Islamic countries treat women or Christians or anybody else who doesn't embrace their terroristic 'faith'.

Why would Hillary Clinton have taken HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS from these same oppressive Islamic regimes?†

As we see in this first video below, former Kaepernick fans are sending him a message. Will he listen as he plays out the rest of his crumbling career riding the bench in disgrace? In the 2nd video below we hear from a black man who calls out Kaepernick and 'black lies matter' while in the 3rd video below, we hear from a formerly Muslim woman who warns Americans we better wake up fast, ISIS terrorists are here, 5000 or more of them, and they're coming to kill us.†


After seeing this picture on the cover of the Drudge Report, some people half-expected Kaepernick to suddenly appear with a towel wrapped around his head and a machete in his hands as he ran across the field searching out blood while screaming 'Allahu Akbar' and threatening to cut off the heads of the 'oppressive' referees and his 'oppressive' opponents or teammates. Some were quite surprised they didn't see a 'helmeted head' suddenly rolling across the football field without a body, delivered by a man who not only hates America but really doesn't have one clue about 'oppression'.

As the story over at America's Freedom Fighter tells us, 'Kap' recently signed a 6 year, $114,000,000 contract with the San Francisco 49ers, including a $12,328,766 signing bonus, $61,000,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $19,000,000. In 2016, Kaepernick will earn a base salary of $11,900,000, a roster bonus of $2,000,000 and a workout bonus of $400,000. Kaepernick has a cap hit of $15,890,753 while his dead money value is $19,697,260.

How many reading this would be happy to have his salary? If you did, would you feel you lived in a country where you were 'oppressed' or would you feel you had 'achieved the American dream'? If 'Kap' thinks America is an oppressed country now, just wait until what America might look like under sharia law, martial law or dictatorship. If they think that what Americans are living under now is 'oppression', Kaepernick and 'black lies matter' haven't seen anything yet. †


As we hear from YouTube videographer Anthony Brian Logan, a self-described 'black guy who talks politics and makes websites', in the next video below, Kaepernick has 'bought into black lies matter' and, as a celebrity, he's become dangerous to the community in pushing 'black lies'. Logan doesn't hold back, sharing with us his feelings as a black man about Kaepernick and this recent incident that has gone viral nationwide and stirred up quite a conversation. From Logan:

Colin Kaepernick may not appear black to some, but he identifies as black, although he is biracial ... a'la Barack Obama and Jesse Williams. Like Mr. Williams, Kaepernick appears to be stuck in the middle of being black and white... and overcompensating for the fact that he isn't one or the other. The fact that his biological black father and white mother did not raise him, instead being adopted into a white family and raised by them, does not help the situation. it exacerbates the situation. In many ways, his upbringing may fuel anger at his biological parents, and at society for not accepting him as what he would like to identify as.

Fringe movements like "Black Lives (LIES) Matter" exist in many ways to feed the anger people like Colin Kaepernick may have inside. They also exist to give him a sense of belonging after a lifetime of not quite belonging. Kaepernick has said that he doesn't even mind if his $114 million dollar contract is taken away as a result of his actions. Sure is a hefty price tag to being a social justice warrior. The price paid will not only be large in his pocket, but the price will also be large upon society as a whole, that must suffer the consequences of Black LIES Matter's rhetoric.

According to a woman who used to be Muslim as heard in the next video below, there are at least 5000 members of ISIS now in our country and as Americans, we better wake up fast because they're coming to kill us. As we're told in this related story, America is now at war with a totalitarian political system masquerading as a religion that was so designed to 'eliminate' us. Most Americans don't even know it.†


If Colin Kaepernick thinks that he is 'oppressed' here, he needs to visit any of the other countries across the planet where there are Islamic majorities and Islamic government's. While at ANP we surely know that America isn't perfect, we're still the 'greatest experiment in freedom and liberty' that the world has ever seen. Kaepernick is an example of that - a half-black man who grew up with his white family and is now making hundreds of millions of dollars to play a kid's game with a ball.

As we hear in the final video below, this recent event has started up a major debate across America. Where do you stand on the 'Colin Kaepernick' - American flag drama'? Please let us know what you think in the comment section below.†


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