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September 26, 2015

Putin Sends A Message To The American People - 'Which Party Is The Provocateur Here?'


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

How much do we know about Russian President Vladimir Putin? How much do we know about the behind-the-scenes strategy regarding the actions taken by Russia?

The answer is simple, Americans know what Washington, via the MSM, tells us..... period. 

A UK journalist,  John Simpson from the BBC, recently had the opportunity to ask Putin questions regarding his intentions of getting along with the U.S. and Putin's response has been described as "politely schooling"  Mr. Simpson on the recent history of Russia-US bilateral relations and US military expansionism the process.

After listening to Putin's 5 minute answer, readers/viewers may very well continue to see things the way they did before listening, and they may not............ but that decision, that judgment, will come after hearing both sides of the story, rather than basing their opinions on only what the MSM is telling us.

We could go over the points Putin makes below, item by item, but this is one of those instances where watching the body language, taking notes so each point can be looked up, verified or debunked, is the only to really make an "informed" decision after hearing both sides.

I have heard it said that there is always two sides of an argument and the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle. We now have both sides.

At one point during his answer, Putin asks "Does anyone even listen to us?" 

We're Listening.

Note - Putin is speaking Russia, subtitles are in English.


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