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January 22, 2020

These Traitors To America Have Some Explaining To Do: Their Seditious Conspiracy To Overthrow Our Sitting President & Launch This National Nightmare Is Nothing Less Than Treason

- Democrats MUST Be Held Accountable For Their Decades Long Crime Spree Upon America 


By John C. Velisek - US Navy, Retired - All News Pipeline

Adam Schiff is a partisan hack who should face expulsion from the House for lies and ignorance of the Constitution. From Schiff and Nadler still pushing the Russian collusion hoax to his opening speech in the impeachment inquiry that he calls a parody, but most others called a lie, he has shown disrespect to both the rule of law and the Constitution. During the impeachment debacle in the House, he violated the right of free speech. He has closed-door investigations that were performed to be sure the information aligned with the progressive socialist talking points that Schiff so badly needed to advance the agenda. Surprisingly, in the end, nothing was found that was criminal or impeachable against our President.

He has shown himself to be a detriment to our country, the Constitution, the State of California, and the moderate portion of the Democrat Party. He had weaponized the impeachment process to such a point that even Maxine Waters had stopped the rantings of impeachment before Donald Trump even took office. Schiff has even gone so far as to turn off a conservatives microphone during questioning. Attempting to be a petty tyrant is not what the majority House progressive socialists should be putting forth, but it is what the House leftists have become.

San Fran Nan has now made him the lead of the impeachment managers for the impeachment process in the Senate. Once again, he has been given a platform for spewing his lies and innuendo to the American citizen. He will continue to be the lead voice of an impeachment, sure to fail. Pelosi claims that the President is impeached forever, but the outcome will be the lies of Adam Schiff will live in eternity and an embarrassment to the progressive socialists in the House.

Adam Schiff, with his pompous, superior attitude, will not go far, not when the only reason for this impeachment debacle is because of a supposedly moral argument against the President's policies. The impeachment will continue and will show the progressive socialist agenda to impeach our President lacks a moral base. The American people will reject the preening of Adam Schiff at the next elections., And Schiff will see that the American public is not impressed with a self-righteous, lying vermin such as himself.

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In an interview with Chuckie Todd, another partisan hack, Schiff made clear that the animus he has brought forward is not about the Constitution or justice, but it is nothing more than partisanship and the bitterness the progressive socialist wing of the party refuse to admit after losing than 2016 election. He spewed forth such lies that if the President does not allow the House to run roughshod over the executive branch executive privilege that that is an impeachable offense. This shows nothing more than the ignorance of Shiff on the issue of separation of powers.

Adam Schiff was so very upset about Devin Nunes informing the President and his administration that they were being surveilled by the leftists, but showed no concern over Schiff’s leaking to the New York Times throughout the Russian collusion hoax. There has been nothing more than silence from Schiff as he acted like a sycophant for both Obama and Hillary. For years his "incontrovertible evidence" that Trump colluded with Russia has been proven to be nothing more than lies to hurt the Trump administration. Refusing to bring this "evidence" forward is nothng more than the lies of a narcissistic self-centered liar who will never admit to the wrongdoing or lies that not only damaged the Trump administration but advanced the divisiveness within our country.

This is not the first time that Schiff has been a water-carrier for the socialist wing of the party. Acting as an advocate for both Obama and Hillary and engaging in the Uranium One pay for play for the Clinton Foundation $145 million "donation," Schiff has called the Uranium One a politically motivated distraction. He, at first, claimed the Hillary Clinton had no connection to Uranium One and accused House Speaker Paul Ryan as being part of a conspiracy to advance the Uranium One Story. This is the same Adam Schiff, who defended the lies in Benghazi and the Criminal negligence of the Obama administration.

He was part of the conspiracy of Benghazi that was promulgated by the Obama administration, resulting in the death of four American patriots. Schiff even went so far as accusing those who fought at the CIA annex and survived were lying because they wanted a book deal. He recommended that the progressive socialist leftists refuse to take part in the Benghazi investigation because it would show that an increase in security was denied many times, ignoring warnings of the attack and the stand-down order during the attack that resulted in the four deaths. After all, there was an election coming up, and what did the death of four Americans really mean.

Schiff has claimed that the President is not interested in corruption in Ukraine. I suppose Schiff has some superpower that allows him to state what is in the President's mind. He has stomped his feet and whined about former ambassador to Ukraine Yanukovych being dismissed, and ignores the fact that even the Ukraine government wanted her gone. Accusations of the Yanukovych family laundering money of about $7.4 million through Franklin Templeton, who was instrumental in carrying out the implementation of external government loan bonds. Franklin Templeton was a significant donor to the Obama administration. Also, there is Thomas Donilon, Managing Director at Black Rock Investments, and was the former National Security Advisor to the Obama Administration. Both companies were named in the Burisma/US-Ukraine corruption.

And who is a major investor of both these companies? Adam Schiff.


Schiff has proven to be treasonous through his lackluster career in the House. Reports of secret subpoenas during the impeachment process have confirmed that he will do anything in his attempt to remove our President. These subpoenas for the phone records on a large swath of those on the opposing side were neither affirmed by a court order of an affirmation by the FISA court. Included was the phone records of Devin Nunes, the committee's Republican Minority Member, and John Solomon, an investigative reporter and Rudy Giuliani, the President's longtime personal lawyer.

The unprecedented warrantless search is a violation of the Constitution's unlawful search and seizure and separation of powers. The outcome should be removal from the House. What it proves is that Adam Schiff is a danger to the rule of law for all Americans. The Fourth Amendment protects against anyone from warrantless searches without judicial oversight. During the Senate impeachment process. Schiff needs to answer for ignoring the fundamental human rights guaranteed by the Constitution, and he should be summarily throw off the impeachment. Schiff has to be shown that the impeachment is not an inquisition. And illegal acts can not be made a part of the impeachment without due recourse. It is informative that Schiff demanded the phone records from AT&T on September 30th, a full month before the impeachment inquiry even began on October 30th, which means that the subpoenas were not justified under any circumstances.

Schiff has some explaining to do.

Schiff has yet to explain why he denied talking to the Informant/ partisan whistleblower before the information reached the ICIG. He has yet to release the closed-door hearing with the ICIG because he knows it proved the lies that he has been using to push his agenda. He has yet to explain why a staffer took a trip to Ukraine sponsored by a Burisma funded partisan think tank to meet with U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor. He cannot explain that a staffer recently hired Sean Misko, has ties to the Atlantic Council, and is good friends with Eric Ciaramella, the supposed informant and CIA operative.

Schiff has found himself the point of the spear in the attempt of a soft coup being pushed by both the progressive socialists and the media. Schiff will do everything in his power to isolate the whistleblower/informant because it can be shown that he had been placed in the position he was in to spy on President Trump on behalf of Schiff and the Deep State. This alone makes both Ciaramella and Schiff guilty of seditious conspiracy to overthrow a sitting President.

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