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May 27, 2019

There Is Something Terribly Wrong With Democrats In 2019: Their Deep Inner Sicknesses Are Revealing Many As Controlled And Inhabited By Demonic Entities

- The Choice Is Clear, America, Choose Wisely!  


By William B. Stoecker - All News Pipeline

I admit that Fox News is far short of the real alternative media outlet America needs, but they’re not as bad as the other networks, and Tucker Carlson tells the truth. I and my wife were watching Tucker and his guests the other night, and I noticed that conservatives, in general and with some exceptions, tend to be more physically attractive than leftists.

Contrast some of the attractive women on Fox with Rachel Madcow and her like, or the shrieking hags on “The View,” or the perpetually enraged leftist women, most of them tattooed and mutilated in some way, who physically assault conservatives, or compare Macho ex-cops and martial artists like Dan Bongino with the girlymen and soy boys on the other networks. More and more I’m beginning to believe that the skin-deep ugliness of leftists is more than it seems, and is, in fact, caused by an inner, spiritual ugliness.

This inner sickness (along with age and alcohol abuse) seems to be taking its toll on some prominent leftists. There is something terribly wrong with bug-eyed people like the Witch Hillary and the equally bug-eyed Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff. And have we forgotten that the Witch fainted during the campaign, or her other weird lapses, or the mumbling senility of Queen Nancy? And what is with Jerry Nadler’s fainting recently?

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Later on U-tube my wife and I watched as Jessie Waters and (in some older tapes) Jay Leno asked simple science, math, history, geography and civics questions of people on the streets of New York, a very large village with a surplus of idiots. Of course, most of us have also seen Mark Dice’s interviews with people, mostly in San Diego, who are eager to surrender their inalienable rights for the promise of security. But the NYC idiots believed that the Moon’s gravity keeps the Earth in its orbit around the Sun (after they were told that Earth orbits the Sun).

People could not identify George Washington, nor tell which country America fought in our Revolutionary War, or which side won (or who the sides were) in our Civil War, or find any nation (or their home state) on a blank map. They didn’t know that water is a compound of the elements hydrogen and oxygen. Asked the hypothetical question “You had 114 sheep and all but eight died. How many sheep do you have left?” a man could not answer it. Told an item costs one cent each another man could not tell how many a dollar would buy. The public indoc centers formerly known as “schools” have done their work well, indoctrinating and dumbing down the people. And this is all the work of the ugly leftists, with their spiritual ugliness spreading and degrading many others.

The Italian communist Antonio Gramsci (1/22 1891-4/27/1937) formulated the concept of incrementalism, the “long march through the institutions” that would permit the communists to gradually take over the media, schools, and other key components of a society and turn a formerly free republic into a communist (fascist) tyranny. Some patriot observers believe that what we consider the degradation of the arts, music, and architecture is part of that takeover. We Westerners are surrounded by and immersed in the ugliness created by the ugly people of the left. About music I have little to say, for the situation should be obvious. Anyone who imagines that rap is music is a lost soul.

Beautiful music is still being written and produced, but the noise popularized and financed by our self-appointed elites serves only to help dumb down and degrade the people. Talented, even enlightened artists abound, but their marvelous paintings and sculptures seldom receive good reviews or museum space from the cultural gate keepers. A good deal of modern or abstract art is repulsive, even scatological, and this is deliberate. Note that this has been accompanied by the decline of comedy (once an art form) into crude and childish bathroom “humor” and angry political diatribes by leftists.


And what of architecture? The buildings where we live and work can be efficient and economical and yet beautiful at the same time. Yet, despite gimmicky (and, hence, more costly) designs and the use of expensive materials, many modern buildings are repulsive, and slowly corrode the very souls of those condemned to live and work in them. This all seems to have begun early in the twentieth century with the internationalist style of architecture, pushed by Germany’s Bauhaus school of art, and such French designers as Le Corbusier (Charles Edouard Jeannet).

The buildings tended to be undecorated, mostly white in color, and to feature flat roofs (even in areas prone to heavy, wet snow, with predictable results). Ceilings were low, rooms were large and few, and designs involved a great deal of glass. At their best, such designs were not without a certain beauty born of their very simplicity and the free admittance of natural light. But the architects tended to be socialist and communist and wished to impose their designs on everyone, ultimately by force. They imagined that their designs were “scientific,” even when wet snow collapsed their roofs and despite the fact that, usually, windows could not be opened (and no screens were provided) to provide fresh air, and the concept of passive solar heating (south-facing glass and overhanging roofs) was unknown to the internationalists.

American author Tom Wolf’s "From our House to Bauhaus" exposes the phoniness and ugliness of internationalist architecture. Herbert Bangs’ "The Return of Sacred Architecture" addresses many of the same issues and also shows how incorporating sacred geometry (like the Golden Mean ratio) into buildings can make a world of difference, along with avoiding cheap gimmicks, and balancing the use of glass with the use of opaque materials. Such is my admiration for Mr. Bangs and his good work that I have been most gratified to learn that he and I both had articles published in Missing Connections, a collection of works by different authors.

Patriot author and video producer Paul Joseph Watson has often commented on the soul-destroying ugliness of much modern architecture. Perhaps it will be up to us patriots, if we win the final conflict and are able to rebuild civilization, to help create a world where art, architecture, and music are once again beautiful and provide a suitable environment for the growth of beautiful souls.

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