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February 16, 2018

Is Globalists Suppression Of Alternative Technologies That Could Heal Millions And Provide Endless 'Clean Energy' Among Their Most Monstrous Crimes In History? 

Why Does 'Big Pharma' Allow Millions To Needlessly Die To Jack Up Their Profit Margins?

Submitted to All News Pipeline by William B Stoecker

Suppose that, in addition to orchestrating depressions and senseless wars, democide, and false flag operations, the New World Order elites and their leftist minions have suppressed or at least deliberately ignored and refused to fund and develop technologies that might have made spaceflight relatively safe, inexpensive, and routine; produced clean, safe, renewable energy on a massive scale; and cured cancer and many other diseases, perhaps including the aging process itself.

Suppose that much of modern physics is based on falsehoods, or, at least, totally wrong assumptions. There are many who believe this to be the case; there is at least some evidence that some technologies have been suppressed or ignored; and there is real proof that others that could have been developed have not been.

Anyone who has read much about the state of modern science can see that there are some problems with the prevailing model of physics and cosmology. Relativity theory and quantum mechanics, the twin pillars of physics, have never quite “meshed,” and attempts at a G.U.T., or grand unifying theory, have not been markedly successful; string theory has morphed into membrane theory, but there is no way to test it.

At the moment of the “big bang,” theory predicts that an amount of anti-matter equaling the amount of regular matter we find in our universe had to have been produced…but where is it? Perhaps it went “backward” in time (from our point of view) while our universe expanded forward…but no one knows. To explain the excess but undetected (save by its gravitational effects) mass in the universe astrophysicists have been forced to invent “dark matter,” and now “dark energy” as well, but no one knows what these might really be.


So it is no wonder that even some physicists and astronomers have suggested alternate theories, one such being Dr. Paul LaViolette, with his “subquantum kinetics.” Late in the nineteenth century physicists believed that light, a transverse wave, was carried by a mysterious quasi-substance they called the “ether,” not exactly matter as we understand it, having no mass and offering no resistance to moving heavenly bodies like our Earth. But American physicists Michelson and Morley were unable to detect the ether, and theoretical physicists seemingly abandoned the idea. Bear in mind that they detected no static ether, but a dynamic ether might escape detection.

Einstein developed his theory of relativity which claims that the “space-time continuum” or the “fabric of space” is bent by mass into a higher dimension…but nothingness cannot bend. There has to be something that does the bending, and “fabric of space” sounds suspiciously like an ether. Supposedly, late in life, Einstein admitted that there had to be an ether for his theory to work, and now quantum mechanics claims that all of space is filled with a sea of “virtual particles” popping in and out of existence…and this, too, is a description of a kind of ether. So if there was an ether all along, could not physics have advanced in a completely different direction?

For millennia people have believed in a spiritual energy, directly linked to consciousness, and filling all of space. It has been called by many names: mana, prana, chi, ki, kundalini, orgone energy, vril, odic force, and, yes, etheric force. It is supposedly this force which can be awakened by meditation and rise up from the base chakra at the bottom of the human spine to the crown chakra atop the head, at which point the person meditating achieves cosmic consciousness and is in direct communication with God. I would point out that, while this idea can be dangerously misunderstood or misused, there is nothing inherently anti-Christian about it. In fact, there have always been Christian mystics. And the chi energy sounds a lot like an ether.


If there is a dynamic ether then it might be a source of inexhaustible “free” energy if it could somehow be tapped; supposedly Nikola Tesla suggested something of the kind. There are many legends about the late genius inventor, but, since many of his papers disappeared when he died (possibly confiscated by the FBI) it is impossible to verify any of them. About all we know for certain is that he was an early developer of radio; he invented the Tesla coil; and he developed AC power, which can be transmitted for long distances.

It has occurred to some thinkers that if there is a dynamic ether it is likely that magnetic and gravitational fields may be manifestations of it, and gravity control may be possible. It could then mean that a magnetic field is not just a static force, but an actual energy source that might somehow be tapped without putting mechanical energy into a dynamo. Inventors like T. Henry Moray and Floyd Sweet claimed to have harnessed this energy, but no one is known to have duplicated their results, and Moray reported being shot at by persons unknown, and claimed that his laboratory was broken into and wrecked. Supposedly, his patent documents disappeared from the Patent Office.

More recently people like Eugene Mallove, Thomas Bearden, and Thomas Valone have researched the matter and written about it. Much of this is covered in Breakthrough Power (Amber Bridge Books) by Jean Manning and Joel Garbon. As an aside, I have spoken with both of them, and Jean Manning used to write a column for Atlantis Rising; I have been a regular contributor to this magazine for over eight years.


Many suspect that “free” energy and gravity control may be linked. Bear in mind that nothing in modern physics allows for any form of gravity control. Also a number of inventors have developed supposed reactionless space drives, which are also impossible according to known physics, because such a drive would violate the well-established law of conservation of momentum. More on this later.

A British inventor, John Searl, claimed to have achieved gravity control with a complex array of rotating permanent magnets, and also claimed that his device was an “over unity” machine, meaning that it produced more energy than was put into it (to rotate the magnets). But, to date, hard proof is lacking.

