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March 6, 2017

Heads Up! President Trump's 'War' Is 'America's War'! More Evidence Emerges We're Closing In On 'The Breaking Point'

- When It Comes To Totalitarian Surveillance, 'We Are ALL President Donald Trump'!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The latest SQAlert on the website of Steve Quayle he calls one of the most important 'heads up financially' that he has ever posted in that it warns of the forthcoming bank plans to go cashless, another last ditch attempt to keep the global bankers goals of a 'boot stamping upon a human face, forever' intact.

Warning 'the testing is complete' and a new technology "used to track people, their payments and enforce much higher taxes" is close to being implemented, we take a look within this story at that alert (below videos) and all of the latest signs showing a pivotal 'day of reckoning' is ahead for America. We also focus on a few strategies we believe President Donald Trump and America could take to not only stave off the coming pain but take our nation and our people in an entirely new direction in 2017 and onwards.

Make no mistake about it, while the difficulties we face as a nation are momentous, there has never been a greater time than now for America to move upwards and begin again to accomplish the dreams of our forefathers. The challenges we face while walking the razor's edge of course are great - for President Donald Trump being wiretapped by 'the powers that were' shouldn't surprise anybody - they're tapping ALL of our phones in this totalitarian 'police state the globalists who've long been working to take down America have been building in its place. And as Owen Shroyer from Infowars tells us in the 1st video below, that is one reason why President Donald Trump's 'war' is America's 'war'.

To borrow a line from a cable TV show, when it comes to totalitarian surveillance, "We are ALL President Donald Trump"!

As this new story from Michael Snyder over at the Economic Collapse Blog reports, government spooks could have used the microphones and cameras on Trump's phone EVEN when he thought his phone was turned off - think that America-hating spooks aren't accessing the phone cameras or microphones of everybody in the White House when they want to? And need we wonder any further where SOME of the leaks are coming from?


Just a small symptom of the overall problem, as long as govt spooks (aka our shadow govt) think they can 'lord over' even the President of our Republic, the will of the American people has been damned. As Roger L Simon over at PJMedia reports today, "If I were a Democrat, I'd be afraid. I'd be very afraid." We long appreciate the wisdom in the words attributed to former US President Thomas Jefferson who allegedly stated: "When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny."

Yet the problems America faces are much greater than just the totalitarian globalists surveillance state gone amok with President Trump himself a non-willing victim of it. As Snyder also pointed out in this recent story, 11 quotes directly from President Trump's speech proves he knows the US economy is in a massive state of trouble.

With 43 million Americans now living in poverty, the middle-class in freefall, 94 million Americans out of the labor force, and one in five people in their prime working years not working, the incredible debt built up over 8 years of Obama financing terrorism across the planet while building mosques worldwide has put our nation in the most danger that we've ever been in, not just financially, with a national debt of nearly $20 TRILLION that is still growing by the second. You can hear that full list of Trump quotes from videographer Realist News in the 2nd video below.


What are some of the answers to the problems that we face? While its absolutely true that in a time of the most grave emergency, humans are unable to EAT gold, thus proving why survivalists always recommend buying long-term food storage prior to buying gold when preparing for major emergencies and only purchasing precious metals when an adequate food supply is obtained, returning to a gold-backed US dollar under Trump is what many financial experts believe is absolutely necessary for returning to 'sound money' and a sound economy.

President Trump has also spoken of beginning the process of rebuilding the inner cities across America, cities where a huge portion of those now living in poverty reside, and such an absolutely momentous task would not only bring REAL hope and change to areas greatly in need of it but bring jobs, jobs and more jobs to some of the areas that need them most. While there are many areas of revitalization that we hope Trump focuses on in the years ahead, and we'll be sure to discuss more of them in future ANP stories, we also see why it's still so important to prepare for possible dark times ahead.

In the 3rd video below and this new story from Natural News we see why its so important for all of us to stock up on food now, just in case of dire emergency's such as what's happening now in Venezuela, which proves how quickly an entire nation can reach its 'breaking point'. As their story tells us, Venezuelans are now separating 'edible trash' from 'nonedible trash' so that scavengers have an easier time finding food. There but for the amazing Grace of God go we.

In the final video below we hear from videographer Richie Allen in a video called "If People Understood The Money Supply They'd Be Halfway To Understanding The Overall Conspiracy" within which he breaks down 'the great global banking conspiracy' while sharing with us why we're still closing in on a 'boot stamping upon a human face, forever'.


I work IT at one of the highest technical positions in a major telecommunications firm .The only position higher than the one my colleagues or myself holds, is the CIO position.

We usually get info way before implementation. There is now a project going on in banks to implement block chain technology. This is very different from past reports as the previous reports were banks testing it out.

The testing is complete. Contractual discussions between banks and a big three letter company (helped to create the serial number generators for the Nazis) are underway. The details are more or less related to a typical service. But, still blockchain technology will be used to track people, their payments and enforce much higher taxes.

Personally, almost all of my assets are outside of the banking system. I work with banks daily and have hundreds of clients. So, obviously I have some experience to back up my decision.-----------A second note about bank warnings.

1. ECB has put out recent warnings about the volatility in the forex and bond markets. I believe this is a face saving move, so when big losses come, they will say "we told you so".

2. Working with Federal Reserve on a technical project. They are clueless, have no plans, and make decisions that make no sense. Typically organizations run from the top down, so, I wouldn't be surprised if the heads of the Fed are the same. Hard to say if they are malicious or just brain dead. HERE ARE HIS RECOMMENDATIONS AS AN INSIDERS INSIDER

1 - Know that all your transactions can be tracked and are shared between governments.

2 - Gold & Silver are a must. I have used it to pay friends when I didn't want transactions showing up on my bank account.

3 - I like bitcoin. I know some people think this was created by "the elite", but why create bitcoin and leave it there while creating your own independent blockchain tech to back up fiat currency transactions? This tells me it is not elite controlled, at least, not completely. And, there is some anonymity there for privacy concerned people.

4 - Hold cash in small bills. Banks are moving towards a cashless society, no doubt. But, there is a major opinion that they do not want to do away with smaller denominations, at least anytime soon. The ECB has new banknote issuance into 2018 and they have the project teams to back up the news. I keep stacks of 5s, 10s, and 20s. From what we have seen in the recent past, it is always the large denominations that are banned overnight.

You can read the rest of the SQAlert here.


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