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October 2, 2016

Ripping Social Justice Warriors Out Of Their 'Safe Space' And Welcoming Them To The Real World


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

On September 25, 2016, ANP reported on how a group of social justice warriors (SWJ) crashed a Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter meeting at the University of Kansas, which immediately devolved into utter chaos when the SJW attendees turned what was to be a rational discussion into a foul-mouthed screaming fest, fists pounding and throwing temper tantrums, all caught on video, which can be seen on that article, titled "Chaos Erupts And Insanity Ensues When Social Justice Warriors Crash Conservative Group Meeting At Kansas University."

We start off this week's "special snowflake" edition back at University of Kansas as the YAF held yet another chapter meeting, with SJWs showing up en masse, which predictably devolved as we see in the short video below offered by Campus Reform, but the SJW victimhood mentality is on full display as the YAF was criticized for sharing the video coverage of SJW members foul-mouthed rantings in the first meeting, because the verbal backlash according to them was "literal violence," yet it was perfectly fine in the minds of the social justice warriors to share the video coverage with their own Facebook followers.

In other words...... it is fine and dandy for them to share their actions with a group supportive of them causing verbal attacks against the YAF members, as evidenced here, but is an affront for the YAF to share a video of their own meeting with the Internet at large, where reactions were highly critical of the special snowflakes.

Obviously they do not see the irony or hypocrisy of this.

I guess the special snowflakes didn't like being ripped out of their "safe space" and hearing what others thought of their antics. Poor little darlings.

Our next example comes from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, where school officials sent an email to students and professors, stating "The University of Michigan is committed to fostering an environment of inclusiveness. Consistent with this value, the University has created a process for students to designate pronouns with the University and have those pronouns reflected on class rosters this fall."

So students can now choose their own "personal pronoun" rather than simply choosing from pre-selected pronouns, and those designated pronouns will "automatically populate on all class rosters," and faculty members will be required to refer to the students using their "personal pronoun."

To show that this new school policy has no basis in reality, a conservative student at the University of Michigan and chairman of the Young Americans for Freedom Board of Governors, Grant Strobl, chose the personal pronoun "his majesty," and encouraged others to insert the identity of their dreams.

In an interview with The College Fix, Strobl said that "I have no problem with students asking to be identified a certain way, almost like someone named Richard who would like to be called Dick. It is respectful to make a reasonable effort to refer to students in the way that they prefer."

However, he added that he does have a problem when the university institutionalizes the use of pronouns that are completely arbitrary and may possibly sanction people for referring to someone different than their preference.

Strobl continued, "So, I henceforth shall be referred to as: His Majesty, Grant Strobl. I encourage all U-M students to go onto Wolverine Access, and insert the identity of their dreams."

Moving right along to Missouri, police were called when Black Mizzou students alleged that students from Delta Upsilon fraternity were targeting black students with racial slurs, but when police arrived, in their reports we see that the allegations from before their arrival were basic "he said, she said" reports, but it was the statements the of what the police actually observed that were highly disturbing with black students outside the fratenity were quoted in the police report as saying things like "f*cking crackers’ and ‘"f*cking rednecks," and threatening to "burn this motherf*cker down."

You can see the heavily redacted University of Missouri PD reports at HeatStreet and more about this specific incident at Campus Reform.


Each and every week we see this type of behavior in college campuses across America, while bleeding into society as a whole. These social justice warriors take actions and claim they are doing so because they are marginalized, yet when others take the very same action, the SJW crowd claims that is marginalizing them as well. 

The only way to fight against this victimhood mentality is to highlight it, let them see themselves through other peoples eyes by witnessing what others think about their behavior.

It is past time to rip these mentally challenged social justice warriors out of their "safe spaces" and welcome them to the real world.

Keep track of what is happening at college campuses across the U.S. at College Fix, Campus Reform, and HeatStreet.

Below - Milo Yiannopoulos @ UCLA Destroys Social Justice Warriors Empty Liberal Protesters 


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