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June 27, 2017

Has 'Fountain Of Youth' Been Found To 'Stop The Hands Of Time?' - 'Super Rich' Preparing To 'Buy Off' The Grim Reaper

- And Should We Be Surprised They'll Be The Only Ones With Enough Money To Do So?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this June 14th story from China Daily they ask "What If Technology Can Really Make Humans Immortal?" Reporting within their story that claims being made by Google scientist Ray Kurzweil that technology could be developed by 2045 that could enable human beings to live forever, their story also compared such wishes to demons and cannibals. Additionally warning that such tech would likely be too expensive for 99.9% of the world to afford purchasing, we're not the least bit surprised that even scientists warn the ability to 'upgrade' ourselves will only be available to 'the few'.  

Will death one day be 'optional' for those who have the money to live forever? While we can think of many reasons why that would be a very, very bad idea, it's clear there are those who'd like nothing more. From the China Daily story:

When I first read on one of my WeChat groups that Google scientist Ray Kurzweil claims a technology could be developed by 2045 to enable humans to become virtually immortal, I took it as nonsense. I believe many did.

The claim is ridiculous and irrational not just because it is physically impossible for humans to live forever but also because human immortality would be disastrous for mother Earth.

The news, however, also reminded me of what the demons in the Journey to the West try to do to Tang Seng, the Buddhist monk who takes the dangerous journey to ancient India in search of Buddhist scriptures, because they believe his flesh, if eaten, can make them immortal. The demons try every trick to capture Tang and eat his flesh, though without success.

I consider the demons' failure and ultimate destruction as a prophecy that whoever seeks immortality will soon perish.

But what about the "prophecy" of the Google scientist? What if his claim comes true?

To begin with, such technology, in case it becomes reality, would be extremely expensive and most likely beyond the reach of 99.9 percent of the world's population.

This brings us to the reality of 1 percent of the world population owning 99 percent of its wealth, which runs counter to the argument that the advancement of modern science and technology has made global wealth distribution more equal and fair. Still, however unequal the world is in terms of wealth distribution, everyone is still equal in death.


According to this 2015 story from the Washington Post, America's 'tech titans' have launched a new project: Defy Death. While for centuries the search has been on for 'the fountain of youth', todays billionaires believe that they can 'create it' by using technology and data. Warning within their story that if successful, 'defying death' could lead to serious societal upheaval, just imagine George Soros, John McCain or Bill and Hillary with the ability to 'last forever'.

As Newsweek also reported back in 2015, Silicon Valley is trying to make humans immortal and had been finding some success. If they actually create this 'fountain of youth', should we think they'll share it with the rest of us?

While Microsoft founder Bill Gates surprisingly called the goals of these tech titans to live forever 'egocentric' when there are millions of people around the world with life-threatening diseases that we still don't have the cures for, we remind you that Gates has proven himself to have a vested interest in the 'depopulation agenda'.

And while the search for immortality has yet to yield any successful ventures (at least not that we know of), as we see and hear in the first video below, technology is already bringing about some huge advances with 3D printing machines now able to print out artificial human organs. Claiming that very soon, there'll be a 3D printing machine in every hospital across the country, we're also told before long, many people will be living well past 100 years old within the near future. 

The search for immortality is not a niche academic pursuit. It’s a thriving area of technological innovation, funded heavily by an unexpected group – technology billionaires.

Founders of the world’s most well-known companies, from Google to Paypal and Oracle are pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into defying death. One of most generous funders is Larry Ellison, the founding chief executive of Oracle, who gave an estimated $45m annually for over a decade to solve the problem of ageing.

Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin has reportedly donated $50m to curing "old age" diseases, such as Parkinson’s, after a genetic test found that he was at risk of developing the illness. Paypal’s co-founder and tech luminary Peter Thiel has donated $6m to the Sens Foundation, which is researching longevity, saying his approach to death is “to fight it.”

Whether technological advancements can help us live longer is not in question – we’ve already proved it’s possible. In 1900, you’d be lucky to live until 50; today, the average Briton lives until 81 years old.

Although scientists do believe that there is a maximum cap on how long human bodies can function, research suggests that this significant previous jump is due to medical technologies and social innovations, rather than an evolutionary change. If we can hack the ageing process of cells, and reverse it, we could potentially live indefinitely.

But forget immortality. Living beyond 100 years old will be routine in the near future; the new generation of supercentenarians is likely alive today, and will still be around in 2100.

And as our productive years extend far beyond current retirement ages, corporations and governments need to start preparing for the inevitable shake-up of the global workforce.


In Steve Quayle's book Xenogenesis he takes a look at the future of unimaginable horrors that await us, created for our planet by unseen masters creating who knows what behind the scenes. Exemplified recently in this April 2017 story from ARS Technica reporting upon the dreams of Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero to complete the first 'human head transplant' later this year in China, to be followed by him reviving a cryogenically frozen brain to be transported into a donor's body, we see Quayle's warnings coming true before our very eyes. 

The final video below takes a look at the book but first, a review of Xenogenesis from Quayle's website.:

Xenogenesis reveals a future of terror that will soon face human beings. Monsterous creations are being developed with secret technology in labs around the world.

Xenogenesis is the production of an offspring entirely different from either of the parents, transformed though the addition of DNA from an alien or animal to the normal genetics of a human being. The results will be comic book super-heroes come to life, living creatures with mythical abilities unlike anything mankind has seen for thousands of years, and which inspired the ancient legends of gods and goddesses.

This horrifying future targets God's original creation for corruption. Evil forces hope to use fallen angel technology to shift the balance of power from God and mankind to Satan and his followers; monsters will soon be presented as our saviours, with hollow promises of eternal life without the need of God or morality.

Even now, these seducing spirits are guiding and tricking mankind to unwittingly commit genetic suicide. The replacement race stands poised to bring about the total annihilation of the human race. This book offers hope. There is a way to avoid the dangers and ultimately save mankind from this hell on Earth that evil powers have devised. There is a true Savior, Jesus, who waits silently and patiently to rescue human beings from this most perilous time in history.

This book will reveal how you and your loved ones can find the way to avoid the dangers our planet now faces.


While there are certainly fabulous uses for technology, it's long been warned that if evil people get their hands upon it, technology will be used for the worst reasons and watching those who are pushing for endless war also pushing for 'super soldiers', part-man, part-machine, proves to us where this is all going. Rather than using such technologies to simply improve the lives of the human race, we see DARPA genetically modifying humans to create 'zombie soldiers' as reported in this JD Heyes story at Natural News

Should we be concerned about the attempts by the 'super rich' to 'buy off' the grim reaper? In the 2nd video below we hear about the search being made by Russian scientists to bring about the 'fountain of youth'.

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