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July 1, 2017

Are Warnings From 1995 Book Called 'The Coming Plague' Now Unfolding Before Our Very Eyes?

Exploring The Book Of Revelation And The 7 Last Plagues In Light Of Events In 2017

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In the 1st video below and this recent story from Newser they report at least 3 new cases of human plague had recently been discovered in New Mexico. While all 3 victims were hospitalized and there have been no fatalities during this latest outbreak of 'black death', as we see in the CDC map below showing cases of the plague across the US from 1970 to 2012, this deadly disease is not going away.

As NPR reports, "yes, this is the same illness that killed an estimated 50 million people across three continents in the 1300s, though these days common antibiotics will get rid of it.

Once known as the Black Death for the dark patches caused by bleeding under the skin, the plague swept Europe 700 years ago, killing a third of the population — an estimated 25 million. It wiped out millions in China and Hong Kong in the late 1800s before people put two and two together and started targeting rat populations. Centuries later, the plague periodically pops up in countries across the globe — though at minor levels compared to its medieval heyday. In 2015, the World Health Organization recorded 320 cases across the globe, including 77 deaths.


While cases of the plague are extremely rare in the US with an average of only 1 to 17 human cases a year, and antibiotic resistance to the plague is also very rare, medical experts warn that if Yersinia pestis were to acquire antimicrobial drug resistance determinants, it could once again become capable of producing an outbreak of pandemic proportions.

As Quartz reports in this new storylow-end estimates suggest suggest at least 700,000 annual deaths due to antibiotic-resistant infections, and by 2050, that number is predicted to rise to as high as 10 million.

“[Antibiotic resistance] is one of the greatest threats that faces mankind today”
according to Microbiologist Lance Price. Largely caused by the overuse of antibiotics, Price also warns that 'superbugs' are everywhere now, including the places we go when we’re already sick. Giving us another reason to avoid going to hospitals and doctors offices as if our lives depended upon it, they also report that about half of all infections acquired in a hospital are resistant to antibiotics in some way:

Most of us can’t remember a time when infections were fatal, which is why the concept of ultra-evolved bacteria is hard for many people to grasp, says Ramanan Laxminarayan, an economist who runs the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy, a public-health research organization in Washington DC.

Superbugs are like a microbial time machine that take us back before 1928, when penicillin, the first antibiotic was invented. Says Laxminarayan, “You have to think of it as a new disease which can’t be treated with any drugs that we have.”


In a very interesting 1995 book called "The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases In A World Out Of Balance", author Laurie Garrett warned that as our human population exploded and ecologies collapse, 'disease organisms' would move into the gaps. Warning also that as globalization continued, diseases would move from one country to another as fast as an airplane can fly, she emphasized then that viruses and diseases would continue to evolve and that as the human race continued to battle itself, the advantage would move to the microbes' court. 

More than 20 years later, we see her warnings coming true before our eyes as humans continue to fight deadly wars while our population continues to explode and our planet goes through one 'mass animal death event' after another. 

Unpurified drinking water. Improper use of antibiotics. Local warfare. Massive refugee migration. Changing social and environmental conditions around the world have fostered the spread of new and potentially devastating viruses and diseases-HIV, Lassa, Ebola, and others.

Laurie Garrett takes you on a fifty-year journey through the world's battles with microbes and examines the worldwide conditions that have culminated in recurrent outbreaks of newly discovered diseases, epidemics of diseases migrating to new areas, and mutated old diseases that are no longer curable. She argues that it is not too late to take action to prevent the further onslaught of viruses and microbes, and offers possible solutions for a healthier future.


"Can We Hide From Plague, Flu, and the Spectre of Death?" the new story over at Life Hacker asks. According to Microsoft founder Bill Gates as shared in this new Daily Mail story, a deadly pandemic is most certainly coming our way. And while Gates warns of the havoc that could come crashing down upon the world from a 'mosquito pandemic', warning such a thing could be more deadly than a global war, we'd be wise to remember Gates has put himself into a position to profit off of such a pandemic and has long been known to push vaccines and the 'depopulation agenda'

While its easy to see how the mainstream media and large parts of America would call the globalists depopulation agenda 'fake news', every day we see more and more signs that they want us all dead. As Jeremiah Johnson recently reported over at SHTFPlanThe American People Are The Number One Target: “They Are Tightening The Screws”. 

From public officials in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana recently telling residents "it's ok to drink the water" despite a deadly brain-eating amoeba detected in the public water system to fecal bacteria being detected in the ice at some Starbucks coffee stores to the still ongoing blackout on the death and destruction being levied upon our West coast and Pacific Ocean from Fukushima, we see how mankind is bringing ourselves down.


And as seen in this story from Big Wobble and the 2nd video below, if we're set out upon a mission in self-destruction, nature is more than happy to help as a Biblical scale swarm of locusts recently laid waste to at least 100,000 acres of land in Russia, devouring everything in their paths, and at least the 3rd massive swarm this year.

In another new story from the Big Wobble they reported nearly 100 church campers were possibly exposed to rabies after bats invaded their camping area, just the latest bizarre 'animal' attacks upon humans. As we've been reporting on ANP, there has been an uptick in such unexplained attacks across America and the world in 2017. 

In the eye-opening final video below, our videographer breaks down for us Chapter 15 verses 1-8 of the Book of Revelation and the Seven Last Plagues in light of events that are now unfolding in our world today. 

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