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July 25, 2018

Vladimir Putin Goes Off Script And Calls Out Corrupt Faction Of 'Deep State' While This Video Montage Lays Out The 'Game Changer' That Happened While Much Of America Was Sleeping

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this new story from the Daily Mail they report upon Russia's newest nuclear weapons that can strike any place at all upon the planet Earth and wipe out an area the size of Texas or France as seen in newly released military video footage which we've republished in the video montage at the bottom of this story. We also created a gif image of one of those videos seen below.

With each missile capable of holding up to 10 large nuclear warheads or 16 smaller ones, the Daily Mail story reports that each warhead is capable of being steered to strike a different target and currently, there are no defenses against this new technology. With the RS-28 Sarmat missiles capable of making sharp twists and turns on the way to its target making it totally invulnerable to any and every missile defense system now available in the world.

As the Daily Mail story also reports, "the RS-28 Sarmat missiles are able to deliver up to 24 of Russia's new Avangard hypersonic gliders, each of which can carry its own nuclear payload. There is currently no method of defence against the Avangard cruise missiles, which can allegedly travel at 20 times the speed of sound."

And while the mainstream media and some politicians on the left are still mindlessly pushing for hostilities with Russia while claiming that President Trump is in the pocket of Russian President Vladimir Putin, a recent poll from Gallup shows that a huge percentage of the American people could care less about President Trump's alleged 'Russian collusion' with less than 1% of Americans even having it on their radars.


With RS-28 Sarmat just the latest futuristic weapon to emerge out of Russia as we see in the 2nd video below which breaks down 6 different futuristic Russia weapons for us, the RS-28 Sarmat, perhaps quite appropriately nicknamed 'Satan 2', is getting the most attention for claims that it could wipe out an area the size of Texas or France. Talk about a 'game changer'.

And while Russia's new invincible nuclear weapons are one very good reason why President Donald Trump and America should avoid war with Russia as such a war would immediately be the very end of the life as we know it for every single person living here in the US, Americans should take a very deep look at exactly who is still pushing for hostilities with Russia and why they are doing so. Why do factions of the deep state want a nuclear war with a nuclear super power that could destroy us? As we detail below this first video, according to numerous experts including a US military General, Russia now has nuclear superiority over America.

As we hear in the video directly below from Russian President Vladimir Putin who absolutely goes off script, there are people here in America who are undermining President Trump's and Americas relationship with Russia, doing their very best to sabotage Trump and Putin's summit. And while Putin doesn't call out these people by name, it's quite easy to understand who he's talking about when he references people here in America who are prepared to sacrifice US-Russia relations for ambitions within their own political party.

In fact, even President Trump recently called some of them out by name when he suggested he's considering stripping the security clearances of people such as John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Susan Rice. Yet as the Washington Standard recently asked, "what are you waiting on Mr. President?"

According to this July 13th story over at Zero Hedge, a huge percentage of the Russian people believe that a shadowy one-world global government exists and that it's hostile to the Russian nation.

Reporting that state-run Russian public opinion research agency VTSIOM took the poll which found 67% of the Russian people believe in a secret global government while only 21% said they didn't believe such a 'conspiracy' existed, it's clear by listening to Putin talk in the video above that he knows what the Russian people understand and the 'shadowy global government' they refer to

With Americans now taking the 'red pill' in staggering amounts as is seen in the viral #WalkAway movement, the fact that the mainstream media apparatus and the left are calling #WalkAway 'Russian propaganda' gives us more proof that Trump derangement syndrome still runs rampant with people being called 'Russian propaganda' actually being staunchly pro-America and anti-globalism.

And it's those of us who are hoping to avoid a potentially world-ending war with Russia who are called 'Russia propagandists' since the 'Nazi' label that they were putting upon Conservatives earlier wore out very quickly.


While this new story over at Vice's Motherboard reports that Russia's new super-weapons are mostly hype and that some experts claim that the power of these weapons are greatly exaggerated and that "none of the new weapons fundamentally alter the balance of power between Russia and its rivals, including the United least, not yet", a look back to March 28th of this year reminds us that according to Republican Senator James Inhofe, "right now, we're helpless" in reference to Russia's new hypersonic nuclear weapons.

And as General John Hyten, commander of the US Strategic Command also said in March as was reported within this Breitbart story, the US is unable to stop the new hypersonic missiles from Russia or China. Urging the US to accelerate the development of our own high velocity rocket technology so that we might have a fighting chance of keeping up with those two nations, it sure sounds like the strategic balance of power HAS been altered when people such as General Hyten and Senator Inhofe make remarks such as those.

And as Dr. Peter Vincent Pry himself reported on ANP back on March 14th, the doctrine of MAD (mutually assured destruction) that kept the US and Russia away from nuclear war for many decades is no longer 'mutual'. As Dr. Pry reported then, Russia now has nuclear superiority over the US thanks to their new hypersonic missile technology. So to those within the deep state who are still pushing for war with Russia, they really need to read the current headlines and realize that such a war is one that everybody loses.


As Dr. Pry also reported on ANP back on June 21st, another one of Russia's futuristic new weapons is an artificially intelligent drone submarine called 'POSEIDON' that could deliver a monster 100-megaton nuclear warhead, a doomsday weapon to the core potentially unleashing a tsunami to US coastlines, flooding US cities and leaving them uninhabitable wastelands for perhaps hundreds of years.

"Russia's doomsday bomb is real" Dr. Pry reported then.

With Russia's futuristic new nuclear weapons giving President Trump and America every reason to avoid war with them and instead, work to better our relations, we can only imagine what America and the world might look like right now had Hillary Clinton won and those pushing for war with Russia gotten their way.

And within the video montage seen below we get a closer look at Russia's new and allegedly invincible nuclear weapons, futuristic weapons that have altered the balance of power in the world. The final video below is titled "Moscow Is Ready for Nuclear War As In Lots Of Bunkers For The Population" within which we see the massive prep Russia has made for nuclear war and to shelter the Russian population while virtually nothing has been done to protect the American people should nuclear war break out.

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