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March 31, 2017

Time To Bring The Battle To Them - From Censorship To 'Fake News' Labels, War Has Been Declared


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Quick question: How did Donald Trump get elected? Was it the "fair" and "balanced" coverage by the mainstream media, where 91 percent of the the coverage was found to have been hostile towards Trump, in favor of Clinton, in the 12 weeks after the party's respective conventions when the nominees became official? Nope.

More important question, how did the Independent Media bypass the mainstream media, strip their control and influence over the masses, and prevent Hillary Clinton being elected to complete the destruction of America?

Quick answer: By uniting for a common goal, whether it was supportive of Trump or simply united in opposition to Clinton.  No one colluded on specific story lines or content, or particular narratives, but everyone in the conservative Independent Media dug deep, took a stand to make sure that the real news about Clinton was exposed, especially when the MSM refused to cover it, downplayed it or buried it so deep no one could find it. Even more importantly, readers shared, they commented, they emailed friends and family, they fought as hard as the sites themselves.


Immediately after the election the MSM and liberals across the Internet started their attacks on the Independent Media, labeling it "fake news" or "Russian propaganda"  if it didn't fit their liberal ideology. Many thought that after they had their temper tantrums over the loss of influence and control of the narrative, that things would go back to normal.

It hasn't, it won't, and it has gotten exponentially worse.

The MSM War On Trump And  Conservative Independent Media - According to an in depth study of the coverage of the first thirty days of Trump's presidency, showed that 88 percent of the MSM coverage, from the "Big Three" networks ABC, NBC and CBS, "88 percent of the broadcast news coverage of Mr. Trump and his team was 'hostile'."

Our measure of media tone excludes soundbites from identified partisans, focusing instead on tallying the evaluative statements made by reporters and the non-partisan talking heads (experts and average citizens) included in their stories. In their coverage of Trump’s first month, the networks crowded their stories with quotes from citizens angry about many of his policies, while providing relatively little airtime to Trump supporters.
That study didn't even address the relentlessly negative coverage of Trump from newspapers, or their online coverage. A 

According to a more recent IBD/TIPP poll, the general public has noticed the media's "open hostility," with majorities believing the media has taken on the role of the "opposition party," are growing "weary from the media's persistently negative coverage," and are not confident "the media will cover the Trump presidency fairly."

While the data from partisan Democrats and Republicans are to be expected, with Democrats being in the minority that disagrees with the majority, it is the Independents, those that do not self-identify and are not affiliated with either party, that should speak loudly to the MSM, as shown below.


This also explains the establishment media's extreme hatred and attempts to slander conservative Independent Media, those that stripped them of their control and influence in the 2016 presidential election, with the Vice President of Business and Culture at the Media Research Center, Dan Gainor, saying their attempts are actually trying to "demonize all conservative media."

Gainor states "This has a larger strategy. We saw it a couple times this week. It is the attempt to demonize all conservative media. The Washington Post is big-time into this."

Liberal Colleges Attack Conservatives And Independent Media - All one has to do is visit College Fix or Campus Reform and look at their articles, where they detail the attacks against Christians and conservatives, with students signing petitions to get professors that voted for Trump banned, rioting in order to prevent conservative speakers from attending events they were invited to, and conservatives targeted with hateful graffiti, rape and death threats.

Now we see those same liberal colleges are attacking conservative media, claiming that the same establishment media that the majority of the public doesn't trust to report fairly or accurately is being hailed as "Great sources of news."

I kid you not.

A guide has been published by Gustavus Adolphus College library, which lists liberal media sites as "great in-depth sources of news," and "reputable," while listing conservative media outlets as "fake news," and "conservative utter garbage/conspiracy theories." They even published a handy graphic, shown below:


That pretty much sums up what and how colleges students are being taught.

Social Media War Against Independent & Christians Accelerates -  On March 25, 2017, we published an article showing that YouTube, which is owned by Google, had flagged all ANP content as "inappropriate," in restricted mode, meaning anyone that has restricted mode set on YouTube to avoid porn, or violent content, which ANP does not do either, cannot 'see" our content. YouTube has also been demonetizing political content that does not match their ideology, and in some cases, even content that has no ideology.

