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March 4, 2018

'Dystopian Horror Show' In Venezuela Leads To Massive Exodus And Offer More Dire 'End Times Warning Signs' To America

- Calls For US Military To Provide Humanitarian Aid To Venezuela Growing


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this heartbreaking recent story over at Yahoo News they report that socialist nation Venezuela's rapid descent into oblivion has taken a new turn downwards as zookeepers in the starving nation are being forced to use zoo animals to feed their other zoo animals in a desperate attempt to keep some of the animals alive.

While it's been widely reported that some of the starving masses in Venezuela had been looting zoos themselves, killing zoo animals for their next meals, the stories coming out of Venezuela over the past week are leading to calls for the US military to become involved and secure humanitarian aid for those who are running out of hope as heard in the 1st video below. What Fox News calls the 'dystopian horror show' in Venezuela is providing the world with all kinds of 'end times signs'. 

As the Washington Post reports in this new story (saved at the Wayback Machine), a massive exodus is still happening with Venezuelans leaving their country in record numbers, overwhelming neighboring nations unprepared to handle the unending flow of people which some say is on par with Syrians leaving their homes following the outbreak of war there back in 2015. As we all know now, the 'exodus' from Syria helped lead to the overwhelming of Europe and the massive problems that we're witnessing there today. 


With children dying, millions starving and people being persecuted by their own government and criminals who've taken over neighborhoods, should the US military get involved as some are calling for? As we hear in the first video below, the growing calls from the Venezuelan people themselves for American military intervention there are growing every day.  Surprisingly, the Washington Post story actually calls it like it is by reporting that the people there are fleeing "an increasingly oppressive socialist regime", with 250,000 Venezuelans escaping to neighboring Colombia alone since last August and 3,000 more arriving every day. 

As 'The Print' recently reported, the outflow from people in Venezuela is now Latin America's worst refugee crisis with an estimated 1.1 million people having already left the country as inflation skyrockets, giving America a small peak at what could happen to our own country should any 'worst case scenarios' unfold here. 

And while some days Americans might feel like the world has turned against us, the struggles that some Americans are now going through with food still available 24/7 in most cities and towns across the country are nothing compared to the daily lives of people in Venezuela, many of who spent many hours each day just trying to find food for themselves and their families.

From the Washington Post story.:

There is little precedent in the region for the speed and intensity of the Venezuelan migrant crisis.

After the leftist firebrand Hugo Chávez became president in 1999, thousands of Venezuelans — especially from the upper classes — moved out of the country. But the current exodus is far more dramatic.

Under Chavez’s handpicked successor, President Nicolás Maduro, Venezuela has reached a breaking point, with lower oil prices and economic mismanagement leading to the world’s highest inflation rate and spiraling indexes of poverty and malnutrition. At the same time, Maduro’s government has jailed and allegedly tortured opponents, sparking a wave of political asylum seekers.

Nearly a million Venezuelans have left their country over the past two years, according to the International Organization for Migration, with experts citing a surge during the second half of 2017, when the economy took a sharp turn for the worse. That figure is in addition to the hundreds of thousands who departed between 1999 and 2015.

“We’ve been coming here en masse, like people fleeing from a war zone,” said Marcos Ardon, 47, a former business owner in Venezuela now working in a Panama City, Colombia coffee shop.


In this new story from the NY Times they ask "Can Venezuela Be Saved?" with the socialist nation unwinding and the most prominent opposition leader there now under arrest. Showing us that when nations are in collapse, the roundups of 'dissidents' inevitably begins, what we're seeing with political opposition being imprisoned there is likely just what we would get here in America should we one day fall to the depths of despair that is the 'new norm' for most in Venezuela.

Another 'new norm' that we'd never wish upon anybody as Reuters reports in this new story, the average Venezuelan has lost 24 pounds within the past year and 'fear and want' are considered 'the new normal'. This heartbreaking excerpt from the Reuters story.:

Poorer by the day, hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans have concluded that escape is their only option. With the country's currency virtually worthless and air travel beyond the reach of all but elites, buses have become Venezuela's caravans of misery, rolling day and night to its borders and returning largely empty to begin the process all over again.

