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February 3, 2020

Democrat-Globalists Are Setting America Up For A Bloodbath! Patriots Should Prepare To Defend America With Radical Leftists Threatening To Burn It Down

- It's Time For Nullification, Secession, and Micro-Secession

By William B. Stoecker - All News Pipeline

Anyone with open eyes and an open mind can see that we have, as Franklin and some of the other Founders feared, lost our Republic. We no longer have the faintest trace of the rule of law; the elites routinely enforce laws selectively, releasing vicious criminals and illegal aliens to prey on us citizens, while just as routinely railroading innocent citizens into prison. And wealthy leftists, no matter what crimes they commit, are almost never prosecuted, let alone jailed.

Property taxes, environmental extremism, asset forfeiture, and expanded eminent domain have destroyed our property rights. Free enterprise has been replaced by monopolistic crony capitalism. Free elections are impossible when the leftist elites control the “schools” and “universities,” most of the print and electronic media, and large parts of the internet. Add to that rampant vote fraud by Demoncraps, never contested by the spineless RINOs and neocons in the Republican Party.

And 'our masters' are literally not only enslaving and impoverishing us, but literally destroying the country. Our national debt continues to be enlarged by deficit spending, and this alone will ultimately collapse the economy. Immigrants flooding across our open borders are turning our former Republic into an overpopulated Third World Schiff hole of tribal groups who hate one another. The danger of thermonuclear holocaust is increasing, thanks to our irrational hostility toward Russia.

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Trump talks a good line; many of us voted for him because he has actually told the truth about many issues, and his trade and regulation policies have at least temporarily helped our economy. He seems to have slightly reduced illegal immigration. But he is in favor of more “legal” immigration and continuing the H1B visas. His promise to drain the swamp has been broken; on day one of his administration he should have fired the Directors of the FBI, BATF, Marshalls’ Service, CIA, DIA, and NSA and appointed true patriots in their place, with instructions to clean house by any means possible from the top down, layer by layer.

And he should have appointed a patriot Attorney General and Secretary of State and ordered them to do likewise, not to mention all the other federal agencies. He did none of this; he has appointed traitorous leftists and insane neocons to every important position. He has not even begun a real investigation of the Witch Hilarion, the Obaminable Hussein, Fast and Furious, or any of the other crimes and criminals. He promised to end our forever wars but has expanded them, and he has continued our insane hostility to Russia, with economic sanctions, and has sent our troops into Syria, where there have already been dangerous confrontations.

Consider his AG, Fats Barr, a swamp critter from way back, who authorized the attack at Ruby Ridge and defended, pro bono, Vicky Weaver’s murderer, the cowardly FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi. And his Director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, the man with the arrogant smirk, is another corrupt insider. He is the one who sent an army and a news crew to arrest Trump’s loyal supporter, Roger Stone, and Barr’s Injustice Department is pulling out all the stops to prosecute Stone, and General Michael Flynn, who committed no crime. Trump has never protested the arrest or the prosecutions, nor has he fired Wray and Barr. If this is how Trump treats his closest supporters, do we really believe he cares about the rest of us?

Trump has never pardoned any of the many, many other innocent Americans who have been virtually destroyed by the government. Whistleblower Julian Assange is slowly dying in Britain’s Belmarsh Prison. Britain’s Masonic police and corrupt courts are as good at persecuting the innocent as our own, often jailing people for “hate speech” in that formerly free country, while allowing Muslim immigrants to “groom” teenage British girls as prostitutes. Trump might save Assange, founder of Wikileaks, if he pardoned him for allegedly violating our Espionage Act, but Trump and his henchmen are going all out to prosecute him.

There is no evidence that any of Assange’s revelations have harmed our national security, or that he has colluded with the wicked, wicked Russian bogeymen. Assange almost certainly received copies of DNC emails from Seth Rich…that’s why they murdered Rich. Assange also got information from the pathetic, wretched Bradley “Chelsea” Manning, who was released from prison only to be jailed again for refusing to testify before a federal grand jury about the Wikileaks information. Manning, as a former soldier, certainly deserved some punishment for violating the UCMJ…but he (he is not, and never will be, a woman) has suffered enough.

Another example is Edward Snowden, a former CIA analyst and employee of Booz Allen Hamilton, a company with a NSA (National Security Agency) contract. He leaked information about the NSA’s Five Eyes program, which allows the US and four of its allies to spy “legally” on one another’s citizens…for example, British Intelligence spies on US citizens and sends the information to the US government. There is no evidence that Snowden harmed US security, but he faces federal espionage charges and now lives in Russia. In Amerika leakers of sensitive information are treated as heroes by the left, but real whistleblowers are sent to prison.


Everyone knows that Jeffrey Epstein was murdered; like 9/11 the crime is so obvious, so blatant that it is not even debatable. And Trump (the buck stops in the Evil Office) is head of the Executive Branch, which controls the Bureau of Prisons, where they killed Epstein. If Trump did not order the hit or at least tacitly agree to it, why has he not ordered a real investigation and spoken out publicly? For that matter, why has he not openly spoken out about 9/11, Dallas, and all the other government false flag operations and assassinations (including the murder of Seth Rich)? No, Trump is not going to save us.

