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March 11, 2016

Massive Military Train Completely Loaded Down In New Mexico - Is This A Buildup To 'UWEX16'? Truckers Speaking Out! What Do They Know That We Don't Know? 'They Have Some Very Big Plans For Us'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Thanks first of all to ANP reader and our new moderator Prepper Girl for sending us the link to the 2nd video below, a video showing a huge, mile+ long military train in New Mexico hauling massive amounts of weapons of war upon US soil. We always appreciate our readers emailing us pictures, videos and story tips to Does this latest convoy suggest that they're getting ready for something big in America? Our videographer tells us he's been seeing a number of these massive convoys again as we move towards Spring in America and the next massive military drill in America, UWEX16. We also hear several truckers and their families speaking out in the new SQAlerts below videos that tell us more than we'll ever learn from the mainstream media.

We're also now witnessing the total unveilling of a dictatorial surveillance state in America as shared in the 1st video below from Infowars and Lee Ann McAdoo who tells us it may not soon matter who is (s)elected in America as we rapidly hurdle towards something that may soon leave America even out of out next president's control. McAdoo tells us that the 'elitists' have long been working towards some 'very big plans' for us and will hardly allow something as 'silly' as a presidential election get in their way. 

The story over at the Daily Mail tells us that authorities have been telling teachers to inform upon their students who are expressing 'anti-government' views. Sharing that they believe it would help to reduce the number of youngsters joining terrorist or anti-government groups we have to ask, are students who are receiving an A+, 4.0 grade point average and who are strongly against government corruption, corruption that has been proven over and over again to be corrupt beyond a reasonable doubt, a threat that we should be concerned about? Is this new initiative geared towards targeting the high number of Bernie Sanders supporters who are also sick and tired of corrupt govt?

What about the head of the FBI himself, James Comey? Is he a danger to America and somebody to be surveilled due to his penchant for 'speaking truth to power' as shared in this story from The Hill? Telling us that Comey has become a 'political problem,' is Comey a danger to America, or just a danger to those continuously peddling corruption? 

As hundreds of millions of Americans now know, government here in America has been absolutely corrupted for a very, very long time now... are the hundreds of millions of Americans who are against said government corruption a danger or a threat that the authorities need to know about? Of course, the majority of Americans who are strongly against the corruption showed by this government are no danger at all... except in one way... they are continuously helping to educate the rest of the masses of people so that we can LEGALLY OVERTHROW this corrupt government at the election booth.

We have also reached a point now in the history of America where the frontrunner for the Republican nomination has expressed much dismay over the corruption of the current government... is Donald Trump a danger to society due to his opposition of the corrupt government of Barack Obama and are other conservative Americans a danger to society for believing this administration to be one of the most corrupt government's in US history?

Have we simply reached a point in US history where our government is SOOOO CORRUPT that merely speaking out against its corruption puts a label on you? As stated previously, everyone in this day and age we are now living in who are SICK AND TIRED of the corruption of this government are obviously 'in the right' and hundreds of millions of Americans will continue to work to LEGALLY OVERTHROW this corrupt government at the election booths whether or not the party elitists like it. 


As we learn in the 1st video below from Infowars with Lee Ann McAdoo, it may not really matter who gets elected once the total surveillance state is enacted in America and we're clearly getting very close to that moment in time, if we haven't crossed that line already. As McAdoo tells us, everything needed for a total surveillance grid has been built up all around us, allegedly for our own security. Will the nwo 'elitists' be able to complete their 'very big plans for us' that McAdoo speaks of? 

In the 2nd video below, we see the massive military train in New Mexico, completely loaded down as spotted by a trucker. Our trucker, Jesus is Lord, tells us that he has been witnessing more and more of these military convoys, if not by train than via big rig as he also mentions in this video.

ANP has been reporting on massive military convoys across America for well over a year now and there is now talk that what we are witnessing may be a buildup to Jade Helm 16 in America, the latest set of unconventional warfare drills called UWEX16. With the global economy now completely on the ropes and a former White House official weighing in on King World News on 'the illusion' that we are now watching unfolding, we'll end with two new SQAlerts below videos that help to sum up the state that America is now in: It's getting hard for Americans to make any money in this weakening economy and Americans better be prepared for what is coming as a very difficult road lies ahead for us. 

I have family who runs a truck and they are having a hard time getting any work because of the vulture effect of all the truckers fighting over the scraps to get a load.

Good morning Steve,

I read the response in the alerts about Maersk cancelling sailings.
I head the transportation of our international freight, in particular our main distribution of Changshu, China to California.
We have not seen a single carrier cancelation and in fact, our average door to door lead-time from Changshu to a norther suburb of Dallas, TX is down to 3 weeks. Just 4-6 months ago you were lucky to get 5 weeks on that same path and our worst case scenario was 7.

I can confirm that pricing has dropped by 30-40% on these services which is significant when in the past a typical 40’ HQ normally would cost about $6,500 all in.
As to the trucking; I have family who runs a truck and they are having a hard time getting any work because of the vulture effect of all the truckers fighting over the scraps to get a load. You used to could get a trailer/container daily out of the Dallas Rail Head but not anymore as there are way more drivers than loads to process.

I guess the bottom line is still the same, imports are way down and from what we see are getting worse.

THIRD TRUCKER CHECKS IN-Quite a few of us run for a few days and then sit for a few days. It is getting very hard to make money.

Dear Steve,
We just loaded out of La Porte TX, on Monday. There was bulker freight ships in port, I did not see any container ships as we passed over the
large bridge on the 610. If we go back this week I will try for some pictures. The place we loaded at had plenty of containers on site and the
mules were busy but that does not mean much as many companies use those containers as regular trailers and mobile wharehouses. The car off load yards were full, while two weeks ago or so we were in Portland OR. and there was plenty of space at the Hyundai yard we drove past. We found it more interesting that there was room at the truck stops in the late afternoon in both cities. It would seem that there are less trucks being sent to those cities as the freight is drying up. Usually if you are in a port city if you do not find parking by noon you better pray your reload is that day because it will suck trying to find parking. Quite a few of us run for a few days and then sit for a few days. It is
getting very hard to make money.

Take care,


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