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July 15, 2018

If This Is True, President Trump And America Could Be In Huge Trouble! The Lunatics Are Still Running The Insane Asylums 

- The 'Clinton Body Count' Will Skyrocket If 'Clinton Crime Family' Somehow Rises From The Ashes 


By William B Stoecker - All News Pipeline

I had hoped that I would never have to write this. I still hope someone will prove me wrong. Many of us, knowing the true evil nature of the Witch Hillary, voted for Trump to keep her out of the White House. In addition, although we never fully trusted him, he told the truth about things like immigration, and we felt that there was some slight hope that he might save America from self-destructing. And, indeed, he has done much good and kept many of his promises. But he promised to drain the swamp, to reform the Deep State…and it is not happening. This nation can never even begin to heal until justice is done, and the crimes of Hussein Obama and the Clintons and others are exposed and punished.

But almost since his first days in office, incredibly, the FBI and the Department of Justice, of which the FBI is a part, have done effectively almost nothing to investigate the Witch’s use of an insecure server for government emails containing highly classified information, or Fast and Furious, or the crimes of the Clinton Foundation, or Uranium One, or Benghazi. Yet Robert Mueller began “investigating” purely imaginary collusion between Trump’s campaign and the dreaded Russians, who, the left pretends, are our deadliest enemies. Finding no evidence of this, Mueller and his merry band of high-priced lawyers, have gone on a fishing expedition, trying to dig up dirt on anyone connected to Trump. The fact that Mueller himself should be investigated for his role in the Whitey Bulger affair and for his role in 9/11 is ignored.

The honest Congressmen of the US House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, especially Trey Gowdy and Devin Nunes, have been trying for months to investigate our corrupt and politicized Department of “Justice” and its main police force, the FBI, for some of these earlier crimes and, especially, for their illegal role in trying to sabotage Trump’s political campaign. They have summoned witnesses and subpoenaed documents, but have been stonewalled every inch of the way. Witnesses have refused to show up, or have apparently lied, and documents are never turned over, or are heavily redacted. Bear in mind that Congress has both the right and the duty to oversee the DOJ and FBI. But Congress has no large armed police force, and if Nunes and Gowdy strapped on guns and descended upon the DOJ they would achieve nothing.


The President, however, also has the right and duty to oversee these and other government agencies, and can fire anyone not enjoying full civil service protection. And, unlike Nunes and Gowdy, Trump could put together a special team of US Marshalls, or even a platoon or two of heavily armed Marines and send them to the DOJ, along with lawyers and computer experts, to secure all the necessary documents. In fact, this highly unusual situation might require that Trump appoint a Special Prosecutor. Yet Trump has done absolutely nothing while DOJ and FBI people have defied Congress, the law, and the Constitution. Trump appointed Jeff Sessions, the current Attorney General, and has kept him in place while he has allowed US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, with his permanent smirk, to run the whole show.

Rosenstein, married to Lisa Barsoomian, herself a well-connected Deep State lawyer, is the one who appointed Mueller to “investigate” Trump. At least Trump, many months ago, fired former FBI Director James Comey, who had investigated the Witch’s emails, only to begin drafting a letter exonerating her of any wrongdoing…before the investigation had been completed. Christopher Wray, current FBI Director, is doing nothing to improve the situation. In fact, the DOJ, FBI, and the intelligence community in general are infested with doctrinaire leftists who have repeatedly declared their contempt for Trump and for his supporters.

Among these are Andrew McCabe (former FBI Deputy Director), his DOJ lawyer Lisa Page, James Clapper (Hussein Obama’s Director of National Intelligence), and the evil-faced John Brennan, former Director of the CIA, who had been hired by that agency during the Cold War, when he was known to have voted for a communist. Later he became an Islamist, and, many suspect, a Muslim. FBI agent Peter Strzok investigated the witch’s insecure email server, but changed his assessment of her from “grossly negligent,” which could have led to criminal prosecution, to “extremely careless.” Strzok recently testified before Congress, and his contempt for that body, for the law, the Constitution, and for Trump supporters was prominently displayed.


In fact, the whole group are essentially well-connected East Coast lawyers who have secured cushy government jobs for themselves. And still Trump does nothing.

Author and researcher Roger Stone has revealed some unpleasant facts about Trump’s latest pick for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh. As a federal prosecutor (and a favorite of Karl Rove and the Bushes), he was involved in the investigation of the “suicide” of Vince Foster. Now, Roger Stone believes that it really was suicide, but that the circumstances would have been embarrassing to the Clintons, so they rearranged the evidence. In my own opinion, he was yet another in the long, long trail of people murdered by the Demonic Duo. Whatever the case, Kavanaugh badgered and threatened a chief witness, Patrick Knowlton. Knowlton said he stopped at Marcy Park (where Foster’s body would be found) to relieve himself and saw two hostile-looking men in a blue car with Arkansas plates…Foster’s car had Arkansas plates, but was brown.

If Trump would appoint to the Supreme Court a man who helped the Clintons get away with murder (and Trump knew all the above facts all along) how can he be trusted to drain the swamp and bring the Clintons and their ilk to justice? Trump has done much good, and will probably do more, but the arrogant, criminal elite will remain in power, completely untouchable, and the murders and the false flags will continue… until and unless we the people rise up in anger and desperation and reestablish our late, great Republic.

William B Stoecker

The opinions expressed in this story are those of the author and do not necessarily align with those of ANP. 

Greg Gutfield of Fox News begins this segment: "Like a man on a toilet after a chili eating contest, Hillary Clinton has unfinished business..."

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