We are headed inevitably toward major domestic violence. We are going to have to fight these people, on the streets, and it will be bloody. We are going to have to fight Antifa and BM (Black Lives Matter), and the Deep State thugs, and the billionaire elites behind it all. A war between the states (1861-1865) was bad enough, but now the main battle lines are drawn between the cities and the more rural, suburban, and small town areas, although some of us patriots are still stuck in the cities. And Americans are too polarized for us to live with or compromise with the leftists and their Muslim and criminal comrades.

The Demoncraps openly support unlimited abortion, promiscuity and sexual perversion, sexual mutilation, unlimited spending, open borders, the hatred of men and the hatred of all Whites (never mind that their leading candidates are old, White men and that they are financed by White billionaires). Everything the leftists touch they first defile and then destroy…everything, without exception. Now they want virtually all criminals released from prison, the police stripped of all authority, the “decriminalization” of crime, and the disarmament of us victims. How obvious does this madness have to be? They are setting America up for a bloodbath.

You might think that no one could possibly fall for such insanity. You might think that even in leftist Schiff holes like San Francisco suffering home owners and small businessmen (the ones unable to move to Texas and elect leftists to ruin that state) would rebel. Almost certainly, some will. And some relatively moderate “liberals” are leaving the Demoncrap Party or at least refusing to go along with, for example, the impeachment charade. But never underestimate the depths of human stupidity and human evil.

The Demoncraps’ core constituency includes Muslims, felons, multi-generational welfare recipients, racist Blacks, illegal (and many legal) aliens, sexual perverts, Deep State bureaucrats and thugs, and wealthy phony intellectuals. Many of these people will never wise up, never repent. It has been said that leftists have always hated patriots but that we thought of them as simply foolish and misguided. That time is gone; we have learned to detest them and we all know that there can be neither compromise nor peaceful coexistence.

But is there a way to at least minimize the inevitable violence, while preserving some parts of our late, great Republic, and at least some semblance of order and prosperity? There is. States could defy the federales and openly secede, and counties can openly secede from states, and join other states (our former Constitution does not allow them to form new states).

And, short of open secession, individual states or counties can elect to nullify state and federal laws they consider unjust and/or unconstitutional, and simply not enforce them. For decades, people in southern Oregon and northern California have spoken of seceding from those states and forming a new state, called “Jefferson.” But they don’t have to take such a drastic step…they could achieve de facto secession by agreeing to nullify many state laws, and by banding together with like-minded counties for mutual protection against corrupt, thuggish state and federal police. And the great state of Virginia has shown us the way.


The large cities and the DC Beltway portions of this formerly conservative state have been taken over by Demoncraps, voted in by immigrants and highly paid federal employees who are dependent on the Deep State. And Governor Blackface the Baby Killer and his leftist cohorts have voted, effectively, to confiscate the firearms of the law-abiding citizens, and are now attempting to end free speech by outlawing criticism of the leftist elites.

In many counties, the sheriffs have sworn not to enforce these laws…this is a new development in our nation’s history, at least on this scale, and we must not underestimate its importance (the leftists have done so, at their peril). And thousands of citizens have formed militias or joined existing militias and promised to defend their sheriffs. On MLK Day, 2020, some 22,000 patriots marched on Richmond, and the majority were armed, many with the dreaded “assault rifles” and multiple large capacity magazines.

It seemed possible that a civil war could break out then and there. But we patriots do not start fights…we finish them. The police behaved themselves, in part because they like breathing, and the cowardly girlies and girly men of Antifa stayed away, despite having threatened to show up. Of course, the patriots left the assembly areas at least as clean as they found them, unlike leftists and ecofascists, who usually leave piles of trash and worse.

At first glance, the protest may look like a failure; predictably, the arrogant Demoncraps simply doubled down and passed more “gun control” laws and began their assault on free speech. But they have passed their laws…now let them enforce them. I don’t think the citizens are going to back down this time. And West Virginia has offered to take in counties that wish to secede from Virginia (as West Virginia did in 1861). This may come to nothing, but the seeds have been planted and there will be no going back now.

If counties in Virginia can in effect secede, what about upstate New York or western Pennsylvania, or the Florida Panhandle? What about eastern Washington and Oregon and southern Oregon as well? And then there is what I call the “other California,” the vast hinterland away (mostly east and north) from the coastal areas and Sacramento. It is largely inhabited, not by Hollywood fruitcakes and illegal aliens, but by farmers and ranchers, cowboys, fishermen, and miners.

And why stop with resisting “gun control”? Suppose counties decide to stop paying welfare benefits, at least to immigrants? Suppose conservative counties in leftist “sanctuary” states elect to obey federal immigration laws and not the dictates of leftist scum like California Governor Gavin Noisome? If the leftists send state police to arrest county officials, what if the county sheriffs and militia members resist them, even resorting to lethal force if necessary? What if the sheriffs create posses of deputized patriots? Taking matters a bit further, what if local officials drive out all the immigrants and the “homeless”? What if they resort to proactive vigilante action against criminals? These are desperate times and we must resort to desperate measures. If the federales retaliate by cutting “federal” funds (stolen from the taxpayers) or social security benefits, what if the citizens of all these counties, en masse, stop paying income taxes? What if counties drive out all the FBI and BATF thugs?

This is not going to be easy, and many of us will not survive what is coming. But there is a real chance that we can resist this ultimate tyranny and evil, and preserve at least part of Western Civilization. If the rest of the world collapses, patriots may even be able to rebuild civilization…and maybe get it right this time. One thing is certain: the leftists have awakened us the hard way, and we’re not going to roll over and submit this time. 

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