And this brings us to electrogravitics. An American researcher, Thomas Townsend Brown, discovered in 1921 that an ordinary capacitor produced a thrust in the direction of the positive plate…no one had discovered this before because no one was looking for it. Apparently the thrust is enhanced if the capacitor is oddly shaped (there have been several variants) and perhaps if the positive plate is larger than the negative one. There is no doubt that the effect is real, and in the nineteen fifties Brown worked with the USAF and more than one aerospace company.

Dr. LaViolette believes that the technology was secretly developed even further and that the B-2 bomber is propelled at least in part by electrogravitics; his subquantum kinetics offers a possible explanation for the phenomenon. One problem pointed out by Dr. LaViolette is that a high voltage is needed for a high thrust, and this requires a dielectric (insulator) between the plates, and the dielectric tends to become charged in the opposite direction, negating much of the thrust.


Skeptics also claim that the effect is nothing but an “ion wind,” saying that the capacitor causes air to move from next to the positive plate toward and past the negative one, and the reaction, like an aircraft propeller or jet pushing air to the rear to drive the plane forward, produces the thrust, meaning that it is inefficient and would not work in the vacuum of space. There are conflicting claims by debunkers and enthusiasts as to whether or not the thrust declines if tested in a vacuum chamber. Some years ago I worked as a volunteer cameraman on an access TV show, and one of our guests was a man named Jess Fritch, who had built one of the electrogravitics devices, a small model using ambient air as a dielectric.

I helped him set it up and examined it closely. It levitated straight up and hovered at the end of the wire used to charge it. On this occasion and later at a conference where Mr. Fritch again demonstrated the device, I felt for an ion wind, putting my hands as close as I dared (the high voltage can deliver a dangerous shock) and felt only a very, very faint breeze. There is no way that this “wind” could have lifted the device straight up. But what is really needed is a public test, perhaps at a conference, witnessed and videotaped, with debunkers allowed to inspect everything. If the lifter loses no thrust in a large vacuum jar as the air is pumped out it will prove that something more than “ion wind” is involved.

Since in theory a capacitor can keep its charge forever, the lifter may also be a “free” energy, or over unity device. Once it is charged, a smaller current will suffice to keep it charged; if this current is less than the force needed to keep the lifter in the air, it is over unity.

In 2001 British engineer Roger Shawyer developed his EM Drive, or radio frequency (RF) resonant cavity thruster, which uses microwaves in a chamber shaped like a cone with the pointy end sawed off, and produces a very weak thrust toward the large end. Incredibly, NASA has tested this in a vacuum and verified that it works, and the Chinese space agency has even verified that it works in low Earth orbit. No one, not even Mr. Shawyer himself, seems to know exactly why it works, but it is clear proof that either there is a “loophole” in the law of conservation of momentum, or that some form of gravity control is possible. And this makes electrogravitics seem more likely. Have we had gravity control (and maybe “free” energy) for 97 years without it being used for Mankind’s benefit?


If our elites have discouraged wider use of this technology, that is a crime against humanity. But, for sheer evil, it is nothing compared to cancer “treatment.” It is well known that chemotherapy, which causes terrible suffering and often does permanent harm to those who survive it, is rarely effective in treating cancer. Given that “proof” of its effectiveness is based on survival time, which has increased because cancers can now be diagnosed much earlier, it is not clear that it is effective at all. Add to that the fact that (for unknown reasons) cancers sometimes spontaneously go into remission, meaning that some of the patients may have been “cured” despite the chemotherapy, not because of it.

Years ago the public heard of the miracle drug, laetrile, or vitamin-17, which allegedly cured cancer with no side effects. The establishment types, led by Big Pharma, attacked the idea as mere quackery. But as G. Edward Griffin pointed out in his World Without Cancer, the studies done to debunk the idea were rigged. Laetrile is found in some grains, like millet and sorghum, but mainly in the seeds of plants in the rose family, especially apricot pits, available at many health food stores. These seeds contain a form of cyanide, but Mr. Griffin points out that it does no harm and is only released within cancer cells.

For many, many years I have been eating ten apricot pits a day and have suffered no ill effects. As Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, and others have pointed out, vitamins C and D, the mineral selenium in moderation, and the herb turmeric, available in pure form or in curry powder at supermarkets, also can help to prevent or even cure cancer. Another treatment option which appeared promising but was soon abandoned by Big Medicine, is heat…raising the patient’s body temperature as high as safely possible, which shrunk cancers and which can also help to cure several other diseases. In fact, the side effects of the herbs and supplements listed above are themselves helpful, improving (unlike chemotherapy) overall health.

So what would be the effects on a cancer patient if all of these substances were taken together, along with heat treatments? Would this cure most cancers, and could continuing the supplements, perhaps at a lower dosage, prevent any recurrence? No one knows because no medical researchers have tried it…it would cut into Big Pharma’s profits. And condemning millions of human beings to the torture of chemotherapy and a slow death from the cancer and the “treatment” combined has to rank as one of the most monstrous crimes in human history.

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