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March 16, 2019

This Is Proof: America Is Already At War With Ourselves - We'll Either Win That War And Save America Or Lose Our Country And Lives To Global Government Tyranny


By John A. Dwyer - Retired, US Navy - All News Pipeline

Once upon a time, there was a revolution on the American Continent. It all started when people in the 13 various colonies got fed up with being governed and abused by a distant king who felt that his colonial subjects were his personal “piggy bank” and unjustly taxed them on their products and livelihood. In protest, a shipload of tea was thrown into the sea to get the attention of the king, but it did little good.

The taxes continued and the representation of the colonies was never recognized. The only logical result was an outright rebellion, which did, indeed, happen. The colonies finally came together, and after a bloody war, formed an independent union of states which eventually became recognized as an independent country. The United States of America was formed!

What a country it was! The Continental Congress spent the next several years hashing out the particulars of what kind of country, and what method of government it was to be. The need for a national government was obvious unless they wished to become the serfs of another kingdom like the one they were freed from. At the same time, however, their desire for freedom was paramount! Settling upon which freedoms was the stickler.

Some freedoms, although attractive, interfered with the rights and freedoms of other citizens, still others seemed to obviously come from our Maker, and should be applied to all citizens. All of theses rights and freedoms needed to be incorporated in the contract with the citizens, which was titled The United States Constitution! This one document, this contract with the people, was unique in all the world, throughout the history of mankind! This contract with the people of the United States is so important that citizens have been dying to protect its continuation for several hundred years since its inception!

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We Americans have been displaying this Constitution to every country in the world. We are proud of it, and others are very envious of it. The fact that the United States provides so many freedoms to its citizens, and that the citizens are self governing, makes our country a dangerous ideology to those countries that govern through domination. We are scorned by dictatorships, kingdoms, and communist countries. These countries want World Domination which they promote under the guise of the more palatable title, One World Government.

Progressive Liberals promote a One World Government as a means to provide all essential needs to the people for free! Their catch-phrase is the “redistribution of wealth”, but the reality is that Socialism, which has never worked anywhere, nearly always decays into outright communism or a form of dictatorship. There is no such thing as “Utopia” where everyone enjoys the life they wish to live without ever having to pick up the tab for it. Nothing is ever free, and so someone is going to be required to labor to pay the price of it. Socialism means some people work to provide for others who will not work. No amount of glossing over the facts will change the ugly face of Socialism!

We are presently fighting another revolution in America, but today we are fighting to prevent the Revolutionists from returning our country into becoming another dominated entity. The purpose of these revolutionaries is clear, they wish to Control every aspect of our lives! They use titles like Socialism, and Democratic Socialism, as if they think a little frosting on the cake will make the rottenness inside more palatable.

The New World Order they promote is total domination of the people of the world, and total domination cannot be achieved without the removal of all rights and freedoms. The very tools they use to advance their cause (freedom of the press, freedom of speech, etc.) will be removed immediately after domination occurs. Our Bill of Rights is a dirty joke to them, and will be burned immediately. The religion they use to subjugate us will make all other forms of religions their slaves - or worse they will be exterminated.


Any cursory study of the history of mankind will show the decay and ultimate dissolution of freedom. Mankind has enslaved its own for millennia, and if given the chance, it will again. We are, at present, being attacked on all sides by an enemy with enormous resources.

The enemy is utilizing the principles laid out by Cloward and Piven, and by Saul Alinsky. They set a formula to be followed for the complete takeover of a country. Most of their steps have already been accomplished, and our country is already at the very edge of dissolution. If we allow the plans of the revolutionaries to continue, a total takeover is not far in the future.

There are basically two types of people in the United States, the law abiding, and the law breakers. Law breakers have no remorse over ignoring laws, even those laws that they themselves write and enact. They claim exemption of even their own laws! Law abiding individuals try very hard to obey every law in the belief that obedience of the law will provide a safer, more peaceful life for all.

Unfortunately, as was said previously, we are at war, and war is the obliteration of laws. We cannot expect to win a war fought against a lawless group. If we are to win, and save our country, we must fight our enemy on even ground. The old saying “fight fire with fire”, holds true in this war of revolution we are fighting. Anything less than that will result in the loss of our country, the loss of our rights, and most importantly, the loss of our freedom. We will either win the war, or lose our lives, there are no other choices!

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