Just after dawn, dozens of Venezuelans gathered at the dark bus station in Caracas. They lugged one big suitcase each, as well as blankets, toilet paper, cheap bread and jugs of water. Weeping wives, confused children and elderly parents hugged them over and over until it was time to check tickets and weigh bags, then hung back, waiting hours for the bus to leave. When it finally pulled out, the passengers looked down at their loved ones, pounding on the windows and blowing kisses as they speeded out of this crumbling capital city.

On board the bus, web developer Tony Alonzo had sold his childhood guitar to help pay for his ticket to Chile. For months he had been going to bed hungry so that his 5-year-old brother could have something for dinner. Natacha Rodriguez, a machine operator, had been robbed at gunpoint three times in the past year. She was headed for Chile, too, hoping to give her baseball-loving son a better life. Roger Chirinos was leaving his wife and two young children behind to search for work in Ecuador. His outdoor advertising company had come to a bitter end: Protesters tore down his billboards to use as barricades during violent rallies against authoritarian President Nicolas Maduro.

Their bus tells the story of a once-wealthy nation in stomach-dropping free fall, as hundreds of people flee daily from a land where fear and want are the new normal.

By the time dawn rises over Caracas, hungry people are already picking through garbage while kids beg in front of bakeries. Come dusk, many Venezuelans shut themselves inside their homes to avoid muggings and kidnappings. In a country with the world's largest proven crude reserves, some families now cook with firewood because they cannot find propane. Hospitals lack supplies as basic as disinfectant. Food is so scarce and pricey that the average Venezuelan lost 24 pounds last year.

"I feel Venezuela has succumbed to an irreversible evil," Chirinos said.


It has long been warned that only 9 meals separate society from anarchy and what has been happening all across Venezuela is a perfect example of what happens when people no longer have food to feed themselves and their families.

While most Americans can't even imagine living in a world without food instantly at our fingertips and as close by as the nearest 24-hour convenience store, should only one of several potential 'worst case scenarios' unfold here,  we could quickly see ourselves in a much worse scenario than Venezuela with most Americans completely unprepared for any coming storm. 

While the Venezuelan Prepper recently reported that two of the most important criteria for surviving through the kind of  collapse that Venezuela is experiencing now are 'a strong mind' and 'a good team', it's easy to see why such a huge part of America won't stand a chance should we one day be hit with the kind of 'lows' that Venezuela is going through with at least 50% of Americans already totally unprepared for any kind of financial emergency

As even now-President Donald Trump told Fox News' Greta Van Sustern back in 2012, Americans need to prepare for financial ruin with our nation trillions of dollars in debt, Trump warned then we could become a full-scale Greece or Spain.  

And while the can has been kicked 6 more years down the road since then, our national debt keeps getting bigger and bigger and the 'police state' being built up across the nation could quickly be kicked up another totalitarian notch should suddenly and without warning, America come crashing down. 


And while Venezuela banned the private ownership of guns back in 2012, seeing what is happening there now with a government completely out of control and food being used as a battering ram against the people should be a huge lesson to us here in America. 

As this April of 2017 story over at Lowder with Crowder reports, while the government of Venezuela was disarming the Venezuelan people, banning the private ownership of firearms, they were also heavily arming themselves. Sound familiar?

With criminals in Venezuela still having guns proving true the arguments of 2nd Amendment proponents that the criminals will never give up their guns should 'gun control legislation' be treasonously enacted here, once again what is happening in Venezuela should be looked at as another huge 5-siren alarm to Americans to never, ever give up our rights. 

It's long been warned that corrupt government's use the withholding of food as a weapon against their people and Venezuela provides us with proof that a totalitarian government will always disarm their people. The future of America? If liberals have their way. 


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