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May 29, 2016

Obama's Terrorists Strike America On Memorial Day Weekend - Sickening Images Show The Hatred Of America Created By This Administration

Obama's Legacy, 'The Terrorist Cancer', Continues To Grow In America


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The sickening images seen in this story show the handiwork of the 'terrorists' created by the current administration in DC as Memorials to US Veterans are destroyed and vandalized in several different locations nationwide. We know for a fact that at least one of these acts of cowardice was perpetrated by a black lives matter 'terrorist' and leftist thug and there should be little doubt these 'coordinated' attacks upon Memorials to US Veterans were planned out by the 'America-hating community' the current administration has enabled.

As we hear in the 1st video below called "Every American Needs To See This Video" from YouTube videographer Jason A featuring a recent admission by a former US Secretary of Defense, there is now no doubt that we are living within a 'new world order', a 'world order' where our own so-called 'leaders' were selected to drive the final stake into America's heart.  

While Mr. Obama has the nerve to strike another low blow against Donald Trump, criticizing him while out of this country as heard in the 2nd video below from Gary Franchi and the Next News Network, we have to ask, is it time that he simply STAYS out of this country he's proven he hates so much, this country that he and the NWO are purposely destroying, to bring in global government? Is it time for America to simply run all of the Mexican-flag waving, 'make America Mexico again', Veteran-hating 'social justice warriors' and terrorist-wannabe's out of the country since they're threatening to leave the country anyways if 'their candidate' isn't elected? 

While most ANP readers know that America isn't a perfect country, and a corrupt, war-mongering 'global government within' has gone a long way towards destroying America and our reputation, the brave men and women who serve(d) our country selflessly every day, many paying with their own lives, shouldn't be the ones who are blamed for global government crimes. Anybody doing such vandalizing and destruction of war memorials and cemetaries and desecrating the memories of  American heroes must be held accountable.


Black Lives Matter terrorist 27-year old Anthony Burrus of Henderson allegedly drove through display of crosses in Central Park at 6 a.m.

Clearly the work of evil, these desecrations show without a doubt the way America is headed recently as one World War 2 Veteran was beaten over the head with an oxygen tank in an attempted murder while in Kentucky, a 'black lives matter terrorist' by the name of Anthony Burris (seen above) drove his car through 160 crosses set up to honor US Veterans.

Why has Barack Obama and the global government pushed such hatred of our country and why is Mr. Obama still allowed to hold office when he clearly hates America and has been working diligently to destroy us? As we learn from Doug Ross's Journal, Barack Obama's 'legacy', the 'terrorist cancer in America', is growing.  

Responding to criticism of President Obama’s handling of terrorism, White House press secretary Josh Earnest boasted Thursday of all the setbacks the Islamic State has experienced in recent months, noting that in Iraq “45 percent of the populated area that ISIL previously controlled has been retaken from them. In Syria, that figure is now 20 percent.”

That’s like a patient who ignored a cancer diagnosis bragging that he finally reduced the tumor in his lung — glossing over the fact that he let it spread and metastasize to his other organs. If he had attacked the Islamic State cancer early, Obama could have stopped it from spreading in the first place. But instead, he dismissed the terrorist group as the “JV team” that was “engaged in various local power struggles and disputes” and did not have “the capacity and reach of a bin Laden” and did not pose “a direct threat to us.” He did nothing, while the cancer grew in Syria and then spread in Iraq.

Now the cancer has spread and metastasized across the world.


Perhaps nowhere in the world now is hatred of America so apparant as it is within our own country. The coordinated attacks upon Memorials to the dead and missing are another sign in our eyes of where this is all headed, as is also shared in the 1st video below from Jason A, in which former US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel tells us, several times, that we're now living within a 'new world order'. Is this more proof we're no longer 'America' and just another part of a tyrannical 'global government'? 

As we also see within this video, attacks upon America and patriotism are now coming in many different forms as the 'make America Mexico again' illegals give us more reason to make sure they're quickly deported as they launch terror upon innocent participants at recent Donald Trump rallies while clueless 'social justice warriors' continue their work towards ensuring humanity's eternal slavery. In the final video below we learn more about this vandalism.


Why should Americans continue to put up with threats to our country? As we see in picture below left, Trump protesters in America from Mexico are threatening Trump's life via the drug cartels in Mexico. Isn't it time for these people simply to get out, and go home, if they don't love America? Unless they've dissolved all borders without letting us know, Mexico is still Mexico, and America is still America, whether some people and the 'new world order' like it or not. 


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