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July 5, 2019

Crazed And Triggered: From Road Rage To Outrage, Liberals In The U.S.  Hate America And Have Absolutely No Sense Of Humor

(Liberal SJW Triggered By A Trump Flag)

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

The image above is a screen shot from the very short 1:22 minute road rage video shown below, as just one example of the many to be described throughout this article, which shows that in America, we are not seeing a "culture war" as the media likes to call it, but the very seeds that grow into a full-scale civil war.

To set the scene, via the description on the video clip: "So this happened....on route 128 in Massachusetts during the morning rush hour. Before the camera started rolling, this woman had swerved into me, thrown what I think was a pizza box and several bottles of water. Yes, she’s essentially driving a dumpster on wheels."

After the camera started rolling, we see this triggered individual, curse at the guy, scream "go f'ing die," and throw more bottles at his vehicle.

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While the example above is obviously a liberal Trump-hater with an unhealthy amount of Trump Derangement Syndrome, if a simple Trump flag can turn her into a raving lunatic, but other examples show it is not just TDS, but an actual hatred for this very nation that we live in.

Nike recently rolled-out a 4th of July themed sneaker, with the Betsy Ross flag on the back and is now suffering backlash for recalling them and basically wasting millions spent on creating them, along with the loss of sales by pulling them, because their poster boy, America-hating former NFL kneeler, Colin Kaepernick, was offended by the American flag.

Not only did Nike lose production costs and loss of sales, but their branding the Betsy Ross flag as a racist symbol has cost them the incentives that Arizona was planning to offer to have them build a manufacturing plant in the state of Arizona, according to Arizona's Governor Doug Ducey.

“Words cannot express my disappointment at this terrible decision. I am embarrassed for Nike,” Ducey, a Republican, tweeted. “Nike is an iconic American brand and American company. This country, our system of government and free enterprise have allowed them to prosper and flourish.

“Instead of celebrating American history the week of our nation’s independence, Nike has apparently decided that Betsy Ross is unworthy, and has bowed to the current onslaught of political correctness and historical revisionism. It is a shameful retreat for the company. American businesses should be proud of our country’s history, not abandoning it.

“Nike has made its decision, and now we’re making ours. I’ve ordered the Arizona Commerce Authority to withdraw all financial incentive dollars under their discretion that the State was providing for the company to locate here. Arizona’s economy is doing just fine without Nike. We don’t need to suck up to companies that consciously denigrate our nation’s history.

And finally, it shouldn’t take a controversy over a shoe for our kids to know who Betsy Ross is. A founding mother. Her story should be taught in all American schools. In the meantime, it’s worth googling her.”

By allowing an America-hater like Kaepernick to push them into making a decision that the majority of their targeted customers disagrees with, gives new meaning to the term "get woke, go broke," as others are now jumping into the mix and offering their own "Boss like Ross" line of sneakers, as a conservative Senator, Ted Cruz, is calling for an outright boycott on Nike, hashtag #WalkAwayFromNike.

The Nike controversy aside, there are other indicators that "triggered" liberals hate America as well. Look at a recent promotion from New York Times Opinion, which declares "The myth of America as the greatest nation on earth is at best outdated and at worst, wildly inaccurate. If you look at data, the U.S. is really just O.K," with a 4:41 video attached which denigrates America.

The Fourth of July parade in D.C. to celebrate America's Independence Day absolutely triggered the liberals across social media, including the freaked out liberals at Washington Post, who declared the parade to be "more in keeping with a banana republic than the world’s oldest democracy."

Equally, if not more troubling, is his insistence on a display of military might that will include a flyover of warplanes and the stationing of tanks or other armored military vehicles on the streets of the capital. What this will cost the Defense Department and the National Parks Service is anyone’s guess. (Officials have refused comment.) But the question of expense pales in comparison with the message that will be sent by a gaudy display of military hardware that is more in keeping with a banana republic than the world’s oldest democracy.

Republic... not Democracy.  I do not know how many times that has to be repeated before people start understanding the difference.

