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September 7, 2019

How Long Until 'The Purge' Begins With The Communists Fantasizing About Executing Christians & One Liberal Doctor Calling For Conservatives To Be Killed Then Castrated?

The Left's Disturbing Intolerance Towards Half Of America Is The New 'Sign Of The Times'  


By John C. Velisek - US Navy, Retired - All News Pipeline

See part 1 of this story here: "Those Peddling The 'White Nationalism Fraud' Are Running A Psychological Terror Campaign Upon ALL Americans! They Won't Stop Until Every Christian And Conservative Is Eliminated". 

The question then becomes, what is the purpose of enslaving the country with the idea of "white nationalism?" The progressive socialists (Communists!) will tell you it is to deter the normalizing of racist tendencies so inherent in our culture. While the deterrence of racist tendencies is an admirable agenda, what isn't explained is the tactics that will be used to implement those commendable ideas. The long-embattled freedom of speech will be further eroded by the progressive socialists to eliminate anyone who those in power decide are identified as white nationalists. It will give the progressive socialists the authority to ban political officials and supporters of the conservative cause.

These same proponents of inflicting "white Nationalism" on the country conveniently turn away if anyone mentions "Anti-Semitism." It has now become gospel on the left that if you believe in this grand experiment of self-determination that we have in our country or if you believe in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, you are a "White Nationalist."

So you may ask, what makes someone a "White Nationalist." According to the progressive socialists, many factors must be considered. First, you are a white male (I am.) you must have a deep abiding respect for our founders and believe the United States a great place to live. (after spending 20 years in the military, I agree.) You must be proud of the history of our nation, ( I am.) you must not be politically correct and turn away from groupthink, ( I do.) and you must disagree that our country must be forced into diversity. If these are the positions you hold, you no longer deserve to call yourself a patriot because you are a "white nationalist."

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All of the outstanding artwork/cartoons in this story from Ben Garrison at GrrrGraphics.

If you believe that the federal government controls the closing of the border so they can run concentration camps, you are a white supremacist. You will be called a white nationalist for wanting to protect the sovereignty of the country or being against benefits for illegal aliens. Many Blacks and Latinos are also against illegal aliens. Many of these blacks and Latinos are LEGAL immigrants and resent those who feel they should be able to walk in and get everything they want. Are they “white nationalists” as well? 

They will use that authority to confiscate the firearms of all those who they consider “white nationalists” . They will shun all those that they identify as dangerous to the agenda they have laid out, end their careers, and lead to untold violence against those who disagree. Defending policies such as the 2nd Amendment, limiting abortion or immigration or supporting the conservative platform of liberty for our country would be enough to get put on a watch list. After a warning, the platforms used for conservative thought would be summarily shut down. Financial institutions and companies would be informed of your status and would be unwilling to do business with you.

Don't think it can happen? Already we have progressive socialist talking heads like Joe Scarborough claiming that "Because you keep writing checks to this President, it's on you because you are funding this white supremacist campaign." It is spread over the airwaves that any supporter of President Trump is a "white nationalist", or even worse, a Nazi. You will be called as Elizabeth Warren claimed "a domestic terrorist". This will be done all in the name of ignoring our inner cities and domestic challenges that need to be fixed. The nation, as understood by supporters of our President, can see the country falling apart, our culture and morals eroding beyond renewal. To his supporters, President Trump is the leader of the “America First” ideas that will bring our country back to the ideals that made it the strongest and most free country in the world.

Of course, it is the President that is allowing this to continue. We have a low-level Presidential candidate calling Trump campaign rallies a Nazi event, or another doxxing the sponsors or donors to President Trump. These are nothing more than intimidation tactics being used to create fear. They do not understand that the American people understand that there is no evidence of what they claim, and will change nothing. But the left must continue to voice the myth of “white nationalism” to cover their own impulses. They hope that the citizens of this country will not see that it is they who are exclusionary, because if the American people catch on, they will see the total absurdity of the 'progressive socialist' position.

The truth is the number of groups that would be considered white supremacists is astoundingly small. The loud bleating that we hear that white supremacists represent a danger to our country is astoundingly small. But those who want power use these small number to shut down any speech they don't agree is correct. Even in the Wall Street Journal, Clint Watts, a former member of the FNI, claims that the sociopolitical ideas of white men is the foundation of white terrorism in America. Remember, these are the same people who claim law enforcement uses racial profiling.


The words "white supremacist" is the new "racist". It is used to attempt to end the discussion and smear anyone not adhering to the leftists' doctrines. It is used for nothing more than to imply racial overtones into any situation where a progressive socialist may be damaged by an honest cogent discussion. The incessant drumbeat of racial animus brought to the fore by the leftists is being used to increase pressure on the citizens to turn away from the liberties that we have been granted by God through our founding fathers.

Those who scream of "white nationalism" are far off course while those that whimper about "white supremacy" are using those catchphrases to camouflage their own hate for their fellow man. The hatred that people like Cory Booker tried to attribute to the President is in his own heart. Booker is quick to claim that the black "children" being killed in our country are the fault of President Trump without explaining that the murder rate in Newark, New Jersey was the third highest in the country when he was mayor there. The compliant media will never ask Booker how that could be the fault of the President. But then again, Booker is Spartacus and does not need to explain anything, or even tell the truth.

Political sciences professor Daniel Hopkins at the University of Pennsylvania wanted to prove the hypothesis that President Trump was responsible for the normalization of racist attitudes. Along with a research assistant named Samantha Washington, they honestly admitted that they expected to find the research that corroborated this finding. In their words, the “findings contradicted the hypothesis as we primarily found declining prejudice and racial resentment.”

But the threats of physical violence is nothing new. It has been a part of the progressive socialist political, journalistic and academic classes of the left for centuries. Looking back we have a vice-presidential hopeful Tim Kaine telling his supporters to take to the street. We have Maxine Waters declaring that if you see a government official from the Trump administration, you form a crowd and tell them they are not allowed anywhere.

We have professors like Lars Maischak declaring that two Republicans should be executed for each illegal alien deported and professor Carol Christine Fair that Republican men deserve miserable deaths by castration. It has gotten to the point where proper decorum does not outweigh the chaos that is being inflicted by those in charge on the left. The progressive socialists do not want to exist with those who disagree but believe that those who disagree with them cannot be allowed to live in peace as they consider those that disagree as an act of violence themselves and must be intimidated, dominated and destroyed.

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