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February 14, 2020

Preparing To Defend Our Families With Bernie Sanders The Democrat 'Front Runner' & His Insane Supporters Pushing Gulags For Normal, Every-Day Americans To Be 'Re-Educated'

- Todd Starnes: 'When Bernie's Goons Try To Throw You In Gulags, Engage Your 2nd Amendment Rights'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to this new story over at The Hill, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has opened up a double-digit lead over all competitors in the Democrat party for the 2020 'D' nominee according to this Morning Consult poll. With the Consult reporting that Sanders had actually become 'the front runner' for the Democrats despite the war going on within the Democrat party as Susan Duclos had reported in this February 13th ANP story, with many Democrats vowing never to vote for a socialist, 2020 is quickly setting up to be one of the most interesting and potentially volatile political years of our lifetime's.

With Sanders racking up 29% of likely Democrat voters while Joe Biden could only manage 19% followed closely by Michael Bloomberg at 17%, the chances of the Democrats running a socialist whose political and economic policies are like nothing most Americans have ever seen before are growing every day now.

Yet with 'the establishment' Democrats within the DNC wanting absolutely nothing to do with Bernie and many sane Democrats running away from the Democrat party as was shared in this excellent opinion piece over at Medium written by a 20-year Democrat who ran away from the party after experiencing a President Trump rally, the chances of Bernie winning in November and unveiling gulags for Conservatives and President Trump supporters grows smaller every day.

And that very possibility, a Bernie Sanders win in November, or the alternative, a Bernie loss in either the primaries or general election, are both reasons why Americans all across the country should get prepared with the far-left pushing gulags for President Trump supporters while also vowing to burn down cities across the country should Bernie not win.

So we'll be taking a look within this story at the latest signs of potential trouble ahead in 2020 with everything on the line to the Democrats/globalists who sold out America for globalism with a recent warning coming to us from former Fox News commentator Todd Starnes who made far too much sense for most Democrats to understand when he stated during a speech to the Young Americans for Liberty.:

"When Bernie’s goons show up at your front door and try to throw you in a gulag, engage your Second Amendment rights and you invoke the name of that great patriot Clint Eastwood and say, ‘Go ahead and try punk. Make my day.'”

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While Bernie pushes for 'racial justice' on his campaign website but leaves out 'justice' for anyone but 'black, brown and indigenous Americans', coming at a time when a 15-year old white American is being slapped and another man's jaw is broken by a far-left Democrat simply for wearing MAGA hats, with one former NYPD detective beaten for just wearing a red hat, not even a MAGA hat, imagine what might be coming down the pike at us no matter who wins in November.

And now we learn that the 'thriller' movie "The Hunt" will be released on March 13th after having its former release date canceled because the movie depicts Conservatives being 'hunted down' and murdered by radical leftists. Giving Americans another reason to arm up now while we still have the 2nd Amendment in place, even America's Founding Fathers fully understood that a day might come when the 2nd Amendment was needed to repel government tyranny.

With globalists and radical leftists threatening to burn down US cities while 'setting America up for a bloodbath' as William B. Stoecker had reported in this February 3rd ANP story, Conservatives, Patriots and President Trump supporters should prepare to defend America and their families and loved ones.

As Wikipedia had reported of the movie "The Hunt", the original title of the script was Red State Vs. Blue State, a reference to the red states and blue states. Later, Universal issued a statement denying that the film had ever had it as its working title. Furthermorethe elite hunters' reference to their quarry as "deplorables" is an allusion to the phrase "basket of deplorables", used by Hillary Clinton during the 2016 United States presidential election campaign to refer to supporters of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. From this story over at Citizen Free Press with the new official trailer for "The Hunt" as the 2nd video at the bottom of this story.  

Blumhouse and Universal’s “The Hunt” will get released next month, on March 13, after the film was shelved last August following mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas.

The studio also released a new trailer for the film on Tuesday. The trailer opens with people waking up gagged in a field, with access to weapons. Little do they know that they will soon be hunted by the liberal elites.

However, the movie faced a lot of backlash in August when many people believed it was about liberals hunting republicans in the Trump era. The new trailer suggests that people jumped the gun and judged a movie without having seen it, and that it might be different than what we all expected.

“The most talked about movie of the year that no one has even seen yet,” the text reads in the trailer, before Hilary Swank’s character adds: “We were joking. You actually believed we were hunting human beings for sport?”

Playing on political divides in the Trump era, “The Hunt” follows 12 conservatives who discover they have been kidnapped and brought to The Manor, a hunting ground where liberals hunt them for sport. Hilary Swank plays the founder of The Manor, while Betty Gilpin plays the leader of the hunted as they fight back against their would-be killers. Craig Zobel directs, and Emma Roberts, Justin Hartley and Ike Barinholtz also star.

