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October 5, 2015

A 'Portal' Opens In The Sky Above Switzerland? 'We Shall All Be Con.C.E.R.N.ed '


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

We have been running across some very interesting CERN related material of late, a couple examples of which will be detailed and shown below.†

Whether viewed from a scientific prism or a religious perspective, warnings have come from all directions over the restarting of the CERN Large Hadron Collider, with scientists warning of "other dimensions and parallel universes," and those of faith pointing to the goddess of Destruction, Shiva" outside of the CERN facility in Switzerland, and referencing stargates, portals and attempting to "unleash the beast."

We have reported on demonic visions that increased in frequency and intensity since CERN was restarted, we have seen massive earthquakes and extreme weather events, and now we see what is being called a "strange phenomenon" in the sky of Geneva Switzerland, near where CERN is located which actually looks like a "portal."

(Image via Section 51†shows an apparent "portal" in the Switzerland sky)

Starting with the shortest of the two videos we felt readers would find highly interesting, at just 1 minutes 24 seconds, we found this on a thread over at ATS with a headline of "Can Anyone Debunk This? Strange Anomaly over Geneva Switzerland Aug 2015- Shiva Face Cern Sept 2015," where the thread creator states "I wish it debunked, (but mostly because it confirms my worst nightmare).

Nothing we have found either debunks, nor confirms what is seen in the video, but a simple search for CERN & Clouds, does bring up the fact that CERN is indeed looking into a "link between galactic cosmic rays and cloud formation."

Via the Section 51 article on this video:

August 2015 - Switzerland, Geneva. Mysterious Strange phenomenon observed in the sky of Geneva, over the CERN Area (European Organization for Nuclear Research). Many are saying CERN will be fully operational in September 2015 to restart full nuclear research.

Is it a new secret experiment made by CERN ? 2015 is being called the International year of Light (LUCIFER MEANS LIGHT BEARER).2015 also sees thousands of scientists reactivate CERN, the Large Hadron Collider in an attempt to explore the origins of the Universe, Dark matter, Anti-matter, Extra Dimensions, Black holes etc.

Revelation 9 - And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit......

Now while that is indeed interesting and worthy of a discussion to either confirm or debunk the video, †it is the second one below that tipped the scales in favor of writing this article.

The video is much longer and titled "CERN Sept. 2015 '' We shall all be con.C.E.R.N.ed '' A must see !!! " This is an excellent narration, and analysis of whether CERN is actually the "key" to the bottomless pit that will allow the "beast to arise from the abyss." The key events the narrator discusses on the news surrounding CERN is definitely a must-see, as is the weird connections between the "strange operatic sci-fi dance" conducted at CERN and the names connected to that performance. The two names he refences is "Claron" and "Lukas," and as seen below, the names together mean "bright light."



Other points in†Marcel Jongsma's video below include, but are not limited to; The strange dance from IPetGoatII which is eeirly similar to the one performed at the CERN facility and the deliberate Illuminati symbolism; Other clips detailing the "messages of the Unseen with occult and satanic references and yet another connection with CERN and deception from the Fallen Angels; CERN's discovery of a "Satanic Seal"; Satanic symbols seen all over the world; and much, much more.

This is perhaps the best compilation of CERN related material ever put together and well worth the time it takes to watch, listen, takes notes and research the information revealed for yourself.

Perhaps science and religion have more in common than people realize.

Language alert about midway through the video, not much, just figured I would offer a warning.

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