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August 29, 2020

Over 100 Million Law-Abiding Americans Owning More Than 300 Million Guns And Trillions Of Rounds Of Ammo Will Become The 'New Law And Order' In America If Democrats Defund The Police

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While the rallying cry of the day for Democrats as they attempt to 'fire up' their base ahead of November to try to keep President Trump from winning re-election are 'kill the f*cking police' and 'death to America', over 4 years ago now, comedian Chris Rock put out a 4-minute segment titled "How NOT To Get Your *ss Kicked By The Police" that should be required viewing for every member of BLM and Antifa in 2020. 

With Rock putting out this 'educational video' that we've embedded below as a 'public service announcement', had Jacob Blake followed Rock's excellent advice from just a few years ago, he probably would have never been shot and all of the mess happening now in Wisconsin avoided but this 'orchestrated chaos' is the Democrats only game in 2020. And as we'll see in watching Rock's video, Blake actually broke a whole bunch of the 'golden rules' when it comes to staying totally unharmed, alive and unscathed during police interactions. 

With Rock beginning his advice with "have you ever been face to face with the police and wondered, 'is he about to kick my *ss'", he follows up with "well follow these easy tips and you'll be fine"

Yet to BLM and antifa, Rock's first tip is a doozy: "Obey the law". "Laws were made for a reason. Think of them as 'hints'". Moving on to "use common sense" and then playing a scene of a person who obviously didn't use his 'common sense' getting his *ss kicked by the actor-police, listen to the audience laughing, hooting and howling in the background as the person who didn't use common sense gets beaten by cops! 

Oh how just a few years have changed things. How would a comedy sketch/public service announcement like this play out in 2020? We invite any 'activists' from BLM/antifa who might be reading this to reply in the comment section below. 

With Rock then moving on to Rodney King and claiming Rodney wouldn't have gotten his *ss kicked had he just followed the simple tips, Rock then warned "when you see flashing lights in your mirror, stop immediately! Everybody knows, if the police have to come and get you, they're bringing an *ss kicking with them." Once again, to heavy audience applause and laughter. 

Rock then goes on to the next 'golden rule' of police interactions, when an officer approaches your car, be polite and stay in your car with your hands on the steering wheel. "Unless you want your *ss kicked" Rock then warns as his actor gets out of the car, starts yelling and screaming at the cops and then gets the batons raining down upon him, once again, to heavy audience laughs and applause.  

And while Rock's skit is clearly comedy, it also is a 'public service announcement' that we'll argue here once again should be required viewing for every BLM/antifa activist across America for it gives some great common sense advice, via comedy, on how to stay alive. And the fact that Rock's audience is laughing as the 'criminal actor' gets his *ss beat over and over again by the police shows that, at least back then, Americans understood that sometimes, such behavior from law enforcement is necessary. The video before we continue.

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With Democrats in 2020 actually talking about 'defunding the police' in America, can you imagine this country in 2020 if the police were defunded, especially with insane leftists already burning down parts of the big cities, now coming out to the suburbs and going so far as to attack politicians and their wives

As one commenter on a recent video I watched about the events in Kenosha, Wisconsin had pointed out about the Democrats desire to 'defund the police', "if there are no police in America, 100 million heavily armed American citizens owning over 300 million guns and trillions of rounds of ammo will become the new 'law and order'"

And with "America On A Downward Slide Into The Darkest Days Of The Republic Should Democrats Win In November" as Dr. Don Boys had reported within this ANP story, and the Democrats entire platform being 'destroy America by any means necessary', we absolutely owe it to our families, loved ones and the future of freedom in America to be prepared with the seeds of civil war being sown in Kenosha, Wisconsin and elsewhere across America. From this story at the American Spectator.: 

The appearance of a 'Kyle Rittenhouse', or someone like him, was utterly and completely inevitable, and the People’s Revolution Movement and other Antifa/BLM covens bear total responsibility for his appearance. 