MSNBC refused to air President Trump's "Salute To America," speech live for their viewers, and a CNN panel complained endlessly about the "history lesson," that was part of the speech. Sadly, this may be the first time many young Americans, even in college, have ever heard about the reason the 4th of July is celebrated as our Independence Day, because schools certainly aren't providing true history lessons anymore.

For those that missed the 'Salute To America' speech, it is embedded at the bottom of the article.

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I cannot begin to describe how much vitriol and hatred I saw liberals spewing against America throughout July 4th, there is simply too much to show it all here, but those triggered didn't only display Trump Derangement Syndrome, they truly spoke as if they hated America as a whole.



What good would a "triggered" piece be without detailing the latest feminist idiocy, which comes via Vox's food website Eater, where a feminist writer bitterly complains that the latest menu trend of offering an option titled "My Girlfriend Isn't Hungry," is somehow "misogyny."

It started as a Facebook post that went viral, was picked up by the media, and then when discovered that multiple restaurants offer this type of option, triggered the Eater feminist into headlining a piece with "Screw This Whole ‘My Girlfriend Isn’t Hungry’ Menu Trend."

The humorous option added by a variety of restaurants is based on the fact that some women, when out on a date, will order a salad or something else small, and when the meals arrive, proceed to grab some fries, onion rings or something else off the man's plate. So these restaurants have an option that for a little extra they will double your fry order, and extra onion rings, or honey biscuits, or other extras to be "picked" at.

Unable to see the humor in the new trending practice, the Eater feminist goes on a screed:

Let’s start with the acknowledgment that it’s not a crime to just want three onion rings sometimes. The idea that your girlfriend is intentionally lying to you about how much fried food she wants (because these menu items are never an extra order of green beans) is based in the men-are-from-Mars-and-Venus-is-complicated idea that women are always being coy about what they “really” mean, and it’s a man’s job to decipher it. At its most benevolent, it causes men to roll their eyes when women snag bites of their dessert. At its worst, it gives men cover for their misdeeds under the guise that she was secretly “asking for it.”

But aside from the misogyny (well, more like along with it), there are many reasons why anyone might snag some fries without ordering her own. Maybe she can’t afford, or understands her partner can’t afford, two full orders of fries and is trying to be nice about it. Maybe she just really wanted a salad, because salads are great in their own right, and also one onion ring because onion rings are also great. Maybe, like many women, she struggles with disordered eating because we live in a society that asks that women be “chill” enough to scarf down pizza but also remain 110 pounds at all times, and she’s stuck in a damned-if-you-do situation where her date will judge her no matter what she orders. Or maybe she thought she was on a date with a generous, trusting person who wouldn’t turn her appetite back on her. How dare she make that mistake.

Liberal feminists simply do not get "humor." They are too busy looking for something to scream "SEXIST" at, or too busy hunting for something to be outraged about, or to claim victimhood.

Eater shared their promotional for the article on Twitter, with the message "My Girlfriend Isn't Hungry” menu items are thinly-veiled misogyny."

Thankfully, conservative women took the writer and the Eater site to task.  Social Media Manager for the Daily Caller, Jessica Fletcher responded on Twitter by saying "Dear lord find a real thing to be upset about."

Another user states "This is stupid. The menu is hilarious. Do you actually know what “misogyny” means?" Federalist writer Anna James Zeigler agrees, stating "Actually no, they’re hilarious."

Co-host of The Gospel Explained Podcast, Theresa Lane, explains "My Girlfriend Isn’t Hungry” menus should be in every restaurant everywhere. I still do this to my husband."

More reactions at Twitchy.

The actual Twitter post by Eater received only 47 retweets, with 181 likes, but has over 740 comments, with the majority expressing how utterly ridiculous it to be offended by a humorous menu option. That is called being "ratio'd."


Each and every day we observe an increase in craziness coming from the constantly triggered liberals of America. Unable to understand humor, going into fits of rage over a Trump flag, or red MAGA hat, physically attacking conservatives, while expressing their contempt for America on the very day we celebrated our Independence.

One would think being crazed and triggered every single day, would be exhausting, yet day after day, they take to social media and spew hatred and vitriol against anyone that dares have an opinion other than their own, when they're not acting like victims, of course.

Below, as promised, something else that triggered almost all liberals on the Fourth, President Trump's "Salute To America."

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