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March 12, 2019

If America Breaks Out In Civil War, After The Darkness And Bloodshed, New Republic's Will Rise Out Of The Ashes As The Lamps Of Freedom Are Relit

- Should America Perish, Dying On Our Knees As Slaves To The Global Elite Is An Unthinkable Alternative 


By William B. Stoecker - All News Pipeline

It’s time that we face the unpleasant truth: Benjamin Franklin and others among the Founding Fathers warned that we had to guard our Republic well, or lose it. And we have lost it. Our immense national debt and continuing deficit are out of control and will inevitably cause economic decline and collapse. We are being invaded by a vast army of legal and illegal immigrants totaling nearly two million more per year, including gang members and cartel gangsters, Islamic terrorists, and individuals with communicable diseases we had thought were a thing of the past. One of our two main political parties is now devoted to outright infanticide, and this is just the beginning.

We cannot vote out the scoundrels because they control the money, the lying slimestream media, and the indoc centers formerly known as “schools.” They literally buy votes with welfare payments financed with our taxes. Law and justice have no connection, with Trump’s comrades being relentlessly persecuted, while the Witch Hillary will never be held accountable for her email server, Benghazi, or the many bodies she and Slick have left in their wake. Nor will Eric Holder and Hussein Obama ever be punished for arranging the sale of guns to drug cartels, and no one will hang for Ruby Ridge, Waco, OKC, WTC Act One, or 9/11…all false flags, acts of mass murder carried out by our own elites. Immigration alone will destroy us; elections are meaningless; and Trump talks a good line but has done nothing to drain the swamp and even supports increased legal immigration.

In the unlikely event that we avoid the nuclear holocaust that John Bolton, 'Billy Crystal', and the other neocons seem to want (why else do they continue to pretend that Russia is our enemy?) we are headed for economic decline, even collapse, and a bloody multi-sided race and civil war. Yet there is some slight hope for the post-apocalyptic future. No matter the flavor of the catastrophe, the greatest death toll will be in the cities, where most leftists and their parasite followers dwell, and the highest survival rates will be in the more thinly populated parts of North America, where patriots tend to live.

So a New Republic may one day rise from the ashes of the old one, or, more likely, republics in the plural, smaller nations or city states cobbled together from the fragments of America (and probably Canada as well). They will need constitutions, and what better basis for them than our current Constitution? Its weaknesses and flaws can be corrected, and we would do well to remember that some believe to this day that we went too far in the direction desired by the Federalists, and that our first Constitution, the Articles of Confederation, tweaked and strengthened a bit, might have been a better option.

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Our Constitution is wonderfully concise, a national framework within a few pages, but it is this that has allowed the fascists to undermine it by “reinterpreting” its meaning. Take the Second Amendment, which begins with the words “A well-regulated militia.” The Founding fathers made it clear that the right to keep and bear arms is an individual right, but this could be spelled out in no uncertain terms within the amendment itself, at least making it more difficult for the enemies of liberty to undermine it in the future. The Constitution should also state clearly that the individual states are sovereign, that they have the right of secession, and that they created the federal government…the federal government did not create the states. Of course, this part would be unnecessary in a small city state.

And this brings us to the issue of judicial review, nowhere mentioned in the Constitution. And very few people are aware that the Constitution gives Congress the power to create and dissolve courts at will, something the Republicans could have done to the Ninth Circuit and others when they controlled both houses…but didn’t. Since the three branches of our government, Executive, Judicial, and Legislative (contrary to what the little bug-eyed girl claimed) are supposed to balance one another, with the Legislative being the strongest of the three, certainly it was implied that the judges would have some say in the matter.

But, gradually, they have claimed more and more power, and because no one stands up to them (certainly not Trump and the spineless RINOs), they really do pretty much legislate from the bench and have become our unelected rulers. To put a brake on Congress while avoiding excessive judicial power, any new constitution should clearly state that courts may review laws and executive decrees and even declare them unconstitutional, but that this power itself will be limited to state supreme courts (for state laws) and the US supreme court (for state and federal laws). And a super majority will be required, like, say, eight out of nine justices. Lesser courts will have no such powers, ending the rule by decree of obscure jurists no one has even heard of.