What did you morons think was going to happen? That you could continue burning down a small city in middle America without any resistance? People are going to defend their lives and property sooner or later, you know. You may have caught a break in that your nemesis turned out to be a 17-year-old you can cancel as a crazed would-be school shooter, but the next incident might very well run your people up against decorated Navy SEALS or Marines or retired cops with unblemished service records. Or just plain pillars of the community well-versed in firearms. Particularly in a place like Wisconsin where those with hunting licenses represent a fighting force as large as the army of many a small nation. 

The citizenry will eventually fight back. 

And when it does, nobody ought to be surprised. The make-believe revolution must at some point become real. In Kenosha it became real. And in real revolutions people get killed, because more than one side is fighting. 

But while Antifa and Black Lives Matter have lit the match to this powderkeg, perhaps the real culprits are the men standing by with buckets of water but refusing to use them to douse the fuse. And for that, Wisconsin’s Democrat Gov. Tony Evers is far more at fault for the Kenosha bloodshed than is Kyle Rittenhouse.

And with Joe Biden's VP pick Kamala Harris actually going so far as to say these protest/riots 'will never stop' while the Hollywood/mainstream media/professional sports world apparatus goes all-in on BLM and the 'protests', too, as Susan Duclos recently reported in echoing remarks made by Senator Rand Paul, "there's something going on here...that's not 'normal'", and treason never is. 

For the past 4 years we've been witnessing something that we've never seen before in modern US history, with much of the Democratic party going all-in on 'treason and sedition' with their 4 year long affair attempting to 'overthrow' President Trump and the results of the 2016 election. 

With the November election giving them one last opportunity to do so, we shouldn't be expecting anything less than the Democrats and their propaganda machine, the mainstream media, kicking into overdrive in an attempt to label President Trump as a 'racist' and an 'enemy of America' and all of President Trump's supporters 'enemies of the state' as Nancy Pelosi recently claimed

With chaos following Democrats wherever they go in 2020, the mainstream media lying through their teeth in claiming that BLM/antifa protests across America have 'been peaceful' even as fires rage on behind the reporter while anybody who has been paying attention to 'real news' knows that its been the Democrats who have been committing treason and sedition, "the savage immaturity of the left and their proxies in the streets" are warning signs of what is ahead. From this American Thinker story.

For months Democrats have actually believed that the riots in the streets would help them defeat Trump! So besotted by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, both violent Marxist organizations, they forgot to remember the precise meaning of the word “civilization.” 

This kind of violent protest got Nixon elected in a landslide. Perhaps they counted on two generations of leftist indoctrination to serve them well, but no, it won’t. Most Americans still favor law and order over barbarity and bloodshed. They do not look kindly on their small businesses being destroyed by thugs in the euphemistic name of “peaceful protests” and “systemic racism.” 

Just who are the racists? The oh-so-intolerant left and the Democrats who refuse to condemn their monstrous behavior. Consider the cruel attacks on those leaving the White House after the final convention event. The inept mayor of DC allowed this; she loves it. She thinks it will reverberate in her favor. Like the mayors of Seattle, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, the governors of New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, California and New York, DC mayor Muriel Bowser is a fool, willing to sacrifice the safety of her citizens for dangerous political purposes. 

These hate-filled people also prove what all conservatives already know, that the Democrat party is viciously intolerant of people with views in opposition to their own. They call black conservatives “Uncle Toms” thinking that is a slur. Clearly, they’ve not read Beecher Stowe’s book Uncle Toms Cabin, for Uncle Tom is the finest character in the novel. 

Bottom line? The Democrat party has devolved into a gang of hoodlums. They taunt and demean anyone with whom they disagree, and they enable the violence and the looting in the streets of Minneapolis, Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, et. al. or at least they did until Thursday when new talking points were distributed. The polls that show Americans revere their police and expect law and order to be enforced by their elected officials must have come as a shock. 

Are they that clueless, that deluded? Indeed, they are. They prove it each and every day since President Trump was elected.

So while the left may think that they 'own' the 'higher moral ground', as long as they continue to wage war upon the police and 'law and order' in America, they'll continue to be the group that is on the 'wrong side' of history. And while we'd never support a 'totalitarian police state' in America, just imagine this country if Democrats got their way and abolished the police, turning our nation into a modern day 'wild, wild West'. Or God forbid, Joe Biden somehow steals the election. 

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