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April 24, 2019

Time To Prepare For The Ultimate Fallout: Radicalized Americans Promoted By The Media Increasing Attacks Against Conservatives - The 2020 Election Will Be The Tipping Point

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Democrat Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders plans to allow incarcerated felons to vote from behind bars, including people like†Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, if he should win the 2020 presidential election, while another Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris plans to gut the Second Amendment right to bear arms, via Executive Order, if she should win.

The list of radical ideas and proposals coming from the "progressive" left are being promoted heavily by the liberal media, as they continue to encourage violence against conservatives by constantly maligning, labeling, and inciting their liberal viewers/readers to outright violence against Republicans, Trump supporters and Christians.

The fallout if a Democrat pushing radicalism wins in 2020 will be bad, but if the headlines after the November 2020 election reads "Trump wins 2020" re-election, expect far more rioting and violence from liberals than we saw in 2016.

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(Liberal voters becoming more radicalized)


Sure the proposals by the Democrat contenders are all part of campaigning, but such radical ideas stem from their internal polling, which indicates that that there is a significant amount of radical liberals that are supportive of those ideas and proposals.

We have seen and reported how radicalized liberals have become by documenting the increasing number of physical attacks, calls for harassment, and threats against conservatives which has topped 600 incidents, while conservatives understand that a tipping point is coming, and are preparing accordingly.

Anyone that thought the conclusion of the Mueller investigation, which found there was no collusion between the Trump campaign, associates, or any U.S. persons, and Russia, would see a calming of the hyperbole by the liberal and radical media and Democrats in congress, should now understand by looking at the subsequent coverage and calls for impeachment by the radical left, it is only going to get worse...not better.

Not only are the media and Democrats continuing with their accusations and attacks against the president and his supporters but they are now moving along to their new "outrage of the week," which is the reports indicating that the Supreme Court is leaning towards ruling in favor of the Trump administration to re-add the citizenship question.

In fact, Ken Paxton over at The Hill pretty much summed up what the media and democrats are doing, almost on a daily basis, in his article about the citizenship question being added back to the census, with the headline "Stop ginning up hysteria: Citizenship question on census is nothing new."

Ginning up hysteria..... perfect descriptor of what the the media has been doing since the day Donald Trump rode down an escalator and announced his candidacy.

The ginned up hysteria over the Neil Gorsuch nomination tot he Supreme Court, the ginned up hysteria over the Brett Kavanaugh, they did the same with constant claims that President Trump colluded with Russia, claims that Trump supporters were all racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, Nazi-like, white supremacist "deplorables."

Each week, there is a new manufactured outrage that carries the news cycle, until liberals that watch and read those outlets quite literally cry, scream, howl and tell their therapists that they think the world is ending. The therapists call it Trump Anxiety Disorder aka Trump Derangement Syndrome, yet in almost every reported case, it is the "intense consumption of media coverage," that is causing the disorder.†

(Expect more riots from radical liberals if Trump wins re-election in 2020)


While the media, on behalf of their party, the Democrats, show no signs of backing away from continuing to terrorize Americans on a daily basis in an attempt to prevent President Trump from winning re-election in 2020, things are bound to get even crazier than the first two years of his presidency has been....that means more physical attacks, more harassment of conservatives, more threats.

Notice that every time a poll, survey or news items comes out indicating President Trump stands a good chance of being re-elected, the media instantly manages to come out with another Trump-related manufactured outrage for their followers to freak out over..... it is not a coincidence.

We can fully expect the level of insanity to continue to increase all the way up to the 2020 presidential election, but frankly, it is hard not to imagine that after the election, no matter who wins, is when the "ultimate fallout" will hit.

For example: Imagine Kamala Harris wining, then as promised, if gun control laws are not passed by congress in her first 100 days, she comes after our weapons, via executive order.

Does anyone think gun owners are going to turn over their weapons willingly or without massive bloodshed?

What if Bernie Sanders wins? An avowed socialist would ultimately lead to what every other socialist country suffered, food shortages, riots in the streets, just look at Venezuela. Again, blood in the streets. Maybe not immediately, but it would be the first step in that direction.

Note: I am using Sanders and Harris as examples because the latest polling has both of them in the top four to likely succeed in garnering the Democrat nomination, with Biden leading, but Joe hasn't officially entered the race and his campaign is a hot mess already, and financially lacking behind Sanders. I am also ignoring Pete Buttigieg, because Dems are already hunting dirt on him and there is little chance his name recognition will go much further.


According to the latest Emerson College poll, it is "Bernie or bust" for at least 26 percent of his supporters, who are declaring that if Bernie does not win the nomination for the Democrats, they will vote for President Trump.

Which brings us to a Trump re-election win.

Since President Trump won the 2016 election the media and Democrats have been declaring the end of "democracy," (we are a Republic!), the end of women's rights, the end of the world in 12 years due to climate change, the rise of white supremacy, the "racist" nation, etc...etc...etc... you get the point.

Now imagine their terror campaign against Americans if President Trump is re-elected?

Make no mistake, there is already blood on the streets, teenagers and the elderly attacked for wearing MAGA hats or Trump gear, people attacked and physically assaulted in their own yards because they had a Trump flag. The examples go on and on and on, just do a search for "Trump supporter attacked and beaten" and look at the results. According to Google there are "About 58,600,000," results.


Does anyone in their right mind truly believe that if President Trump is re-elected that the media will stop terrorizing Americans each and every day, inciting even more threats, harassment and violence against conservatives?

No matter how you cut it, 2020 is going to be a tipping point, which is why we all should be preparing the ultimate fallout.


Arm yourselves, get trained in the use and safe handling of weapons, just in case Harris wins and comes for your weapons.

Stock up on food supplies, water, medical supplies, because if Sanders wins, being a self-identified socialist who refuses to criticize dictators of socialist nations today, (because he wants to be one!), this nation will rapidly decline and people better be prepared not only to survive but to defend their homes, food and supplies.

Pretty much all the Democrat candidates are proposing the most radical ideas they can think of to appeal to their radicalized base, so preparation can only help, not hurt. The food will get eaten, the supplies will get used, either way.

Finally, prepare also in the event of President Trump winning re-election. Remember the violent protests, the rioting that went on the following days and weeks, as well as the inauguration protests which saw violence all across the nation, which in some cases was characterized as "terrorist violence," by Homeland Security.

These people have not become less deranged over the past few years, the media has terrorized them to the point where they have become more unhinged, so expect the violence and rioting we saw over the course of the last years as just the prelude to the ultimate fallout after a 2020 Trump win.


Radicals have taken over the Democrat party and the liberal media, also known as the propaganda arm of the party, will undoubtedly support whoever the party selects, by continuing to deliberately terrorize Americans with their constant manufactured outrage over president Trump and attacking the "deplorables," (Trump supporters), which in turn will continue the pattern of increased violence against conservatives.

While the lead up to the 2020 election will be ugly because of that, it is going to get much uglier after the election, especially by unhinged and radicalized liberals, should President Trump win re-election.

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