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May 31, 2015

HAWK: 'This Thing Is Gonna Go Down!' - Texas Weather Wars

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine


On May 26, 2015 ANP published an article asking is Texas was under attack by the US government for resisting the controversial †Jade Helm military exercises slated to start in July and end in September (More on Jade Helm here), via weather manipulation, and in the 4 segments of Friday night's Survive to Thrive show hosted by the Hawk, that question is expanded on and he speaks to the documented technology used in weather warfare, highlighting the "earth changes" we are seeing across the globe and specifically the extreme weather events hitting Texas.

Hawk reminds listeners that there are 72 HAARP-like devices scattered around the world under the control or partial control of the US government and recommends "Weather Wars & Un-Natural Disasters by Steve Quayle," who detailed the proof of weather manipulation and the type of weather events that would occur from it, many years ago.... things we are seeing happen right now in the increased earthquake activity and severity and volcanic events.†

From economic forcasters warning to prepare to older quotes from high profile personalities speaking opening of a depopulation agenda, Hawk makes the cases for his assertion in the first video below that "this thing is gonna go down."

It is clear the US government and other governments across the world are preparing for something, whether that is an economic collapse, an expected asteroid hit on earth, ..... whatever the "event," it is huge, it is bad, and it is coming.

There "when" and "what" is anyone's guess since the governments in question are not forthcoming about why they are activating so many drills, exercises, stockpiling of critical assets, reactivating EMP-proof bunkers and other reported preparations, but many believe that those warnings we have been hearing for years from people that saw this all coming and connected the dots, are finally coming to pass as things escalate.

This is definitely a must-hear commentary by the Hawk.


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