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September 13, 2019

This Is How The Democrats Will Try To Steal The 2020 Election: Widespread Voting Fraud In California Is The Model They'll Use As They Try To Put The Final Stake In America's Heart

By John C. Velisek - US Navy, Retired - All News Pipeline

In the 2016 election, illegal aliens voted in large enough numbers that the popular vote was skewed for Hillary Clinton. The media and the progressive socialists in the far-left Democrat Party laugh at such assertions and ridicule anyone who makes that statement. They have fallen silent at studies done since that time that have proven the assertion to be true. And as expected, they have no explanation why one and a half million illegal votes suddenly appeared in Los Angeles County in California.

Nor can they explain why California has a problem cleaning up the voter rolls in the state. San Diego County has an over-registration number of 138% which makes 811,000"ghost” voters. Los Angeles County numbers are 112% for 708,000 “ghost” voters, ad according to the employees of Los Angeles country the number may actually be as high as 144%. The total “ghost” voters for California is in the area of 1,736,556.

Even the state of California has finally admitted that one-third of the votes tallied as belonging to registered citizen voters should not be registered to vote due to irregularities in the voting process. The numbers tally up to 12% more voters than those eligible to vote in the state. The California legislature has agreed to give illegal aliens drivers licenses which leads to these same non-citizens being allowed to vote. In California, this results in a million and a half voters who should not be allowed to vote. Other states are being forced to follow this example by liberal judges sitting on the federal and state courts.

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This debacle was started when the National Voter Registration Act or the "Motor Voter Law" was signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1993."Motor Voter" was a misnomer because it not only registered those that applied for drivers licenses but it also automatically registered those who used welfare and disability payments. Once those payments were given to illegal aliens in California, the doors were wide open for abuse. There is no valid process check against non-citizens voting even to this day. Much of the reason is that the federal courts have blocked states from asking for proof of citizenship. This leaves states to process registration forms where the citizenship question on the form is not marked and still pushed through.

The voter rolls in California have not been cleared on voters who have died or moved out of the state since Bill Clinton was President. The federal requirements to update those voters who have not voted in the last two cycles have been ignored. It was Clintons Justice Department who told the state to ignore that part of the law and to continue to register whoever they could, illegal or not.

The Obama administration compounded the error by telling California, along with the other states to ignore the law and to continue to pack the voter rolls with illegal aliens. This would be the base that they would procure with the benefits that American taxpayers would be forced to support. There has been no integrity in the California voter rolls in over 20 years. The process of packing the voter rolls not only caused a condition that was filled with non-eligible people voting, but numbers show that 11 of 58 counties in California has more voters than citizens over the age of 18. As of now, the state of California has 101% of "eligible" voters registered, a statistical impossibility.

The Supreme Court has ruled that the states could no longer ignore federal law and ruled that purging of antiquated voter rolls was mandatory. Because of the excellent work by the Election Integrity Project and Judicial Watch, it may now be possible to have a voter roll with integrity once all the names are verified. The voter impersonation and outright fraud are slowly coming to an end through the work of Linda Paine, president of the Election Integrity Project.


California Secretary of State Alex Padilla has taken three years to admit the illegal immigrants did, in fact, vote in the California elections. California is a progressive socialist state, the purging on the rolls is being contested in the courts and may not be completed before the next national elections.

The “Motor Voter” registrations have been rampant in California, even though election officials told Padilla that DMV was not ready for implementation. In the words of Dean Logan, registrar for Los Angeles County “there was not the appropriate readiness to go forward in April" (the implementation date), and that he expressed grave concern to Secretary of State Padilla.

It has now been proven that the implementation of the Motor Voter process when DMV had not adequately tested the system that there has been at the minimum 105,000 errors since April 2028, the implementation date imposed by the state.

Another aspect of voter fraud is "ballot harvesting." The progressive socialist legislature of California voted ballot harvesting. Although declared illegal in North Carolina, it was another way to collect illegal alien votes for the Democrats. Once again, the Secretary of State in California Padilla claimed not to allow "ballot harvesting” would be an abridgment of fundamental voting rights.

Padilla also bragged about the accuracy and integrity of the election but refused to let any independent group or auditors to examine any of the ballots. In North Carolina, when the Republicans did the same ballot harvesting, the Democrat Party Chairman Wayne Goodwin called it “ a calculated effort to illegally undermine free and fair elections.” The question to be answered is, which is it? Of course, CNN lit their hair on fire about "ballot harvesting" in North Carolina but ignored the same process in California.


There are no safeguards in "ballot harvesting", and nothing to keep the harvesters from changing the ballots, hold back and destroy any ballot from the incorrect party, or even turn in a ballot for you without your knowledge. The progressive socialists who have usurped power in California, the progressive socialists passed ballot harvesting on a strict party-line vote, handing the entire process over to their allies in the respective areas to assure votes that may have been illegal.

This is the primary reason that five winners for the Republican districts in California were overturned over the days and even weeks of the final tally. There was more than 250,000 vote by mail ballots delivered on election day were not verified but were counted. It is clear by what the progressive socialists in California have said in the past that individual responsibility for voting is “racist.”

In Los Angeles, nine people have been charged with “election fraud”. They brought in hundreds if not thousands of fake and forged ballot initiatives and voter registrations. Using money and cigarettes to give to the homeless for their signature, The leftists even went as far as registering non-existent citizens in the elections. But state officials, including the head of LA County Dean Logan, have said that it isn't really voter fraud. If giving the progressive socialists a voter form blank except for a signature is not voter fraud, what would a sane person call this process? And they were charged with voter fraud, circulating a fake petition, and registering a fictitious person, all with maximum sentences of six years. The defendants were seen in court, laughing about what they had done.

There are other areas of discussion that are just as important such as Voter ID and the lies being promulgated by the progressive socialist democrats and their sycophants in the media. Also informative is the use of IT to collect millions of names and addresses for automated forgery, or the use of operatives to target seniors and "assist" in the filling out of election forms for the elderly. All of these skews elections to the left in California. This will all be discussed in the second part of this column. The citizens of California deserve to be informed about what our state has done to diminish the efforts of an opposition party.

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