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August 25, 2015

Donald Trump Handles Reporter From Univision Like A Boss - Kicks Him Out! Really Think Black Lives Matter Is Going To Try Him?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Drudge said it best..."adios!" in linking to a story from The Hill that completely exemplifies why so many Americans will be voting for Donald Trump next year. Simply, the guy is no nonsense. When Univision's Jorge Ramos attempted to ask a question of Trump when he hadn't been called on, Trump told him straight "Excuse me, sit down, you weren't called" and the kicker..."go back to Univision."

Seconds later, a brief glance from Trump towards a staff member saw Ramos escorted quickly out of the crowd. Trump didn't wait for Ramos to come up and take the mic from him as happened to one recent politician nor did he apologize for what he did as did another but in this brief 54 second video, he showed why he's the man he's made himself into and the person who has the best chance to fix what is broken in America at this moment in history.

What this 1st video doesn't show you is that Ramos got back into the news conference and in doing so, proceeded to engage Trump in a 4 or 5 question and answer session in which Trump lays out his immigration plan in some detail. He's going to start with the gang members. If people don't believe that Trump is going to do what he says he's going to do, you need to watch this video.

The 2nd video shows Trump answering Ramos when he got back in. On Trump's terms, not Ramos. Politically correct? Of course not. Yet politically perfect for this time in history that sees America at its' lowest point in many years. Watch Trump's poll numbers go up again.

After Bernie Sanders 'security' allowed Black Lives Matter to take the mic away from him and force him off of the stage, watching this is a bit refreshing. Does anybody really think BLM will try this on Trump?

By the way, Univision and George Soros are two of the biggest donors to the super PAC that backs Hillary Clinton. Is this the way a Donald Trump administration would be run? Let's hope so. Enjoy!

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