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December 26, 2017

As Monstrous, Parasitic Entity Sucks Lifeblood Out Of America, These Numbers Show  America Is On The Road To Catastrophe  

Submitted to All News Pipeline by William B Stoecker

As of 11/7/16 the US national debt was a mind-boggling $19.8 trillion; as of 12/18/17 it is $20, 602,000,000,000 and still climbing. Remember that a million is a thousand times a thousand; a billion is a thousand millions; and a trillion is a thousand billions. Very little of that is owed to mom and pop investors buying government bonds. Two thirds is owed to the Federal Reserve (a consortium of private banks wedded in unholy matrimony to the federal government) and other banks, many of them foreign, and to foreign governments. Much of the remainder is owed to the Social Security Trust Fund and to other mandatory spending programs.

Some $1.06 trillion was owed to China by 11/16 and about $1.09 trillion to Japan; all of these figures are higher as of 12/17. By 2011 the debt had risen to 67.7 percent of our GDP (Gross Domestic Product). The US was born in war and in debt, with the Continental Congress issuing fiat money (hence the term “not worth a continental”) to finance our Revolutionary War. But during most of our history the debt was relatively manageable. In 1910 it was $2.65 billion, but in 1913 the Federal Reserve was created, supposedly to prevent depressions (our worst depression so far came after the Federal Reserve was established), and then came WWI, and our debt ballooned to $25.9 billion.

Of course, the debt exists because, year after year “our” government spends more than it steals from us, and this continuing budget deficit adds up over time. The deficit reached its highest level, $1.413 trillion, in 2009 after Hussein Obama became our ruler. It has decreased some, to $666 billion in 2017.


As of 2015 our total federal budget was $3.8 trillion, including $229.2 billion just in interest on the debt. Spending on Social Security is 23 percent of the total budget, and Medicare is 15 percent. The feds spent $598.5 trillion on the military, $70 billion on “education,” and $63.2 billion on “housing and community.”

Foreign aid costs us $50.1 billion yearly, including aid to the “Palestinians.” Since 2016 the US has given $768 million in aid to Yemen…at the same time that we are aiding the Saudis in their war on Yemen. Much of the money we sent to the people we are trying to kill wound up in the hands of Al Qaida and other terrorist groups. We send $465.6 million yearly to Russia at the same time we are pretending that the Russians are our enemies. And the cost of our foreign wars has boosted military spending far beyond what is necessary for defense. The Afghan and Iraq wars together have cost us a total of over $2 trillion so far.

For a time I entertained the notion that if the BLM sold off its vast holdings…some 247.3 million acres all across the US, but mostly in western states like Nevada…that might be enough to pay off the debt. But, at an average price for land in Nevada (which is fairly typical of the average) of about $2000 per acre, the BLM land would sell for a total of less than $600 billion. Every little bit helps, and the federal government has no right to own most of the land in any state anyway, but the BLM sale, alone, would be nowhere near enough.


Sooner or later (probably sooner) our spending, borrowing, and creation of fiat money will lead to economic ruin. Nations are not immune to the hard laws of economics. We may face catastrophic inflation if the Federal Reserve decides to increase the fiat money supply to pay down the debt.

Even if we were somehow able to pay off the entire debt, if we continued our deficit spending we would simply create a new debt; if we reduce spending and balance the budget we are still stuck with the existing debt. Meanwhile, our infrastructure is in disrepair and will ultimately lead to disaster (especially if our unprotected electrical and communications grid is hit by an EMP attack) but we have no money left to spend on repairing it.

Clearly, if we were serious about balancing our budget we could do so without too much hardship if our corrupt leaders had the will to cut spending. We could eliminate foreign aid, end our foreign wars, and eliminate or drastically downsize federal agencies like the EPA, “Education,” and “Health and Human Services.” We could gradually phase out agricultural and ethanol subsidies and federal welfare and SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, aka food stamps).


Our special welfare for all the immigrants our masters have imported costs us peasants $300 billion per year. And we have all seen evidence over the years of massive waste, duplication of effort, and outright fraud throughout the federal government, including the Defense Department. I suspect that if we simply eliminated most of the obvious waste, that alone could balance the budget. But too many people, including defense contractors, have grown rich by feeding at the federal trough; the last thing they want is honesty and efficiency in government.

And recently Dr. Mark Skidmore of Michigan State and former Assistant Secretary for Housing Catherine Austin Fitts analyzed Defense and Housing and Urban Development budgets for 1998-2015 and found that a truly mind-boggling over $21 trillion had simply vanished as a result of “unsupported voucher adjustments.” Translated into English, this means that the money was stolen…no one makes accounting errors of this magnitude.

And this is just two agencies in seven years, and is in addition to all the “nickel and dime” waste we already knew about. With $21 trillion we could pay off the entire debt and make a good start on repairing our infrastructure, starting with EMP protection. There is one reason and one reason only why we have an immense national debt, deficit spending, and a decaying infrastructure: “our” government is the largest organized crime racket on Earth, a monstrous, parasitic entity that is sucking the lifeblood out of America.


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