In a press conference Monday, Blum and Lindelof spoke out about the “cancel culture” that derailed a film that nobody had seen — and the decision to roll it out in theaters next month with a new marketing campaign that addresses the uproar.

“I don’t know when ‘cancel culture’ became a thing but my memory is that it wasn’t yet a thing in August when this happened,” Lindelof told reporters after an advance press screening of the film on Monday. “Only later was I like, we got canceled. I think sometimes, it’s appropriate to cancel things, that they should be canceled and sometimes things get canceled prematurely. And hopefully, it’s our belief that this movie was in the latter category.”

And while according to Wikipedia, 'working class Conservatives' become the heroes of this movie when they begin fighting back and killing the liberal elite hunters in self-defense, just knowing that Hollywood is putting out a movie like this is a sign to every day Americans to prepare to defend their families and loved ones while also being a very real message to the 'liberal elite' who think they are above the law.

Should gulags and re-education camps and 'death camps' be unveiled for Conservatives and President Trump supporters just because of their political views, the average American will take that as a very real sign that tyranny had arrived on our shores and will instead protect their own families with some of the 400 million guns now in America as perfectly spoken by Todd Starnes below. 


Yet while the polls are pushing a Bernie-win theory right now, Clinton-hack James Carville taking another shot at Bernie Sanders saying "at least I'm not a communist" hints that establishment Democrats will never allow Bernie to win with more and more people expecting Hillary to somehow join the race in the days ahead. 

With a President Trump landslide sure to send many leftists off to the insane asylum's or turn them into raging homicidal maniacs while a Bernie Sanders win would launch America into 'socialism/communism' and the 'death by government', mass starvation, re-education camps and all of the dictatorial glory that has come with such government through history, Americans can take a hint from this new Todd Starnes story.  

National talk radio host Todd Starnes delivered a thundering rebuke of socialism during a keynote address at the Young America’s Foundation Regional Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

Starnes, the chairman of Starnes Media Group, called on the young conservatives to take a bold stand for the Bill of Rights in the face of what he called a “culture jihad.” 

He told stories of young Americans who had taken a stand and defied government leaders who tried to silence Christian voices and patriotic voices.

Starnes also reminded students of the undercover Project Veritas video that showed a Bernie Sanders campaign staffer suggesting that Trump supporters should be thrown into gulags and sent to reeducation camps.

“When they tell you not to fly the flag, you wave Old Glory,” Starnes said. “When they tell you not to pray you bow your head and say, ‘Our Father Who Art in Heaven.’ And when Bernie’s goons show up at your front door and try to throw you in a gulag, engage your Second Amendment rights and you invoke the name of that great patriot Clint Eastwood and say, ‘Go ahead and try punk. Make my day.'”

You can hear Todd Starnes entire 30+ minute speech to the Young Americans for Liberty in the 1st video at the bottom of this story.

So while we'll pray for peace in America in the days, weeks and months ahead, as Susan Duclos had reported in this January 15th ANP story, with radical leftists threatening to burn down cities and drag people into the streets and light them on fire, law abiding Americans should prepare for anything in 2020. And as Susan had reported in this January 11th ANP story as seen below, many self defense items are as close by as a next day home delivery. 


Many will suggest just getting a gun, get trained and be prepared to use it if necessary, but not everyone is comfortable with those types of weapons. Others may live in states that are very gun UNfriendly or who do not have access to training for safety and use, which is absolutely a must when considering purchasing a gun.

Related: 5 Primitive Weapons Every Prepper and Survivalist Should Know

There are a variety of personal defense weapons available these days, delivered right to your door with no need for registration or licenses, that are very useful in deterring assailants and if needed, disabling them.

Up close and personal one can use a knife, tactical pens, brass knuckles, collapsible batons, baseball bats, even just a walking stick can be an damaging weapon if swung hard enough.

When the assailant is a little further away, stun guns, tasers, and pepper spray, are some cheap and effective methods to deter or disable someone coming at you.

Longer range when one does not have a gun, there are sling shots (remember extra ammo), enough practice and one can use it for hunting as well if need be. Others items like cross bows and blow guns can also be used as a weapon or hunting tools.

The point here is that a few self defense weapons to protect yourself, your family, home and your preps, will cost far less than the actual prepping supplies themselves, so it is well worth whatever item(s) one chooses to get.

(Note: Some links are affiliate links.)

And as Susan had mentioned in her story, as always, ANP readers are encouraged to please share your own tips on self-defense and protection in a SHTF scenario should tyranny arrive on our shores or widespread chaos and anarchy be unleashed in America by radical leftist rage and political trauma in our comment section below. Your tips could save lives.

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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