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September 17, 2018

Preparing For WW3 Level False Flag, Terrorists Film 9 Staged Chemical Attack Videos In Syria

- If President Trump Is Our Last President As Many On The Left Now Fear, It Will Be Because 'America' No Longer Exists


By William B Stoecker - All News Pipeline

Just before the outbreak of WWI, someone expressed a fear that a major war might erupt over “some damned fool thing in the Balkans.” And the murder of the Austrian Archduke by a Serbian (Serbia is a Balkan nation) set off the Great War, which, in turn, led to all the other horrors of the twentieth century. Now there is a real danger that a world-ending nuclear holocaust could be set off by a foolish act in Syria…and if it is we will have Donald Trump to thank for it…for the buck does indeed stop at his desk.

I am far from an anti-Trumper. I voted for him and worked briefly as a volunteer at his campaign headquarters. His economic policies, including lower taxes and some deregulation, have benefited our economy in the short run (in the long run we will suffer the consequences of the continued deficit spending which Trump has not even begun to control).

He has spoken the truth to the American people regarding the elites and their deep state and the menace of uncontrolled immigration. But between his rhetoric and reality, between word and deed, there is a gap. From the beginning, having promised to drain the swamp, he has packed his regime with CFR members, Bonesmen, neocons, and Goldman-Sachs alumni…creatures from the deepest part of the swamp. He is always just about to build the wall, but he signed a spending bill that funds Planned “Parenthood” but not the wall. He could at least put the military on the border to supplement the Border Patrol (Mexico, by invading us, has already violated the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo).

He has referred again and again to “crooked Hillary” but his “Justice” Department, led by the traitors Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein, has failed to investigate her very real crimes or to cooperate with Congress, which has repeatedly requested documents and testimony, only to be stonewalled over and over. But Trump appointed Little Jeff and has refused to fire him; now he has even stated that he will not fire him before the mid-term elections, if then. He could at least declassify documents relating to the FISA case that has led to most of his present troubles, but, to date, he has not done so. The Demoncraps regard politics as war, and fight hard and dirty, while Trump, like any good Republican, does not fight at all.


During his campaign he was rightly critical of our eternal undeclared wars in Afghanistan and elsewhere, but he has been in office nearly two years and Americans continue to die in Afghanistan. We still have troops in Iraq, where the Bushes thoughtfully installed a pro-Iranian regime. And Trump has sent our forces into Syria, where we are supporting Sunni terrorists against the Assad regime, which, by Middle East standards, is about as moderate and sane as they come. He has used poison gas attacks that were almost certainly false flag operations by our own “allies” as an excuse to bombard Syria with cruise missiles.

During his campaign he hinted at improving relations with Putin’s Russia, but has continued sanctions against that nation, to punish them for daring to reclaim historical Russian soil (Crimea) and to have their own foreign policy in Syria, a nation that really is of no importance to America. He has even signed on to the policy, first outlined by Hussein Obama, of “regime change” in Syria, and has appointed Yale graduate (and Bonesman?) John Bolton, the mighty neocon with his superbly martial mustache, as his National Security Advisor. Bolton has never seen a war he didn’t like, save for Vietnam, which he avoided by joining the National Guard.


Now Assad, aided by Iranian and Russian forces, is closing in on the last rebel stronghold, in the Idlib area, more or less controlled by the Nusra Front, Al Qaeda’s Syrian branch. Sizeable numbers of US troops are in that area, doing God only knows what for what purpose. And it looks as if another false flag gas attack may be in the works. If Russian forces kill US troops, or if the US once again uses a false flag gas attack as an excuse for an attack on Syrian forces and Russians are also killed in that attack, or the Russians target US forces to prevent our attack on Syria…paranoia can feed paranoia and retaliation can lead to escalation, and, before we know it, we are dying in agony in nuclear firestorms. All the anti-Russian rhetoric being spewed by the media and the other leftists in this country has only served to increase tensions. Trump will be our last President because America will no longer exist.

Yet we are assured by the faithful that the Donald is a good guy Machiavellian with a secret plan to give the leftists just enough rope to hang themselves…and then he will strike. Mass arrests of the Witch Hillary, Eric Holder, Hussein himself, and countless others are about to begin, followed by trials by military tribunals. No one wants to face the fact that the perfumed princes of the Pentagon are as much a part of the Deep State as the FBI and other “intelligence community” operatives. Many of these rumors originated with QAnon’s 10/2017 post on image board 4 chan. Calling himself a “Q Clearance Patriot,” some individual or group has been spreading such rumors ever since.

And maybe the rumors are true and QAnon is for real…I certainly hope so. But I’ll believe it when I see it, and, in the meantime, it is clear that a thermonuclear holocaust would finish off Western Civilization quite nicely, as only Putin’s Russia and Trump’s followers here offer any hope of salvation for Mankind. Western Europe is probably past the point of no return.

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