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July 27, 2017

'If Our Politicians Don't Understand This, Many Could Die' - UN Replacement Migration And The Coming Extinction 

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this brand new story from the Mirror that the Drudge Report linked to on Tuesday they report that sperm counts in Western men have plunged to record lows with scientists blaming chemicals in everyday products for the crisis. Quoting within their story a Dr. Hagai Levine, who led the study, "this is an urgent wake-up call for researchers and health authorities around the world to investigate the causes of the sharp drop in sperm count, with the goal of prevention."

Just to emphasize the stunning warning, Drudge also linked to this story from BBC News titled "Sperm Count Drop Could Make Humans Extinct" within which they report "humans could become extinct if sperm counts continue to fall at the current rates". And while some might call these reports 'fake news' or 'fear porn', we've long been warning on ANP of a devious plan to take down Western civilization and as we read in this story from Zero Hedge and hear in the 1st video below, there is a very real United Nations plan to replace YOU and I with immigrants here in America.  

Back on July 5th we reported on ANP "Shocking Studies Show 'The Future Is Here' - Genetic Genocide Through Big Pharma Chemical Emasculation Shows The 'End Of Gender Is Near' And 'That Has Been The Plan All Along'" within which we warned of the globalists long-held plans. As we also learned then, "falling sperm counts could be caused by traces of the contraceptive pill in drinking water." Another aspect of the globalists war upon humanity. 

For those still don't believe it, we invite you visit the United Nations own website at this link within which you'll see their plans to replace populations in Western nations with 'migrants', a plan that we see rapidly unfolding now in Europe as much of the European Union is decimated, exactly how the globalists have long planned. Interestingly, as we read in this new story from WND, President Donald Trump has thrown a monkey wrench into the UN's plans to replace the US population with immigrants, a plan Obama and the globalists laid out many years ago. 


Back on March 17th Jihad Watch reported stunning comments that had been recently made by Turkey's President Erdogan who pronounced “You are the future of Europe” to Muslims while urging Turks in the EU to have at least 5 kids. While sperm counts and birth rates in Western civilizations continue to fall, birth rates are exploding for Muslims who've been moving into the West and there's a good reason for it. Stealth jihad. 

As we hear in the 3rd video below, even one former Barack Obama official is sounding the alarm about the explosive immigration rates in America and around the world and specifically references George Soros's plans.   

As we've previously warned on ANP, 'stealth jihad' is very real and as we have previously reported, the Islamic concept of 'Taqiyya' permits Muslims to lie to deceive 'unbelievers' and to bring about world domination. As Muslim Facts reports, "Muslims lie not because they are liars by nature but by choice. Systematic lying as a religious policy is deadly, and if our politicians do not understand this, thousands could die."

We'll take that a step further. If US and Western politicians continue to believe Islams systematic lies, combined with the massive fall in sperm counts among men in the West, politicians in the US could help to bring about our extinction. 


According to this July 10th story from Reuters, the nation of Israel is now backing George Soros's own home country of Hungary in declaring the funder of many of the mass-left protests around the world 'a threat'. Warning that Soros's activities are helping to undermine legitimately elected governments around the world, as we've previously reported on ANP, the money of George Soros is largely behind many of the anti-America anti-President Trump protests here including Antifa, Media Matters for America and the 'Day Without Women's March' among many other projects. 

As we hear in the 4th video below, the crackdown upon Soros is spreading with more and more people becoming aware of his activities which undermine governments leading us to ask, how long will it be until President Trump's justice department takes down Soros here? Surely they can't allow Soros to continue funding terrorism here in America. The 2nd video below looks at massive proof George Soros is attempting to use immigration to take down America and the West. 


While the completely complicit mainstream media will continue to neglect reporting anything at all upon 'civilization jihad', as we see in the graphic above from, the Islamic caliphate in 7 steps as laid out by the Muslim Brotherhood is in the 7th and final phase now, 'victory' aka 'global Islamization'.

With very real attempts being made to bring in sharia law to various cities and small towns in America while news story after news story shows that freedom has already fallen in various locations across Europe, we can see the 7th phase of Islamic caliphate unfolding before our very eyes if we're not too busy watching 'fake news' CNN.

As we can see in what has recently happened in Canada, where moves are taken to criminalize free speech in attempts to deal with Islamophobia, as well as in Europe, where terrorists are being appeased and speech criminalized, 'political correctness' is simply a 'stealth weapon' in the hands of 'totalitarians' masked as global leaders. 

And between the sterilization of males that health experts warn could lead to extinction and the 'stealth jihad' we're witnessing upon America and the West, anything short of a new 'baby boom' and mass awakening might lead Western civilization exactly where George Soros and the globalists have long been pushing us. 

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