County judges might be chosen by popular vote and higher courts appointed by state senates or the US Senate. However chosen, judges would serve fixed terms, not for life.

The Demoncraps are currently howling with rage about the “voter suppression” of minorities allegedly caused by a requirement for voter ID. Of course, we adults in the room have known all along that our pampered and privileged “people of color” have picture ID, the better to cash their welfare checks, and a recent study has verified that the requirement does not affect voter turnout. We also saw through this rhetoric right from the beginning; the Demoncraps are trying to enable more vote fraud, which is how they win.

And, contrary to what we are told, there is no such thing as a “right to vote,” although it would be useful to those who want to vote for more goodies for themselves at the expense of the taxpayers. The vote is not an individual right but a mechanism allowing the citizens to rid themselves of corrupt, inept, and tyrannical leaders. If anything, the vote should be more restricted, with a poll tax required and an examination to pass involving questions of history and civics, science and economics. Of course, our leftist elites would denounce this as “racist,” but they call everything and everyone “racist.”


And welfare recipients should not be allowed to vote at all; in fact, voting “rights” of anyone receiving government money should be tightly restricted or eliminated. Our destiny should not be in the hands of fourth generation welfare baby mommas or the upper-crust denizens of northern Virginia.

The Fourteenth Amendment has been interpreted to allow birthright citizenship for the children of illegal aliens, which was not its original intent. Today illegal alien invaders have near-infinite rights, and, once on our soil, cannot be deported without a hearing. Yet there is nothing in our late, great Constitution which says or even implies that foreign nationals have the right to come here, to stay here, or to have a hearing. In fact, the legal rights once enjoyed by our citizens are extended in accordance with international custom to foreigners who have come here legally, but illegals in reality have no rights whatever. We could summarily execute them for crossing the border, and perhaps those who commit further heinous crimes should simply be gunned down. And we can spell all of this out in any future constitution.

There should be no income tax, and no property taxes, at least on residences. IRS has too much power, and it is too corrupt to deserve that power. IRS, as we have seen, is used to spy on and intimidate people. As for a tax on your home, how can you be said to own your home (which you paid for with any money you had left after the income tax) if you are, in effect, paying rent to the government? All of this should be clearly stated in any new constitution, along with strong limitations on eminent domain, and an end to asset forfeiture.

Here is another possibility: make it unconstitutional for the government to borrow money, issue bonds, or otherwise go into debt. And abolish the Federal Reserve and the creation of fiat money, whether by the Treasury Department or the banks. Starved of easy money, government at every level would be small in scale and limited in power.


The Founding Fathers intended that most law enforcement should be at the local level. But, over the years, law enforcement has become increasingly federalized, with the Secret Service, the Marshall’s Service, the BATF, the FBI, the DEA, and now Homeland “Security.” Some of these agencies, like the FBI, have become corrupt, degenerating into criminal organizations of cowardly, murderous thugs. Really, the only laws that should be federal are laws against espionage and treason, counterfeiting, illegal immigration, and duplicating or altering passports. The unconstitutional double jeopardy of hate crimes at the federal level should be ended. To simplify it all even at the local level, perhaps city police and even city government might be eliminated, leaving local law enforcement to elected sheriffs.

And I would like to suggest one more truly radical idea, which I wish I could take credit for…but, alas, other writers saw something I had never thought of. Do we truly need an executive? Do we need a king, president, premiere, or party secretary? Do we even need governors? How about a government with only a legislative and a judicial branch, as described above?

And we can revert to the system in place before the misbegotten Seventeenth Amendment…the state legislatures chose the senators sent to Washington. The Seventeenth Amendment, in the name of “democracy,” undermined state sovereignty. With no executive branch, the US Senate could choose a Secretary of State to represent our nation on the international stage, a Marshall or a Supreme Commander of the armed forces, an Attorney General, and so on. These people would be required to meet regularly with the Senate and give an accounting of themselves, and the Senate could vote on the policies they would then be ordered to carry out. And of course, only the Senate could declare war.

But all of this, if it ever comes to pass, is for the future, a future I and many others will not live to see. We can only hope that, after a dark and bloody time, the lamp of freedom is relit, and, aided by new technologies, Mankind will enjoy an age of peace and prosperity…if God so wills it.

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