ANP is far from alone here, as more and more content creators are now noticing and highlighting that their content, which also contains no sexual content or violence, is also disappearing under restricted mode and/or being demonetized.

YouTube creator Ethan Klein from the channel H3H3Productions, which has over 3,600,000 subscribers, complained on Twitter Wednesday that YouTube had demonetized a range of videos, from his most popular “Vape Nation” comedy sketch, which has nearly 15 million views, to a “Thank You” for 3 Million subscribers video.

Another, with 17 million subscribers, stated "I’ve also had a bizarre selection of videos demonetized with no notification or option to appeal." 

Some are creating Patreon accounts in order to supplement the revenue YouTube is deliberately strangling them out of, as ANP has done, others are uploading their content to sites such as VidMe, which we have just started doing as well, but the list of creators is growing exponentially, as well as those deciding to leave YouTube altogether. Read more of their experiences at Breitbart.

Facebook is also continuing their march to complete totalitarian levels with their recent decision to comply with Pakistan's demand to censor "blasphemy."

Late last week, government officials in Pakistan informed the Islamabad High Court that “almost 85 percent” of “blasphemous” material on Facebook had been taken down at the request of the government.

While Facebook is fast to comply with protecting radical Islamic terrorism and censoring free speech if it happens to "offend" Muslims or liberals, it seems that "pro-Christian" speech is an absolute no-no as reports that biblical commentary and discussion is being muzzled.

As for Twitter, they have taken things a step further and are now actively blocking certain terms from their search results, without offering any transparency on the terms they are censoring.

We have previously covered the fact that Google is now using a new flag for reviewers to mark content as "offensive/upsetting," so it will rank lower in their results,  but now we see those flags also apply to sites that are critical of Islamic terrorism.

Last, but not least, leave it to the liberal lawmakers in California to up the ante, trying to push through legislation that would ban "fake news," which if it passed would be entertaining to watch considering the majority of "fake news" being reported on is by the MSM.


At the beginning of this article I asked how Donald Trump got elected, with the answer being the conservative Independent Media united for a common goal, stopping Hillary Clinton. Independent Media was relentless in calling out MSM lies, bias and highlighting the news they downplayed on Clinton, and in there lies the answer to how we can bring the battle directly to them since they not only declared war on Independent Media but have escalated it to the point where they are attempting to kill us off totally.

From censorship to attempts to strangle it by attacking revenue sources as with the liberal boycott push against Breitbart, and the AdRoll issue at InfoWars, or Googles attempt to censor Natural News by eliminating every one of their pages from Google's search (which was restored a week later, but cost Natural News their revenue obtained by search engine traffic) the attacks keep coming, but those can be overcome.

While video content creators are loading videos to multiple other platforms in conjunction to YouTube, creating a base so they can eliminate the need for YouTube revenue, and social media users are finding alternative services such as Gab instead of Twitter or GrassFire instead of Facebook, the biggest fight must be against the MSM and their liberal cohorts.

First - The MSM must be called out each and every time they report "fake news." Every lie, every misrepresentation must be highlighted, shared and reported on.

Second - Independent News sites need to stop linking to the MSM directly. For example, if a quote is needed from a MSM sourced article, use a Archive site, such as, past the link in, choose the date, and wham, same article, but not offering the original URL one hit of traffic.

Third - Independent News sites should all encourage their readers to do the same thing they did to help bring about the biggest upset in the history of politics during the 2016 election, because without the readers pounding the virtual pavement and making sure the "real news" was seen across the Internet, it couldn't have happened.

Fourth - The colleges need to feel the pain of their liberal indoctrination practices and their coddling of the little college snowflakes. Donors need to make their voices heard by pulling their donations to all schools that are stifling free speech, attacking Christian students and conservatives. Colleges also have a Board of Trustees that are responsible for a number of functions, including establishing policies. Parents should be contacting them to push for more education, less activism and so-called "social justice" courses.

Fifth - Just as we all united to prevent Clinton from being elected, now we must unite to fight back against censorship and these attacks on Independent Media, whether it is a post a day, or a week or even a month, site owners need to keep the pressure on as we did during the election cycle.


We won a major battle in 2016 but we will not win the war if we lay down our arms (keyboards) and ignore the fact that they are still attacking us all at every given opportunity. It is time to bring the battle right to their door.

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