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June 20, 2016

Prepping & The Bible- Doing Nothing May Cost Your Life! - Emergency & Escape Preparedness


Submitted To All News PipeLine by Tony K of A Minute To Midnite

There is a growing awareness among many of us of the need to prepare for emergencies, and even to give thought to long term survival preparedness. The storing of food, water and essential supplies is something that many of the readers of this article will no doubt have undertaken to some degree or other. This is a very good thing. While the general population goes about giving little to no thought to surviving for more than five minutes away from their gadgets and entertainments, there is a community of other thoughtful people who have done what they can to be ready to weather a coming storm. Whether that storm is a literal “weather” storm, or if it will come in the form of a natural disaster or something concocted by humans these people want to be ready to survive it.

The chances of being caught by surprise when a natural disaster hits, or finding oneself in the center of a man-made crisis situation from which a person may need to escape or just survive are relatively high. The possibility of something like that occurring has always been there, but as time goes on and in the global situation as it now stands, the likelihood is increasing.

Look at the situation in Venezuella with the food riots etc. This is what happens when people get desperate.

We are likely to soon see an economic collapse in the near future, and increasing major upheavals upon the earth that will affect everyone in the world. The economic disaster that likely lays ahead, and the chaos that will go along with it may well be the catalyst that the elite use to bring their much vaunted and long awaited New World Order. The goal of the globalists is to create utter and absolute chaos, so that then they can usher in the One World Government. It's an orchestrated and carefully managed agenda. Watch the gold and silver market and also the Chinese Yuan closely. America is 20 trillion dollars in debt. The rest of the world is also in massive debt. The whole current financial system is likely to come crashing down soon.

The team at A Minute To Midnite believes it is important that if it is at all within a person's means to do so, to acquire some physical silver while it is still available. Time to do so is running short. But we must stress the necessity of storing food and water and other provisions NOW while this is still possible FIRST.

"And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven." Luke 21:11

We also see what appears likely to be a reference to volcanic activity in Joel chapter 2, and it is reiterated in Acts 2:19

"And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke." Joel 2:30

In recent weeks we have seen a significant increase in the number of large earthquakes, Though at the same time strangely, some places are quieter than normal. This leads some experts to believe that in these places a really "big one" may be brewing. Also, the number of volcanoes that are erupting around the world is quite significant at this point. Recently around the globe we saw volcanic activity in 40 volcanoes in one week.


It's great to be prepared to survive in your home and community when disaster strikes. But what if it strikes suddenly and for some reason you find yourself needing to escape form your surroundings? If your area is facing a tsunami from which you must flee quickly for example. Or hypothetically, what would happen if you were miles away from your home and the power grid went down and was not likely to come back on in a hurry? Or maybe just the financial system; what if that went down and you couldn't use credit cards, or bank machines and public transportation stopped, and you were relying on it? There are many possible situations and circumstances that could lead to such an emergency. A sudden declaration of martial law is not totally out of the realm of possibility. You may need to walk for a day or two. How prepared are you to survive in a situation like that? What may you find very useful in that situation? Answer- a Bug Out Bag!

The “Bug Out” bag or “Grab” bag is an essential item to have if you are seriously considering emergency or disaster preparedness. So what is a bug out bag and why should you consider having one or more?

There is a small mountain of information out there on “Bug Out” bags however YOU the reader are going to have to decide what you are going need for your particular situation. It will be useful to take in to consideration budget (what you can afford), availability of items, your climate, how far you work and travel from home and your local laws.

You may be able to put a bug out bag together from things you have around your home at little or no cost or you may be able to do something a little more elaborate depending on your circumstances. My suggestion is that you keep it reasonably simple as it is a means for keeping you alive and able to survive for a few days. If you go any bigger you will either need to do some serious time at the gym or consider pulling a small trailer behind you.

If you want to learn about what to put in your Bug Out Bag, then I suggest that you may wish to read this article we at A Minute To Midnite have recently published:

You can also find more information on making your Bug Out Bag in the video that is embedded near the bottom of this article.


The following is an extract from another recent article posted on our website:

I have had many discussions with Christians who think it is weird to prep because only weird people prep, or because God will provide all their needs supernaturally if required and so on. I think that it is worth remembering that it was only a short time ago that many people prepped because you did not have fridges and McDonalds and supermarkets and it is just what people did to survive. However when I ask Christians who don’t prep if they have insurance, or lock their car or house doors, they look at me like I am crazy. I then say well why bother, won’t God provide for you if someone steals your stuff or there is a big disaster and you lose it all? I am then told “now that’s just silly”.

Most of these folk don’t even have a basic disaster emergency kit, they are not poor or destitute and could afford to put away a can of spaghetti or beans or rice or water on a regular basis. But they don’t because it will never happen to them! Really? I now have a picture of an ostrich with its head firmly planted in sand for some reason. Like many people these days they just don’t want to know ‘cos it’s really scary to think otherwise. There are Christian folk who believe that God has not prompted them to prep even after asking him if they should, and I accept this because they have sought God on the matter. I would still be inclined to have a small emergency kit for natural disasters though as this is a common sense thing.

So what if I told you the Bible talks quite a bit about preparedness and has examples of where God has asked people to prepare, (yup! really).

For the Christian “preparedness” or “being prepared” is about so much more than “Beans, Band-Aids and Bullets”. In fact I am not sure that I will be able to cover all aspects of what the Bible says about preparedness, (there is so much of it). However much of what I see as God’s preparedness for us would fall into what we would call “spiritual preparedness”. There are other areas such “mental preparedness”, “physical preparedness” (the body) and “resource preparedness” (food etc). There are probably some other areas that I have missed but these would be the broad categories raised in the Bible.

There is much more to be found in the article titled Preparedness! What does the bible say about being prepared? You can find that article here:

I think you should be getting some sort of picture by now why we believe it is important to make preparations NOW rather than later, and while you still can! We will also be on publishing articles on having a disaster preparedness plan, and another one describing a large comprehensive Survival Bag in the next little while at, and will also produce an AMTM Show Episode to match it. You may wish to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you don't want to miss that.  

Video description:

Episode 051 Of A Minute To Midnite has Matt and Tony together discussing a range of issues. Starting with the Orlando massacre, the economy and the rise of gold & silver they then move onto some of the events that could transpire leading to a disaster situation and the need to be prepared. Matt outlines the contents of a simple "bug out" bag that could see a person survive for up to 3 days in an emergency situation. The discussion leads on to the question: What does the Bible say about prepping? The conclusion reached is that it actually has a lot to say on this subject! This would be an excellent show to hear if you have any doubts about whether or not prepping is scriptural, and/or if you want to know where to start with a disaster preparation preparation kit if for some reason you can't be at home. This may be either a) because you have to leave quickly or b) you find yourself away from home when a disaster ( or perhaps martial law)strikes.

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