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May 29, 2017

This 'Mad Max' Scenario Could Lead To Planes Falling Out Of The Skies As Defense Secretary Mattis Gives Us This Ominous Warning On A North Korean War: 'Catastrophic'

- This Is What Nightmares Are Made Of

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this new story over at The Hill that the Drudge Report linked to on Sunday they reported that according to Secretary of Defense James Mattis, a war with North Korea would be 'catastrophic' and place allies of the United States in the region at extreme risk. Claiming that if diplomacy is not able to resolve this problem, a horrific war may be the only answer, Secretary Mattis also warns that North Korea is a threat, NOW, to the United States as also heard in the 1st video below, a 2+ minute interview with Face the Nation.

With Mattis' warning being underscored by North Korea recently launching another missile test that landed in the Sea of Japan, an 'economic zone' for Japan where fishing and cargo ships are active regularly, it's easy to understand why the US is now planning a test of a defense system to take such missiles down, for disaster may await otherwise.

Also deploying a 3rd US Naval strike force to North Korea, with the USS Nimitz joining the USS Carl Vinson and the USS Ronald Reagan in the region, we see talk of war ramping up despite the fact that such a war could quickly lead to the end of life as we know it. As Mattis warns, such a war could be 'catastrophic' for US allies and if warnings of two North Korean satellites flying over the US daily being capable of delivering an EMP attack upon America are correct, we can understand why such urgency is now 'in the air'.

As this new story from Fox News asks, is North Korea's EMP threat real or something out of a James Bond movie? As we hear in the 2nd video below featuring Fox News along with Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, if this threat is real and such an attack is levied against America, everything will change for Americans instantly. From Fox News.:

An EMP is a short burst of electromagnetic energy, specifically gamma rays, that all nuclear explosions produce to varying degrees. A large EMP triggered over the United States from a ballistic missile or a satellite orbiting at the right altitude could fry unprotected electronics from coast to coast, rendering electric grids, cellphones, banking and financial institutions, automobile computers, railways, air traffic control, and airplanes themselves, useless. Food would rot in refrigerators and in farm fields, with no means of transporting agricultural products to population centers.


While Fox news also had another so-called 'expert' who claimed that EMP is science fiction and straight from a James Bond movie, we have to wonder whether John Tierney, the executive director at the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, is setting up America for a major fall by fully discounting the EMP possibility.

As Fox News continued to report, for at least 15 years now, Congress has struggled to pass a bill which would require the hardening of our electric grid against an EMP attack with no bills even making it out of committee. With special interests often intervening and fears over the cost of such a project hampering any solutions being obtained, we're quite sure that those who are now against hardening the grid will be damning themselves should this worst case scenario play out and they and their families find themselves without electricity for the next year or more.

As Dr. Pry has warned, such an attack upon America could easily lead to 9 out of every 10 Americans dead within the following year due to the total breakdown of society, starvation and disease. And as we've previously reported on ANP,  such an extended power outage could also lead to the total meltdown of every nuclear power plant across America. 

While this new story over at the Daily Star reports that North Korea and Kim Jong Un have a 'secret weapon' that is even more powerful than a nuke, those who have been paying attention know that the 'secret weapon' their story speaks of is the EMP that Dr. Pry has long been warning of. And while most Americans are still 'dumbed down' to the EMP danger and are neglecting to prepare thanks to people like John Tierney, we're grateful that millions of Americans ARE taking the steps necessary to protect their families and loved ones from such an attack that could instantly turn America into a 'Mad Max' scenario. 

Writing for the Hill, Dr Pry said an EMP blast in the upper atmosphere could kill more people in the long run than a direct nuclear blast on a city itself. Indirectly, an EMP attack could mean millions of fatalities, agonising deaths mostly due to slow starvation.

Since modern infrastructures are dependent on electronics, an EMP attack could render electric grids, cellphones and communications, banking, transportation, food and water distribution systems practically useless. It might take months for the full effects to be felt, but with food rotting away in refrigerators and no means to get produce from farms, millions will eventually perish.

“An EMP attack would be the most militarily effective use of one or a few nuclear weapons, while also being the most acceptable nuclear option in world opinion,” Dr Pry said. “An EMP attack will kill far more people than nuclear blasting a city through indirect effects.

“But the millions of fatalities likely to eventually result from EMP will take months to develop, as slow as starvation.”


In the 3rd video below we hear once again from Dr. Pry in a compilation video put out by the Hagmann Report which combines several recent interviews with Dr. Pry, including the full interview from April 25th of 2017.    

As Dr. Pry and this Express story report, North Korea's satellites are in the ideal position to launch an attack upon America, an attack that would not only fry our electric grid but could take airplanes out of the sky as well. A visit to the website Flight Radar 24 will give you a great idea about how many airplanes are in the sky at the same time, literally thousands of them as seen in the screenshot below. 

Just imagine the damage alone that could be caused by all of these airplanes falling out of the sky at once.


According to this recent story over at Defense One, all options for President Trump on North Korea are now on the table though as Secretary Mattis tells us in this first video below, if we expect to learn from him what those options are, it's not going to happen. Rather than telegraphing their next moves, President Trump and the Pentagon are playing their cards on North Korea close to their chest, exactly as should be done with a potential 'catastrophe' on the line. 

And while Mattis recently gave what some are calling 'the quote of the year' when asked "What keeps you up at night?" with the answer: “Nothing,” a stonefaced Mattis responded. “I keep other people awake at night”, it's clear that North Korea is causing nightmares for the Pentagon and those who ARE paying attention in Washington DC.

With North Korea capable of bringing America to our knees and sending us back to the 'dark ages' with only one successful nuclear attack upon America if it is via EMP, it's very easy to understand why such a scenario is causing nightmares for those at the Pentagon who every day do their very best to protect America. This is what nightmares are made of

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