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February 11, 2018

These Are Red Flags We Are In The Last Days: As President Trump's HUD Secretary Warns 'The Purge' Could Turn Real, Socialist Venezuela Descends Into 'Mad Max' Violence And Total Chaos - A Huge Warning To America  

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to MSN news, former US Presidential candidate and current Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson has a 'bizarre scenario' of how 'The Purge' could turn real while talking about the threat that North Korea (or Russia, China, or any other nuclear-armed countries for that matter) pose to America. 

The story over at Huffington Post reporting on Carson's recent statements called it "a weirdly specific vision of how 'The Purge' could turn real", another radical leftist news outlet attempting to ridicule Carson over remarks he made to guests at a Christmas party that a future 'dystopian America', much like the lawlessness seen in the Purge movie series, was a very real possibility for our nation. 

In the story over at AOL the first paragraph rang out "For one night, Americans did something crazy and listened to Ben Carson", as if Carson's warning of a possible EMP attack upon America, knocking out our electrical grid and sending America back to the dark ages, was mindless lunatic babble....though they neglect to mention that Carson is quite literally a brain surgeon and one of the absolutely brightest minds in America.


In fact, over the last week, much of the mainstream media and numerous liberal outlets have gone 'all in' in calling Ben Carson crazy with this story over at the Washington Post (saved at Archive) also attempting to downplay Carson's warnings as if he had no clue what he was talking about while this story over at Business Insider (also saved at Archive) reports that Ben Carson can't stop talking about the Apocalypse. 

Yet as we see detailed within this ANP story, Ben Carson's warning to friends at that Christmas party was way above the comprehension levels of the people who run outlets such as the Washington Post, AOL, MSN and the Huffington Post and continues a theme that Dr. Peter Vincent Pry has warned about on ANP - should America have an EMP attack launched against us that ends up killing off 90% of our population our epitaph should be: "America - died of stupidity". 

And while an EMP attack that takes down our electrical grid and sends the US back to the dark ages might not be the exact situation that brings us to the brink of the apocalypse, all we need to do is take a look at what is happening in Venezuela where life there now is like a post-apocalyptic TV show according to this new story over at the Organic Prepper.

All News Pipeline would like to thank the website The Prepping Guide for reaching out to us and sending us two new stories actually written by a Venezuelan prepper who lives there now and details for us the struggle to survive in these stories: 

Venezuela Collapse: Survival Of A Prepper In The World’s Worst Economy

Venezuelan Economy: Cash Crunch In A Collapse And The Crypto Plan


And while we see very few stories about the collapse of Venezuela from the same mainstream media that is now trying to downplay Ben Carson's EMP warnings as they try not to awaken Americans to the dangers of socialism, we thank Reuters for putting out this new story titled: "Mad Max violence stalks Venezuela's lawless roads" which details for us the kind of lawlessness that comes with either an EMP attack or a total economy calamity such as Venezuela is going through now. 

With Venezuela now in their 5th year of this calamity with growing hunger and desperation nationwide, is this the kind of violence that Carson was wisely warning his friends about this past Christmas? From the Reuters story

When he set off at sunset from the town of La Grita in western Venezuela on his 900-km (560-mile) journey, Aguilar knew he was taking his life in his hands.

With hunger widespread amid a fifth year of painful economic implosion under President Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela has seen a frightening surge in attacks on increasingly lawless roads.

Just a few days earlier, Aguilar said he sat terrified when hundreds of looters swarmed a stationary convoy, overwhelming drivers by sheer numbers. They carted off milk, rice and sugar from other trucks but left his less-prized vegetables alone.

“Every time I say goodbye to my family, I entrust myself to God and the Virgin,” said the 36-year-old trucker.

While truck heists have long been common in Latin America’s major economies from Mexico to Brazil, looting of cargoes on roads has soared in Venezuela in recent times and appears to be not just a result of common crime but directly linked to growing hunger and desperation among the population of 30 million.


As Zero Hedge recently reported, violence is soaring all across Venezuela and why shouldn't it be with it long being known that only 9 meals separate society from total anarchy. What would you do if you and your family were starving and there was no way to get food - would you steal for it? Sell yourself for it? Kill for it?  

As Zero Hedge reports within their story, "the flamingo-eating, wild-horse-slaying, rabbit-breeding-for-food utopian society is falling apart" and just like the mainstream media apparatus attempting to lead us to believe that an EMP attack could never happen here in America and such apocalyptic talk is crazy talk, there but for the amazing Grace of God go we. 

And as even the Washington Post hinted at back in 2017, what is happening in Venezuela should be a dire warning to America and while the Wash Po story dishes out another attack upon President Donald Trump and 'nationalism' in their story, it's long been warned that the globalists within America would happily take down our economy, blaming it upon President Trump and nationalism, to help them complete their satanic agenda. 


As Mac Slavo reported over at SHTFPlan back on January 31st, "The Path The US Is On Is Unsustainable, Which Will INEVITABLY Lead To Social Disorder".

And whether via an EMP attack that takes down our electrical grid, leaving hundreds of millions of completely unprepared Americans with the mainstream media apparatus downplaying the EMP threat, the globalists bringing down the economy upon President Trump's watch, a nuclear war against China, Russia or North Korea or numerous other game changing events, what is happening now in Venezuela should be proof to us that Ben Carson's warnings of a dystopian America are well within the realm of possibility. 

As videographer EverythingNewUnderTheSon tells us in this first video below, everything that we've been witnessing recently could easily be looked at as 'red flags' that we are in 'the last days' with Christianity also under attack worldwide.

We'll leave with these words of wisdom from Slavo's story as we also hear in the 2nd video below:

The economy can turn on a dime and we have set ourselves up for epic failure. This isn’t a ‘kick the can down the road’ scenario anymore. This is a serious…this problem has to be fixed and fixed fast. Because if it doesn’t, I fear what’s happening in Venezuela could very easily happen in America.

Be prepared, but don’t live in fear


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