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September 6, 2018

The Party Of Crazy Provides Further Proof Of Why Moderates Must #WalkAway From Radical Liberalism

- 'There is no longer any wing of the Democratic Party that can be described as sane'

(Unhinged protester removed from Kavanaugh confirmation hearing)

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

For three days I have watched the unprecedented spectacle of radical liberal protesters constantly disrupting the Senate Judiciary Committee's confirmation hearings for President Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, and that was just by the the Democrat Senate radicals on the committee itself.

Add in the paid protesters who heckled, yelled and screamed throughout all three days before being dragged out by Capitol Police, and a picture emerges showing that those "crazy" radicals are no longer the "fringe" of the Democrat party, they encompass the entirety of the Democrats now.

The spectacle I have witnessed was succinctly summed up after the first day by John Hinderaker over at Powerline, in an article called "The Democrats Are Crazy." 

It strikes me that the Democratic Party crossed a Rubicon of sorts today. They abandoned all norms not just of civility–something they purported to yearn for just a few days ago!–but of sanity. They deliberately turned a Senate confirmation hearing into a farce. There was no distinction between the howling left-wing mob that infiltrated the hearing room and the Senate Democrats.

Not long ago, some Democrats resisted the crazier fringes of their party. No longer. There is no daylight among the violent fascist group Antifa, the crazed Democratic activists bleating about impeachment, and the establishment Democratic Party. They are now one and the same. So, disgusting as today’s hearing was, it at least achieved some clarity. There is no longer any wing of the Democratic Party that can be described as sane.

(Hinderaker practiced law for 41 years and is now President of Center of the American Experiment, a think tank headquartered in Minnesota.)

I have been a fan of Hinderaker's work since I started writing, even when I disagreed with him, because he is fair, not hyperbolic and doesn't exaggerate, and as you can see below, in a compilation video of the Democratic Senators and the liberal protesters in the gallery from just that first day, which has been repeated now for an additional two days, his assertion above is also not an exaggeration.

It is difficult to watch, almost painful and should be extremely humiliating to the Senate itself, but every single moderate Democrat should be forced to watch it, in its entirety, and then explain how they can associate themselves with that type of radical behavior, not just on the part of the screeching protesters in the audience but by the Democrat politicians themselves.

Quick Note: I called some of the protesters paid because evidence has come to light, via eyewitness accounts, and images captured of a protester being paid, then that same protester disrupting the confirmation hearings and being removed the from Senate building where the Kavanaugh hearings are taking place.


On day three, topping off the antics by the Democrat politicians, Senator Cory Booker using the "Spartacus" moniker, claimed he was releasing confidential documents to the media, daring Republicans to penalize him for it, grandstanding for the cameras, but we later learned the information he so "courageously"  claimed he was releasing against Senate rules, had already been cleared for release and Booker had been informed of this before he made such a fool of himself.


THIS is why the #WalkAway campaign has gathered the steam it has over the past few months, where liberal after liberal, from all walks of life, gays, African Americans, Hispanics, and a number of other minority groups have simply said enough.

The #WalkAway campaign was started by a gay hairdresser from New York, Brandon Straka, who created a viral video explaining why he walked away from the extremism and radicalism that has taken over the Democrat party. Many started using the Twitter hashtag to explain why they walked away, some years ago, others recently.

Then the media went into damage control mode for the Democrats and started claiming the #WalkAway stories were "Russian bots," which caused many Americans to start providing video accounts of their experiences, proving the movement was made up of Americans, sick and tired of what their former party had become. 

Many offer different reasons, from the violence that the left has increasingly perpetrated, with others noting the media bias which caused them to to start doing their own research and determining they had been lied to, not only by the liberal establishment media but by the very politicians they once supported. 

Mr. Straka has now set up the #WalkAway March, to be held in Washington, DC, on Saturday, October 27, 2018, showing that Americans, not Russians, are behind the movement which has garnered hundreds upon hundreds of online testimonials from people from all walks of life.


From the planned and coordinated in chamber disruptions by Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee, to the childish temper tantrums from paid protesters who had to be escorted out, and in some case dragged out because they threw themselves onto the floor, to the Democrat-supported Antifa violence seen all across the country, to the constant "resistance" from politicians acting like children when they don't get their way, there is a reasonable amount of evidence to logically conclude the entire party has gone a little (understatement, I know) insane.

This goes far beyond Trump Derangement Syndrome. The party is pulling in young socialists, encouraging open mob confrontation in the streets, promoting outright anarchy. 

There is no "middle" left anymore, they have all become radical extremists and any moderates that witness this behavior, which is becoming increasingly worse as the weeks and months go by, need to #WalkAway.

The Democrats have become the party of crazy.

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